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How to Increase Your Google Analytics Skills (Intermediate Google Analytics): WordCamp 2018

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Take your Google Analytics knowledge to the next level in this intermediate session that covers beyond-basic tactics including: Event & conversion tracking, custom reports, custom segments, custom dashboards, secondary dimensions, filters, referral spam, self-referral issues, and cross-domain tracking.

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How to Increase Your Google Analytics Skills (Intermediate Google Analytics): WordCamp 2018

  1. 1. A Pam Ann Marketing Company
  2. 2. http://StealthSearch.com/slides There are SO many ways to increase your Google Analytics skills. We only have time for a QUICK overview today of some important focus areas… ...but these slides are chock full of links to additional information on each. I highly recommend downloading the slides to read more later!
  3. 3. “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” -Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP
  4. 4. Data Information Default Channel Grouping,Users,Sessions,Bounce Rate,Pages / Session,Avg. Session Duration,Organic Search,119,128,61.72%,1.8,0:01:48,Direct,80,86 ,75.58%,1.03,0:01:23,Paid Search,6,6,66.67%,2.5,0:01:24,212,227,67.84%,1 .81,0:01:30 Default Channel Grouping Users Sessions Bounce Rate Pages / Session Avg. Session Duration Organic Search 119 128 61.72% 1.8 0:01:48 Paid Search 80 86 75.58% 1.03 0:01:23 Referral 6 6 66.67% 2.5 0:01:24 212 227 67.84% 1.81 0:01:30
  5. 5. Information Insight Default Channel Grouping Users Sessions Bounce Rate Pages / Session Avg. Session Duration Organic Search 119 128 61.72% 1.8 0:01:48 Paid Search 80 86 75.58% 1.03 0:01:23 Question: Do organic search visitors engage with our site more than paid search users? Information: Yes, organic users bounce less, stay longer, and consume more content. Insight: We should invest more in SEO.
  6. 6. Data Information Insight To effectively turn data into information and then insight, it needs to be: 1. Accurate 2. Comprehensive 3. Segmented in a way that can answer questions
  7. 7. Check Tracking Code Implementation Remove Self-Referral Issues Cross-Domain Tracking Remove Internal Traffic Remove Referral Spam
  8. 8. Conversion Tracking Event Tracking
  9. 9. Use Secondary Dimensions Custom Segments Custom Reports Custom Dashboards
  10. 10. One account can have multiple properties (websites). One property (website) can have multiple views (where the data is filtered in some way).
  11. 11. Many accuracy issues in GA come from improper tracking code implementation. A SINGLE copy of the tracking code must be placed BEFORE the closing </head> tag on each page (ideally right AFTER the opening <head> tag).
  12. 12. Double-check your implementation with Google Tag Assistant (Chrome extension).
  13. 13. Self-referral traffic is traffic from your own domain that is shown as NEW incoming traffic. This can cause sessions to be double-counted, and conversion data to be inaccurate. Look for this in Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Referrals
  14. 14. Admin -> Tracking Info -> Referral Exclusion List
  15. 15. Also do this for external payment gateways like PayPal, so that GA will associate returning users with their original session data after checkout.
  16. 16. Similar to self-referral issues, traffic that sends users back-and-forth across different domains can result in double-session counting and inaccurate conversion data. OurSite.com OurCareerSite.com OurSite.com
  17. 17. Use the SAME Google Analytics Property (Tracking Code) for all domains, and segment the traffic in GA by setting up separate views: Account Property View OurSite OurSiteProperty All Sites COMBINED OurSite.com ONLY OurCareerSite.com ONLY Requires addition of “linker” script. Full instructions: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1034342?hl=en
  18. 18. Remove yourself and your team from GA traffic!
  19. 19. Easy Way: GA Opt-Out Extension
  20. 20. Advanced Way: IP Filtering* *IMPORTANT! ALWAYS create an unfiltered backup view!!!
  21. 21. Referral spam is “fake” traffic that spammers send to your GA account to get your attention.
