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A short intro to Gamification in Retail

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A short intro to Gamification in Retail

  1. 1. January 2013 Gamification A short intro to Gamification in Retail “designing for engagement”This presentation is partially based on Ken Werbach’s course at Coursera
  2. 2. What is gamification?The integration of the mechanics that make games fun andabsorbing into non-game platforms and experiences in order toimprove and engage participationPractical categories: External (for example, consumer engagement) Internal (for example, office incentives) Behaviour change (for example, fitocracy.com)
  3. 3. …and rememberNo point in gamifying unless it is effectiveGamification is great for motivation - fun ispowerful
  4. 4. Samsung Nation: Online community
  5. 5. Why Gamify? Engagement gap - The more people use it, the more fun it is Choices - Lack of variety, either you check-in or you dont Progression - Checking-in the hundredth time is like checking-in the first time Social - Relationships with friends Habit - "If you have to think each time, youre not going to do it all that much.“
  6. 6. Gamification hype Gartner hype cycle 2012
  7. 7. Successful Gamification: design rulesThe importance of balance Not too hard, easy, overwhelming, underwhelmingPlayer journey Onboarding - theres a beginning, a middle, and an end Scaffolding - an introductory task (how to do something, a deep learning process) Pathways to mastery - acquire and achieve a real skillsCreate an experience Don’t forget the fun!
  8. 8. LinkedIn: Onboarding throughgamification
  9. 9. Nike Plus: Making Fitness Fun
  10. 10. What things are fun?Winning CollectingProblem-solving SurpriseExploring ImaginationChilling SharingTeamwork Role PlayingRecognition CustomisationTriumphing Hanging out
  11. 11. Who are your players? http://frankcaron.com/Flogger/?p=1732
  12. 12. Asos: Sharing your outfit
  13. 13. It’s all about motivation http://www.slideshare.net/gzicherm
  14. 14. How to sell more computers?
  15. 15. Be the buyer
  16. 16. Be the buyer“..the BTB voters’ feedbackplays a huge role in theselection of styles we sell onModCloth and helps us makebetter decisions about howdeeply we buy into certainstyles.”
  17. 17. Gamification Design FrameworkDesign thinking principles D6 design framework:Purposive because it has a DEFINE business objectivesgoal DELINEATE target behavioursHuman centred (it is about the DESCRIBE your playersuser experience ) DEVISE activity loops.Balance of analytical andcreative DONT forget the fun!Iterative and focus on the DEPLOY the appropriate toolsplayer journey
  18. 18. Tools and Platforms
  19. 19. Gamification Risks“What we’re currently terming gamification is in fact theprocess of taking the thing that is least essential togames and representing it as the core of the experience.“PointsificationExploitationwarePrivacyGaming the game
  20. 20. Smart Gamification Player Business needs Smart Goals Gamification
  21. 21. Examples in retail: H&M
  22. 22. Examples in retail: Lookbook.nu
  23. 23. Examples in retail: Trendencias.com
  24. 24. Thanks! pablo.peris@raona.comhttp://twitter.com/pabloperis