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Chatter from eBay!

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Chatter from eBay!

  1. 1. Chatter Don’t Miss A MeSSAge fRoM Bill Cobb Town Hall Meeting H with Bill Cobb ello everyone...It’s been a pleasure and a Of course, I hope you’ve privilege to have had the opportunity to meet also benefited from the rest 11-12 a.m. Room 210a so many of you face-to-face over the last couple of the event, too. The eBay eBay North America President, of days here in Boston for eBay Live! 2007. You’re a real Live! team has worked hard inspiration to me and to the entire eBay and PayPal all year to make sure that Bill Cobb and his leadership team staff here serving you. As I said at the keynote, the eBay we offered you the best line- will answer questions from the Community – and the Social Commerce you create – are up of classes, networking audience. what make this marketplace truly different. That’s why opportunities, speakers, and it’s so important that we keep your needs front-and- entertainment available. The eBay Live! center. While listening year round is important, the So thanks again for Book Store three days we spend with you at eBay Live! are truly sharing your time, ideas, special. Think about it — by the time we all go home, and enthusiasm with us this LeveL 1 (above SoLutionS there will have been literally thousands of important weekend. I hope you’ll join me at the Gala tonight CenteR) next to ebay Shop conversations between eBay members and our staff! to celebrate the end of a great three days. I, for one, You can count on your issues and ideas influencing our intend to have a good time “getting down” with Kool Find books on almost any eBay- future plans when we return and the Gang, and I hope you’ll be there, too. related topic – from how to buy to San Jose. and sell, to product sourcing. Plus —Bill Cobb, President, eBay North America get 20% off retail! Closing Gala & Community Hall Keynote Reveals Spectrum of Fame Awards of Colorful Commerce exhibit haLL C To kick off the Gala, five eBay “I ’d like you to pat each other on the back,” companies and the role they play on the internet members will be honored for said Meg Whitman, eBay Inc. CEO, “because today. “When you look across the internet in 2007, their contributions to eBay’s in this auditorium tonight, our combined you can divide most people’s online activity into Community. Carnival- feedback is 6.1 billion!” In keeping with tradition, five groups…they Find, they Buy, they Pay, they style dinner and Thursday, June 14, 2007, Meg, along with PayPal Communicate, and they Entertain or share with entertainment by President Rajiv Dutta, and President of eBay North each other,” said Meg. eBay is the leader in three America Bill Cobb, completed the first day of eBay of those areas: Buy, Pay, and Communicate. “The Kool & The Gang Live! 2007 by talking about their vision for eBay and company’s vision isn’t about technology,” said Meg. provided. PayPal at the event’s keynote speech. “We’re focused on what becomes possible when Meg gave the room of nearly 10,000 attendees people everywhere can connect, discover, and an high-level view of the eBay Inc. portfolio of continued on page 4
  2. 2. good News for TRUST & SAfeTy e eBay Stores Collaboration Keeps eBay Safe Bay Stores received some U exciting news during the p until a few years ago, the internet was a safe is Dave Cullinane, Chief Information Security Keynote this year, as Bill Cobb like a small town, whose residents left their Officer (CISO) for eBay Marketplaces. Dave brings emphasized Stores’ importance to the doors unlocked because there was so little more than 30 years of information security marketplace (read the keynote recap for crime. But today’s internet is more like a big city. experience to eBay. In his previous position as CISO details). But the fun didn’t stop there While it has broad, well-lit streets, it also has a few for Washington Mutual, one of the largest banks in – sellers stopping by the Stores booth got dark alleys where criminals can lurk. the United States, Dave dealt with similar issues that to learn about two other new features Trust has always been at the heart of eBay’s eBay and PayPal face. that should not only help long-term business – millions of people every day transact Dave’s industry knowledge and over 30 years Stores subscribers succeed, but also give online with perfect strangers. But just like in the of experience in the field have helped him play a beginning sellers a leg-up as they build brick-and-mortar world, there is a small minority of major role in shaping and implementing eBay’s their businesses. people who try to take advantage of this trust. Trust & Safety strategy. Dave believes that industry- Almost everyone is familiar with a common wide collaboration and best practice sharing is eBay Stores To go critical to the future security of the With the internet buzzing over the new internet. “No business is immune, eBay To Go™ widget released a few and it’s up to us all to work weeks ago, the Stores team followed suit together to share the latest threats by announcing eBay Stores To Go. eBay with our counterparts, as well Stores To Go allows users to showcase as with Law Enforcement.” Dave their brand and listings directly on believes partnering with other their website, social networking site security professionals is key. His making an eBay Store “portable.” It also “Red team” events bring together lets them filter the items displayed by top security and industry experts Seller ID (should they have more than one) or by category. Free to eBay Stores subscribers, the eBay Stores To Go can even be customized to ref lect your CHATTER 2007 unique Store logo and colors. Make your Store stand out – eBay Stores