  22. 22. It often, but not always, has a 100% bounce rate, 1 page per session, and 00:00:00 session duration.
  23. 23. Referral spam skews sitewide average metrics, and should be filtered out of your main GA view. *IMPORTANT! ALWAYS create an unfiltered backup view!!!
  24. 24. So how do you filter out referral spam? One word… Carlos.
  25. 25. Option 1: DIY – Follow His Instructions Option 2: Pay Him Follow step-by-step instructions here: https://carloseo.com/removing- google-analytics-spam/ Contact Carlos here: https://services.carloseo.com/analyti cs/ Sign up for email updates, update your filters each time an email notice comes out Pros: Free Pros: Taken care of for you, affordable Cons: VERY complicated, requires manual maintenance Cons: Requires ongoing subscription fee
  26. 26. Track all ACTUAL conversions. “Viewed Contact Page” is NOT a conversion. But form fills and purchases are. Be sure to track all.
  27. 27. Form Fill Tracking: • Easy way: • Redirect submitted forms to a “-/thank-you/” URL • Set up a destination goal
  28. 28. E-Commerce Tracking: • Easy Way: • Plugin for WooCommerce: https://wordpress.org/plugins/en hanced-e-commerce-for- woocommerce-store/
  29. 29. Form Fill & Ecommerce Tracking (Advanced Way): • Form-Fill Event Tracking with Tag Manager: https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6106716?hl=en • Ecommerce tracking w/Tag Manager: https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6107169?hl=en
  30. 30. Track Key Non-Conversion actions with Event Tracking (View under Behavior -> Events): • Video Views & Interactions: • YouTube: https://www.simoahava.com/analytics/the-youtube-video-trigger-in- google-tag-manager/ • Vimeo: https://help.vimeo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002859607-Integrating-with- Google-Tag-Manager • Clicks on mailto:, click-to-call, or outbound links: https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6106716?hl=en • Clicks on images or other elements: https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6106716?hl=en
  31. 31. My favorite nifty little segmenting trick is …Secondary Dimensions!
  32. 32. “Hmm..our Careers page is one of our top landing pages. I wonder where all the traffic to that page is coming from?”
  33. 33. This nifty dropdown Adds this add’l column of data Many options for ways to quickly break data down further.
  34. 34. Custom segments allow you to view ALL GA reports through a filtered lens. For example, we have multiple pages in our Careers section. I can create a segment to view all activity on all careers pages across all GA reports. More info on segments: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3123951?hl=en&ref_topic=3123779
  35. 35. When I apply that segment, any report I go to only shows data for sessions on Careers pages.
  36. 36. I can also do the same for another section of the site, and view both segments at once:
  37. 37. If you find yourself… 1. Using the same custom segment all the time 2. Using the same secondary dimension all the time It may be better to create a custom report with those settings, and not have to apply the secondary dimension or custom segment all the time. More info on custom reports: https://support.google.com/analyt ics/answer/1033013?hl=en&ref_to pic=1012046
  38. 38. Just select the: 1. Dimension (1st column data) 2. Metrics (numbers in the subsequent columns) 3. Filters (what type of traffic you want to narrow the report to)
  39. 39. Custom reports, like standard reports, can be scheduled and sent by email. (Just click the ”Share” button)
  40. 40. Custom dashboards are great for quick visualization of a hand- selected group of stats. More info on custom dashboards: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1068216?hl=en
  41. 41. To create one, go to Customization -> Dashboards. You can start with a clean slate, or import a premade dashboard from the gallery and customize it.
  42. 42. To effectively turn data into information and insight, it needs to be: 1. Accurate 2. Comprehensive 3. Segmented in a way that can answer questions
  43. 43. • • pam@stealthforagencies.com • Download slides: http://stealthsearch.com/slides Download slides: http://stealthsearch.com/slides