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Mobile Games: Europe VS Asia

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I'd like to go through some of the basic differences of Asia VS European mobile games. Analysis about what is successful in which territory, what are the key success components, what type of genre with what type of features are dominating each of the markets, what would it take for a European successful mobile game to be successful in Asia and vice virca. Also, I would like to look into if flows of mobile content from one territory to the other is happening, will happen or what it would need to do for this to happen.

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Mobile Games: Europe VS Asia

  1. 1. Paha Schulz | Crytek Mobile Games: Europe VS Asia
  2. 2. Paha Schulz – Who? • Korean – German (born and raised in Korea, while educated from German international school) • Games Industry since 2001 • First half of carrier in Asia, later half in Europe (UK, Germany) • NCsoft (Korean HQ & Europe), Electronics Arts, Crytek • Business Development, Online Publishing, Market Analysis, Marketing, Production, Monetization • Currently Responsible at Crytek: All Business Development responsibilities on Games, focus on Games as a Service: PC, Console and also MOBILE
  3. 3. Crytek – … Mobile??
  4. 4. Mobile! Market Analysis
  5. 5. Global Mobile Games Market Size According to Newzoo in 2014(E): • Global Mobile Game Market: $21.7 Billion • Asia: $12.2Billion • Europe (Western+Eastern): $3.8 Billion • Europe + North America: $8.8Billion Asia is clearly the biggest Mobile Game market Source: Newzoo
  6. 6. Global Top Companies & Games Diverse companies contributing top downloads. Looking at Revenue side, many Asian contributors in global top list: mainly Japanese, Chinese and Korean. * Supercell is counted in SoftBank Source: App Annie
  7. 7. Global Top Store Matrix (iOS) • Most markets have similar top3: CoC, Candy Crush, Game of War • Japan, China, Korea have different profile of top apps •Nevetheless Korea has Clash of Clans on top chart Source: App Annie, date as of Oct19 2014
  8. 8. Europe 3 – iOS top grossing Germany UK France • All 3 Major European markets have similar profiles in the top 10 markets • UK has a bit of US like attributes, but overall it’s a fairly similar chart across Source: App Annie, date as of Oct19 2014
  9. 9. Asia 3 – iOS top grossing China Japan Korea Source: App Annie, date as of Oct19 2014 • All 3 Major Asian markets are pretty much completely different top10 charts • Mainly key local contributors are leading in each market
  10. 10. Key Characteristics of key Asian markets
  11. 11. Korea – characteristics • Kakaotalk is the dominating messaging app in Korea • It opened up as a social platform for games and became the platform to integrate in the Korean market • Quickest turnaround in the chart trends. Currently Mid-core RPG are dominating top charts mainly
  12. 12. Japan – characteristics Social Networks: Messenger: Puzzle & Dragon:
  13. 13. China - characteristics No Google Play – Alternate Stores: Messenger: Tencent WeChat
  14. 14. Deeper dive in Top Games in Asia
  15. 15. Korea – top Games Blade for Kakao High Quality Hardcore RPG Everybody’s Marble Real-time Multiplayer Board Game
  16. 16. Korea – top Games Fifa Online 3 M (Android only) Client PC cross-platform FIFA Game
  17. 17. Japan - top Games Puzzle & Dragon Monster Strike Casual Game with RPG Progression
  18. 18. China – top Games Turret Legend Mid-core Action RPG Game by Longtu Game WeChat Dash Casual Running Game Tencent
  19. 19. Western Content success in Asia
  20. 20. Supercell – CoC in Korea
  21. 21. King – Candy Crush for Kakao
  22. 22. Key Take Away • “Asia” is not a market. Korea, China, Japan are markets. (and there are much more!) • Asia has big market numbers. This doesn’t mean it’s less competitive. (Actually the reverse) • It is possible for Western games to be successful in Asian markets: although it needs dedication per market and correct local approaches • There is no cross-Asian key player(publisher), hence there cannot be a cross-Asian partner, not yet. • More Western games will make it to Asia, but more Asian games will also come to the West