Design Center Another key addition for sellers is the 2 new eBay Stores Design Center. Whether trick used by these malicious individuals called you’re just starting out and need help “phishing.” Phishing is the act of trying to trick setting up your Store, or are upgrading members into revealing their sensitive personal your Store’s current look-and-feel, you’ll information (like passwords, etc.) by sending fake find all the tools and resources you need emails that appear to be from businesses like eBay in the new Design Center. and PayPal. The criminals may also create spoof For more information about eBay websites pretending to be eBay or PayPal as another Stores announcements, please read the way to lure people into clicking on their links that eBay General Announcements board. may contain mal-ware (malicious downloads) or other security violations. eBay has over 2,000 employees dedicated to to our corporate headquarters in San Jose where preventing fraud and crime on our sites. One of they compare latest findings, share tips, and keep the key leaders in keeping everyone’s information each other informed as partners.
  3. 3. Sellendipity. eBay express Celebrates Its Another aspect of advantaging the good guys is Along with other Trust & Safety leaders such as to encourage safe payment mechanisms on eBay. Rob Chesnut, eBay Senior Vice President of Global first Birthday PayPal’s fraud models and verification techniques Trust & Safety, Dave’s team is focused on a three- are recognized as some of the best in the industry, I pronged plan: t’s hard to believe that a year has already and because PayPal never shares users’ financial 1. Keep the bad guys out passed since ebay express was officially information, security and privacy are built into the unveiled at last year’s ebay Live!ebay service. The first piece of the strategy involves making express is ebay’s specialty site at www. PayPal and eBay continue to innovate in the sure the “front door” is secure, so criminals cannot ebayexpress.com, designed for buyers who area of security. The PayPal Security Key, which was register or list items. While eBay has historically want that great ebay deal and who at times formally announced by PayPal President Rajiv Dutta been very open, over the last year we took several prefer shopping in a fixed-price only e- at Thursday’s Keynote, gives customers an additional measures that raised the bar on minimum standards commerce experience rather than auctions. layer of safety. for selling on the site. For instance, earlier this year, Specifically, everything on ebay express is eBay made it mandatory for new sellers to offer safe sold at a set price (no auctions), drawing its payment methods, such as PayPal or a credit card, inventory from auction/bin, Fixed price and and we restricted cross-border trade unless the seller Store inventory listings that are also on ebay. is PayPal Verified. and in march of this year, the ebay express team In addition, our anti-counterfeit efforts have made another big addition – half.com items are set industry-leading standards, starting with the now available from ebay express, as well. creation of the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) it turns out that ebay express has program back in 1998. Last fall, proactive measures a lot to celebrate on its birthday. Lara were instituted to reduce the visibility of counterfeit housser, Director of ebay express, shared items on the site. some statistics recently on ebay’s General Through the Safeguarding Members’ IDs announcement board that illustrate the initiative, which hides the User ID’s for bidders on vibrancy of ebay express: “Did you know auction-style listings that are over $200, eBay has that an article of clothing is sold on ebay taken an important step to protect bidders against express every 67 seconds, a piece of jewelry fake Second Chance Offers and other phishing is sold every 2.3 minutes, and a DvD sells emails. “Trading transparency for security is never CHATTER 2007 every 4 minutes? Furthermore, 9 out of 10 our first option,” said Chesnut. “But in today’s buyers have told us they love the shopping environment, sometimes we have to make these experience.” kinds of trade-offs for the safety of our Community.” the ebay express team has been hard at 2. Keep the good guys connected work this last year adding many important and advantaged features. Recently, a change was made that allows buyers to send a note to sellers during Internet security requires cross-functional their checkout process, for instance. a popular cooperation — within the company and without. request — Wish Lists – was also added earlier eBay’s Global Law Enforcement Operations team in the year, and is a great way for letting your partners with law enforcement agencies around 3. Keep the wheels on friends and family in on the perfect gift for you. the world to pursue and prosecute fraudsters. The The last crucial element is making sure we have the efforts of this extended network — which consists If you haven’t already, make absolute top caliber people overseeing our anti-fraud of international investigators, security engineers, efforts. Their diverse skills and experience, ranging and law enforcement relationship managers — have sure you stop by the eBay from law enforcement to technology, are critical to resulted in an average of over three arrests per day Express booth on the show keeping eBay safe. You can meet some of them at in the U.S. and Europe. Education is a large part of the Trust and Safety panel discussion at 12:30pm the effort, and in 2006, eBay and PayPal trained over floor or go to express.ebay.com today in room 205A, or at the Trust Safety booth 3,000 law enforcement agents on how to deal with to learn more. in the Solution Center. cybercrime.
