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Become a certified bookkeeper

Become a certified bookkeeper with Oxbridge Academy and ICB. Complete high school at least up to Grade 10 level. You do not need Accounting or Bookkeeping as a subject. Oxbridge Academy offers the following ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) accredited courses via distance learning: - Further Education and Training Certificate: Bookkeeping (Senior Bookkeeper) (NQF4); - National Certificate: Bookkeeping (Junior Bookkeeping) (NQF3). Enrol for an ICB-accredited bookkeeping course at NQF level 3. No prior knowledge required. Start studying. Complete your bookkeeping assignments and assessments. ICB courses are generally 12 months in duration, but completing your course via distance learning will mean that you study at your own pace. Submit your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). Your PoE will contain all your assignments and tests. Your PoE will count 30% of your final mark. Write your exams. Complete your bookkeeping assignments and assessments. Your exam will count for 70% of your final mark. Receive your ICB qualification. Receive your qualification after you have passed your course. You need an overall mark of 60% to pass your course. Start working as a bookkeeper. You will be able to apply for an internship or entry-level position. Apply for membership of a professional body. Apply for ICB or ICBA (The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants) membership. Receive a professional designation after your name. Your designation is determined by the qualification you have earned and the amount of work experience you have gained. ICB professional designations: - CJBIcb(SA) – Certified Junior Bookkeeper: National Certificate Bookkeeping – CSBIcb(SA) – Certified Senior Bookkeeper: Further Education and Training Certificate Bookkeeping. ICBA professional designations: - Certified Junior Bookkeeper [CJB-ICBA(SA)] – Certified Senior Bookkeeper [CSB-ICBA(SA)]. Become a professional certified bookkeeper. With a qualification and a professional designation behind your name, you will be able to start working as a Certified Bookkeeper.

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