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SEO Tips- Changing landscape of SEO & Links

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Actionable Tips to Do SEO in 2013 and beyond. Learn the new SEO beyond Panda & Penguin. Changing Landscape of Search and Links

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SEO Tips- Changing landscape of SEO & Links

  1. 1. Changing Landscape of Search and Links Navneet Kaushal CEO PageTraffic
  2. 2. www.pagetraffic.com Navneet Kaushal Founder & CEO of PageTraffic 12 Years of Digital Search Marketing experience Editor www.pagetrafficbuzz.com Expert author on WebProNews, Search Newz, Clickz, Social Media Today, Search Engine Journal, PromotionWorld, Business 2 Community , India Digital Review etc Regularly quoted on ET Now, Zee News, Seattle Times, Hindustan Times, Livemint, BenefitIT etc. About PageTraffic Established in 2002 95 people strong, with offices in New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Chicago & London Offers SEO, SMO, PPC, Link Building, Web Development services More than 2500 clients worldwide Winner of Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award 2011 WHO AM I?
  3. 3. Growth of Google Queries in Last 5 yrs Number of Searches/Day on Google 3 Billion Searches/Day (announced Aug. 2012)
  4. 4. www.pagetraffic.com SERP Features In 2013, Google Introduced more search engine results page features than ever.
  5. 5. 7-RESULTS SERPS www.pagetraffic.com
  6. 6. www.pagetraffic.com 10-RESULTS SERPS
  7. 7. www.pagetraffic.com EVENT SITELINKS SERPS
  8. 8. www.pagetraffic.com GOOGLE+ BRANDS SERPS
  9. 9. www.pagetraffic.com PAID SHOPPING (LEFT) SERPS
  10. 10. www.pagetraffic.com PAID SHOPPING (RIGHT) SERPS
  11. 11. www.pagetraffic.com KNOWLEDGE GRAPH (KG) SERPS
  12. 12. www.pagetraffic.com RELATED SEARCH CAROUSEL SERPS
  13. 13. www.pagetraffic.com LOCAL CAROUSEL SERPS
  14. 14. www.pagetraffic.com AUTHORSHIP THUMBNAIL SERPS
  15. 15. Star Ratings, Reviews & Price Author Photo Date of Publication Video Snippet RICH SNIPPETS AND SCHEMA MARKUP SERPS
  16. 16. Link Building On-Page Basics In 2008, SEO Was This
  18. 18. RECENT MAJOR GOOGLE UPDATES www.pagetraffic.com • Google Panda: 26 updates • Google Penguin: 4 updates • Exact-Match Domain (EMD) Update • SERP Updates • Google AuthorRank
  19. 19. GOOGLE PENGUIN www.pagetraffic.com The update that changed the rules of the game
  20. 20. GOOGLE PENGUIN www.pagetraffic.com
  21. 21. SEO
  22. 22. SEO
  23. 23. SEO
  24. 24. SEO
  25. 25. GOOGLE’S EXACT MATCH DOMAIN UPDATE www.pagetraffic.com
  26. 26. GOOGLE’S EXACT MATCH DOMAIN UPDATE www.pagetraffic.com
  27. 27. www.pagetraffic.com Actionable Tips In 2013, Google Introduced most search engine results page features than ever.
  28. 28. Google Webmaster Tool Crawl Errors Fix the 404 Errors.. Build “Links”.
  29. 29. Forget keywords as anchor texts
  30. 30. Build Content With High Search Link Intent KEYWORD “FACTS” KEYWORD “INFORMATION” KEYWORD “DATA”
  31. 31. www.pagetraffic.com Long-Tail Passive Link Building
  32. 32. www.pagetraffic.com http://ubersuggest.org
  33. 33. www.pagetraffic.com
  34. 34. www.pagetraffic.com • Alphabetically sort to see which query shows up the most. • Build a content around it, put it on your blog and promote. • Build internal links with that anchor text and share on social media channels. • Watch twitter searches and recommend to people who are asking for those recommendations.
  35. 35. www.pagetraffic.com From PageRank to AuthorRank
  36. 36. Hire/Engage W/ Writers Authoritative on a Subject on Google+
  37. 37. Build A Reusable, Authoritative Guest Author It doesn’t matter if you have a footprint if you don’t suck.
  38. 38. www.pagetraffic.com Sourcing Guest Post Opportunities
  39. 39. http://www.google.com/blogsearch FIND THE ROUNDUP POSTS
  40. 40. Easy Way to Improve Signal:Noise Ratio! CREATE GMAIL FILTERS FOR HARO
  41. 41. www.pagetraffic.com Think branding. Link building is more efficient when used as a brand building tool. And given that Google is favoring brands on search results, then link building (when done right) can definitely hit more birds with one stone.
  42. 42. LINK SEARCH TOOL http://www.soloseo.com/tools/linkSearch.html INSTANTLY GENERATE SEARCH OPERATORS
  43. 43. • Brand - Google focus on big brands • Citations & Trust – Google rewarding these signals • Social – Identity signal: +1 content = higher CTR (indirect relation) • Personalized Search is a Reality – Affects SEO through social connections and increased CTR (indirect relation) • Authorship – Identity signal: rel=Me/Author (AUTHOR RANK) SERP Rankings • Still important to understand the health of a site • Focus should be placed more on what Analytics is telling you: • Conversion Optimization • CTR and Time on Site/Page • Google uses human quality raters extensively in testing algorithm changes NEW SEO STRATEGY
  44. 44. Website: www.pagetraffic.com Email: navneet@pagetraffic.com Twitter: @navneetkaushal Blog: www.pagetrafficbuzz.com THANK YOU!