  4. 4. Rajiv Dutta, President of PayPal, Debuts on-Stage T his year, the Keynote stage was shared by eBay CEO Meg Whitman, eBay President of North Keynote cont’d from p.1 America Bill Cobb, and a new face to many — PayPal President Rajiv Dutta. interact with each other….It may sound idealistic, Having served for many years as eBay’s but we truly envision a better world.” Chief Financial Officer, as well as former Meg told the audience that, although eBay Inc. Skype President, Dutta was thrilled at the consists of many different businesses, they are opportunity to introduce himself to the united by what they call Social Commerce. “eBay Community that he has been helping to has a unique opportunity – and a responsibility – to serve since July of 1998. help level the playing field for individuals to use Dutta outlined PayPal’s emphasis on technology to engage with the world around them.” catering to the needs of the customer. eBay is unique from all other companies in that it “Job number one is to serve you better. succeeds only by helping others succeed. “We’re This means that we ask ourselves with proud of the fact that our growth and success as a every new product, every site change, company…is directly tied to the growth and success every new policy — ‘will this make our of our community members.” customers’ lives easier?’” support the system that processes billions of dollars As eBay matures, it has a social responsibility as a Some of PayPal’s recent changes globally at the rate of $1,500 per second. global citizen, Meg told the crowd. “As one company, illustrate this commitment including One way PayPal has supported eBay sellers is our ability to make an impact is limited….side by PayPal’s increased Buyer Protection by expanding the pool of buyers around the world side with the Community, there’s no end to what which protects buyers on transactions for through offering PayPal in over 190 markets, 80 we can get done!” eBay Giving Works just surpassed up to $2,000, the expansion into more an important milestone in international markets, and the addition “…with the Community, there’s no helping members raise 100 of language support for Spanish, French, CHATTER 2007 million dollars for non-profit and simplified Chinese. “This change organizations worldwide. alone gives 25 million new customers end to what we can get done.” (Read more about eBay around the world the ability to access Giving Works on page 6.) PayPal and buy from all of you.” Next PayPal President Dutta then revealed what was coming of which were added just a few months ago. “The Rajiv Dutta took the stage. Rajiv was hired in 1998 down the pike to help fight fraud. expansion of languages, currencies and markets and served as eBay’s Chief Financial Officer for “We know that fraud is one of the top means that our service is now available to 1 billion several years. “I’m sure many of you don’t know challenges you face in running your internet users around the globe – that’s 95% of the me,” smiled Rajiv. “But the funny thing is I know business. I’m standing here to tell you world’s internet population.” you….I cannot forget it was the eBay Community tonight, we’ve heard you!” Rajiv then turned his attention to an issue that that discovered PayPal.” Today PayPal is one of the Rajiv announced the immediate is a key concern to many eBay sellers. “I’ve heard world’s most popular online payments services, launch of the PayPal Security Key. you on the issue of fraud…You hate chargebacks right after Visa and MasterCard. “You gave PayPal Previously in beta, the small electronic and you hate fraudsters. And let me tell you relevance in the market then, and now.” device generates a unique password something – so do we!” Projects like Online Dispute So much success at only 100 months old has not every 30 seconds that will prevent Resolution which launched last year have reduced been without its rough spots. “We’ve had some fraudsters from accessing accounts. In buyer claims by 50 percent. In addition, PayPal is growing pains along the way,” said Rajiv as he August, PayPal will introduce a new launching a number of new initiatives that protect acknowledged that PayPal had a service disruption feature called “Payment Review,” which eBay members from becoming victims, including several weeks ago which was, ironically, related to will warn sellers within minutes if a the PayPal Security Key, Payment Reviews, and a major upgrade to its servers that now provides transaction poses a significant risk. He increasing the number of confirmed addresses. fourfold the amount of redundancy. About 1/3 capped his appearance by saying his (Read more about PayPal, left sidebar.) of PayPal’s total development capacity has been goal is to confirm 100% of the shipping dedicated to upgrading the infrastructure needed to addresses for the U.S. Inventure.
