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The benefits of visits and visitors

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session two - RE blogpost

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The benefits of visits and visitors

  1. 1. THE BENEFITS OF VISITS AND VISITORS Religious Education – Session two
  2. 2. Pre-F2F ◦ As part of our pre f2f learning, we were asked to look at the checklist provided by NATRE. This was to enhance our own learning and understand that using visits and visitors in religious education takes a lot of careful planning and consideration of all adults and children involved.
  3. 3. The benefits? ◦ It became clear that there are a wide range of both visitors and educational visits as resources to back up the teaching of religious education. Religion becomes interactive and engaging for the children, it becomes personal and real. ◦ There are many ways in which visitors can enhance the children’s enquiry; for example what they wear and special artefacts that the children can visualise. This brings the religion to the classroom and arises all sorts of enquiry from the children. It engages them in a way that they are not used and therefore can be seen as highly beneficial! ◦ We agreed, as a group, that visitors benefits both the children and the teachers. It allows for a different insight and gives them an unusual experience. It also builds upon the teachers knowledge for future.
  4. 4. However… ◦ It is important to remember that there are a range of factors that the teacher needs to consider whilst planning visits and visitors for a variety of reasons. ◦ Religious education can be a sensitive subject and therefore when introducing new religions it is important that other religions are not discriminated against when visiting other religious places. ◦ For the benefit of the children’s learning it is also important to remember that it is still the teacher’s responsibility to keep the class under control and remind them that they must remain respectful for the visitor.
  5. 5. ◦ I believe that it is crucial for children to learn in different ways, interacting and engaging them throughout a variety of learning techniques. Allowing the children to experience visitors and educational visits lets the children to relate to the real world, rather than just learning from a book.