  5. 5. Finally, Bill Cobb took the stage. As President more fun, interactive Finding experience. “Over for eBay North America, Bill recounted some the next several months – assuming you tell us of the events of the last year since eBay Live! it’s meeting your needs – we’re going to start 2006 in Las Vegas. He noted some important introducing this visual navigation to several milestones like the success of eBay Express (Read categories on eBay where buyers would enjoy more about Express on page 3.), as well as some shopping with an interactive experience.” things that made sellers unhappy, including Other new projects in the works play up summer price increase for Store Inventory the fun of competition between bidders. A fun format listings. While the price change had the new tool in beta called eBay Countdown, for example, adds a clock and a “price ticker “You hate chargebacks… thingy” that remind buyers of items they are interested in. Bill also talked about and so do we!” one-click bidding, which will allow people to place a bid in the last 15 minutes of high volume of low-priced items. an auction without having to wait for Bill received a huge round of applause desired effect of rebalancing the marketplace, the computer to refresh. “Finally, we’ve done it when he said that teams are exploring Bill received a round of applause as he set the – almost – coming soon.” how to advantage PowerSellers who consistently crowd’s mind at ease about his intentions this Shifting gears, Bill made it clear that all this deliver great buyer experiences in search results. summer – “Just to be clear…there will be no emphasis on buyers does not mean eBay has “We are not ready for this yet operationally increase in selling fees THIS July.” forgotten about its partners, the eBay sellers. – but we are moving in this direction.” Another “Re-igniting the core is eBay’s number one “It’s a multi-channel world, and we know popular request from sellers that is actually priority in 2007,” Bill told the audience, and we need to continually add to the value you on its way is protection against losses incurred he went on to give more color about what this receive from eBay.” Bill talked about a number from non-paying bidders. “Starting August 1st, actually means for the marketplace. “As you of improvements to eBay Stores, which -- in PowerSeller status will come with a rebate on survey the landscape of retail stores and e- addition to adding an “We do believe different is good.” commerce sites in 2007, it’s gotten pretty boring eBay Stores link back out there.” eBay has the opportunity to stand out into the header at the even more against what has become “the ol’ Mall top of every eBay page Chain” by doing a better job of being ourselves. – includes Markdown Manager (launched earlier unpaid item feature fees.” Against the backdrop of boredom, eBay is in the year), plus more advantages for Featured At the end of the day, it’s not the site or about creating Colorful Commerce. “We do and Anchor Stores. (Read more about eBay Stores technology that are important – “What really matters is people. “ Bill underlined this sentiment believe different is good – we do believe people on page 2.) are more interesting PowerSellers are a vital part of with one last piece of good news – “Starting June than things – we do the marketplace, as well, and Bill 19th and continuing through August 5th we will believe in the rockin’ outlined a number of changes that LOWER the first tranche of Final Value Fees on CHATTER 2007 deal – and we do know will revitalize this program by giving core listings from 5.25% to 4.5%.” This benefits that this combination incentives, rewards, and recognition any seller who uses auction, auction BIN, or pure has created a to those sellers who consistently fixed price listings. destination like no delight buyers. He introduced new For more information about these and other other.” This magic is eligibility requirements that will open announcements, please read eBay’s General described in a new the program this fall to both seasonal Announcements Board by clicking Community at term, Windorphins sellers, as well as sellers who sell a the top of any eBay page. – that good feeling of exhilaration that you get when you are winning on eBay. (Read more at www. windorphins.com) “We’re taking the DNA that made eBay so great, and we’re reinterpreting it to an emerging new age of online commerce.” Bill acknowledged that change also comes with a risk of disruption to people’s use of the site, making it imperative eBay’s Community sees the benefits. For example, one of the projects being tested includes Visual Navigation, which offers buyers a
  6. 6. And The Webby eBAy gIvINg WoRKS Making A Difference Winner is… The eBay one Sale At a Time Community! $ perhaps you’ve heard about the Webby 100,000,000. It’s almost impossible to nonprofit. Once that sale is complete, your awards. it’s an annual ceremony honoring conceive of that much money. To put it in donation will be delivered automatically to the the best of the internet. or to take it directly some context, that would buy about 50,000 organization you chose. You’ll even be reimbursed from their website: new Honda Accords, or over 200,000 fast food the percentage of your basic selling fees that equals “established in 1996 during the Web’s value meals. your donation (e.g. donate 90%, get 90% of your infancy, the Webbys are presented by the insertion and Final Value Fees back). international academy of Digital arts and Buying is just as simple. From eBay Giving Works, Sciences, a 550-member body of leading you can browse all items, or search for items that Web experts, business figures, luminaries, support a specific nonprofit. When you place a bid visionaries and creative celebrities. or purchase an item on eBay Giving Works, you Reflecting the tremendous growth of the know that you’re not just making a cool purchase, internet as a tool for business and everyday but you’re helping out a worthy cause as well. lives, the 11th annual Webby awards expands the mission of the Webby by A brief history honoring excellence in over 100+ Website, Almost as soon as eBay appeared on the web, interactive advertising, online Film video, members were using it to buy and sell items on and mobile categories.” behalf of their favorite nonprofits and charities. Celebrities on the illustrious panel range Unfortunately, the process required a lot of work. from internet pioneer vint Cerf, to virgin “We didn’t really have any system in place to mogul Sir Richard branson, to The Simpsons help members do this. Sellers were limited to creator matt Groening. indicating within their listings that they would So what does this have to do with ebay? But it also represents something much more donate the funds to charity, so a lot of buyers never this year they gave a Lifetime achievement meaningful. As noted by Kristin Cunningham, knew for certain when an item was being sold for a CHATTER 2007 award to you — the ebay Community. meg General Manager for eBay Giving Works, in the good cause,” explained Cunningham. “Sellers would Whitman (ebay inc. Ceo), flanked by ebay Keynote address on Thursday, members from all have to collect the money from the buyer, separate seller buy_big_from_brandi and the two- over the world have now raised over $100 million the funds from their other sales, and send it in to person team of arizonaswede, accepted for charity through their sales on eBay. “Thanks to the nonprofit.” the award on behalf of the entire ebay the generosity of our Community, we are helping to However, buying and selling for charity was part Community on June 5th in new york City. make a difference in the lives of millions of people of the fabric of the Community, and despite the in true Webby tradition, all the worldwide,” said Cunningham. challenges, people kept doing it. “This self lessness acceptance speeches were limited to Launched in the fall of 2003, eBay Giving Works was inspiring, and we said ‘we have to make this 5 words. Jim (Griff) Griffith solicited (found at givingworks.ebay.com) is eBay’s dedicated easier for them,’” continued Cunningham. suggestions from readers on the Chatter program for charity listings. It makes it easy for the eBay set to work defining the requirements, blog, and also asked employees to send in Community to list items to benefit a cause that’s features and other details that would be necessary their best one-liners. at a recent company close to their heart. to build a fully robust charity program. In 2003, gathering, the top three choices were put up they teamed up with MissionFish, a nonprofit to vote. Doing good has never been easier technology company, to power much of the backend With the winning speech in hand (on a Sellers interested in raising money for their of the program. MissionFish had the knowledge post-it note), meg strode up to the podium, favorite charity through eBay Giving Works can and technology to do the heavy lifting involved in accepted the award, and said these words, easily list their items and select to donate some charity work, including paperwork processing and “bidding starts at 99 cents!” percentage of the final sale to your favorite funds distribution, and certifying the nonprofits
  7. 7. Brainspiration. go green, Share your Story at Works is a great way to that join eBay Giving raise money for your Works the Chatterbox go eBay! favorite charity and it’s “Our sellers are very not much extra effort passionate about the Do you have a great ebay story? or maybe a personal at all. It’s very simple.” causes they support, message for ebay employees that you’d really like to Nonprofits can you might say that ebay has been which is fantastic,” said share? Stop by the Chatterbox and put your thoughts also sell on their own supporting the green charter all along. When Jen Ibarra, a Manager on video. our friendly staff will help you record a video behalf. Amy Parks it comes to reuse, ebay members have led for eBay Giving Works. message for ebay that we’ll share with others after the Crownover with the the way for more than 10 years by trading “We want to make it Southeast Affiliate of event is over. We love hearing the great stories about items that otherwise would have languished as easy as possible for the American Heart in someone’s garage for years, or worse them to list items that fantastic transactions, how you met other friends on Association described — ended up in a landfill. benefit their favorite ebay, or almost anything ebay-related that has been how eBay Giving by some estimates, last year alone ebay causes.” important to you. So don’t be shy….come on over and Works has helped their enabled the reuse of about $30 billion of In the past couple let us know what’s on your mind. cause tremendously. goods. and if you estimate that value of of years, eBay Giving “The eBay Giving all reused goods from 1998, the figure is a Works has been Works and MissionFish programs have opened up a staggering $100 billion. integrated into popular listing tools such as the Sell whole new avenue of fundraising for [us]. We love Your Item form and Turbo Lister. “And last fall” Reuse and recycle experiencing success with items we have solicited Ibarra continued, “we introduced the ‘giveback’ of specifically for our eBay program — we have raised our Community members, through their Insertion and Final Value fees for items that sell nearly $100,000 with eBay Giving Works to date.” ingenuity and resourcefulness, are also for a cause. Plus we’ve just recently overhauled our ahead of the curve in other areas. after using pages on the site to give them a clean, updated an empty coffee can to hold her household new feel.” knickknacks, cozy1812 decided to decorate Rewards for business it with fabric. now she’s turned these with a conscience decorated cans into a product line in her business. eBay Giving Works can also be a big part of “in one WeeK i collected 100 empty your selling strategy. Buyers tend to like the cans from one small elementary school and fact that their money is going to a charity, CHATTER 2007 our favorite sports bar restaurant! these and they will often bid extra because they’re were all headed for the dump/landfill! i am willing to pay more for a good cause. Many thoroughly enjoying my fledgling ‘go green’ sellers have used eBay Giving Works to help campaign! it’s amazing what an impact one drive their business. Said Titanium PowerSeller designerathletic, “As a small business, it’s a member can make.” 7 constant struggle to stand apart and connect eBay-USPS co-branded with consumers. We use eBay Giving Works reusable and recyclable boxes often, and customers see that we’re not only the Cradle-to-Cradle certified ebay-uSpS a shoe retailer, but also a company with a The Power of All of Us — co-branded box created by world-renowned conscience.” make a difference paultracey has discovered the power of the environmental designer William mcDonough is a highlight at the uSpS booth. order your program, as well. “The items I sell through eBay Let your friends and family know about eBay free Cradle-to-Cradle packaging today in the Giving Works definitely get more bids than similar Giving Works, and how they can use it to make uSpS Shipping Zone on ebay.com. items I’ve sold without eBay Giving Works. As a a difference. Or help your favorite nonprofit order your Cradle-to-Cradle packaging marketing tool for your eBay item, the charity join the program! eBay Giving Works has over today in the uSpS Shipping Zone on ribbon pops out more than bold or highlighting.” 10,000 nonprofits to choose from. If your favorite And the simplicity is a big plus for pugtaxi, who ebay.com. organization is missing, get them signed up (it’s free supports the Little Angels Pug Rescue. “eBay Giving and easy), so they can start benefiting today.
  8. 8. Star Developer Award The Chatter Blog Winners At eBay T he Chatter team acts as your Developers Conference “eBay inside reporters.” From exclusive interviews such as the video interview with “The Tech Chick” D who gave the inside scoop on hot toys evelopers, entrepreneurs and affiliates know exactly how to describe what you’re looking for the holidays — to in-depth behind- from around the world joined eBay, PayPal, for, Mpire’s new image previews may be worth the the-scenes looks at new initiatives like Shopping.com, ProStores and Skype earlier thousand words you can’t find.” Feedback 2.0 – to lighthearted posts this week for the 6th annual eBay Developers Our Service to the Community award went to that highlight eBay in pop culture — Conference held here in Boston immediately before slomike1 (Michael Berger) of MyProSeller, an active the Chatter blog team works to bring eBay Live! Our Star Developer Awards recognize the and helpful PHP developer in our Developer Forums the right mix of information — and very best in our developer community by honoring who answers both newbie and veteran questions. fun — to eBay news. those who have created innovative solutions, or His helpfulness has resulted in numerous updates “The General Announcement board incorporated compelling user experience design and improvements to our API Documentation and has always been for official news about in their applications built on the eBay and PayPal platform notifications, which benefit of the entire site changes, policy updates, messages platforms. eBay developer community. For PayPal, E-junkie picked from our executives, etc.” said This year’s honors for Most Innovative Application up both the Best User Experience Design and the Laura Schopen, Senior Manager for for Buyers went to AuctionAds, an affiliate developer Service to the Community Award for their FatFreeCart Community Communications. “While who used innovative caching techniques, allowing application that goes with the implementation of we still maintain that channel for eBay them to serve up 30 million impressions a month PayPal Website Payments Pro. It’s the only cart which news, we saw a big need to share more with only 200,000 API calls – that’s an impressive works inside the merchant’s website (not in a pop-up) of the human side of eBay, too.” volume of traffic per API call. The Most Innovative without having to install anything. The people side of eBay includes Application for Sellers award went to SageFire’s YES! eBay Senior Director of Platform and Innovation both staff who are often featured (Year End Summary) report that fulfills eBay sellers’ Max Mancini said, “The 50,000 members of the via interviews and video, plus need to have an annual transactional history for tax eBay Developers Program are working to make eBay Community members who are and profitability analysis. even more accessible and fun to use for our wider profiled via Member Spotlights. The Best User Experience Design was presented community. The Star Developer Award winners are “There so many interesting people to Mpire’s Shopwave, a new Flash-based online the cream of the crop, and we salute them for their who have amazing eBay stories,” said shopping visualization application. As described innovative spirit, creativity, and commitment to Schopen. “Recently we published a on the popular blog, TechCrunch: “If you don’t making eBay an even better experience for us all.” story from a woman who was selling a family heirloom ring to make ends meet. The buyer who won the listing BUIlDINg CoMMUNITy found out why she was selling the CHATTER 2007 ring, and told her to keep her money eBay groups Bring People Together AND the ring – how great is that? These are the stories that inspire all of M us, staff and members alike.” aking a new friend who loves Mata Ortiz within eBay Groups. (To find eBay Groups, click on The Chatter has also been helpful pottery just as much as you do can make “Community” from the top of any eBay page.) 8 in resolving Community concerns. the world seem just a little smaller and “The eBay Groups platform can be customized For example, several weeks ago, more friendly. Although this kind of connection is to fit a group’s particular needs,” noted Garnor eBay updated our User Agreement rare to find in the “real world,” on eBay, these types of Morantes, whose team manages the Groups and Privacy Policy, but some of the connections happen every day. technology platform. Groups, which can be public or language caused some confusion eBay Groups private (invitation-only), offer group members a full among members. “Within a day, we helps eBay suite of online community tools. “Group members were able to publish a letter from our members connect have access to their own discussion boards, photo top privacy lawyer, who addressed with others albums, and calendars – and there will be more great each concern and helped members who share features coming in the near future.” understand the intent behind the their interests. changes,” said Schopen. eBay groups are about People Thousands eBay member giraffer first looked to into eBay of people are part of vibrant Groups as a way to connect locally. “I was looking for communities people in my state that sold or bought on eBay.” She Chatter Staff that have been was able to find two groups, one local and the other established statewide. “I’ve meet some wonderful people and Laura Schopen Managing Editor made friends that I can visit and chat with everyday.” Writers yan Knight R As a Group Leader giraffer loves being able to help Jeff Kakes new sellers and buyers learn about eBay and Ninad Wagle showing them around the site. “I keep an eye Layout evin Clarke K on them and am thrilled to see the success Tradeshow they have.” Publications Photography he Photo Group T © 2006 eBay Inc. All rights reserved. eBay, the eBay logo and eBay Live! are registered trademarks of eBay Inc. The power of all of us is a trademark of eBay Inc. Other trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. No one under 18 allowed.