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  1. 1. Automation of Library Services : Demonstration of Liberty Library Management System by
  2. 2. A Training Workshop on Issues in the Acquisition and Management of e-Library in TETFund- Supported Institutions September 2014
  3. 3. As Information Technology has converged with Communication Technology (ICT), the medium of information delivery has been greatly affected. Bibliography in libraries is slowly but surely, transforming from physical to electronic. Librarians now have to depend on ICT to acquire, hold, index and disseminate electronic resources. This presentation looks at the tools required to manage both physical and electronic resources under this dispensation.
  4. 4. Many Librarians have expressed the view that Library management systems would, for the foreseeable future, need to span both print and electronic materials and that the central issue was to provide a coherent view of a hybrid collection of bibliographic types. In this sense, an emphasis on content solely in print format is too limiting.
  5. 5. Advances in technology have changed the way even books are published. The concept, organization, functioning and management of library have also changed. The very nature of resources now in the custody of libraries require innovative and new ways of storage, management and dissemination. The new types of resources that now present themselves in virtual formats have changed the way the library function as it now has to manage physical and electronic resources.
  6. 6. The requirement of a library system therefore, depends on the bibliographic types in its collection. However, one must remember that your patrons may have demands of their own and so must anticipate their needs and plan for them.
  7. 7.  Conventional printed resources :  Books,  Journals,  Maps, etc  Electronic resources :  eBooks  eJournals  Video clips, etc  Web resources  Websites (URL)  Online subscription databases etc Bibliographic types
  8. 8. Your library management system should be able to handle all these resource types.
  9. 9. Liberty is a web based library management system that runs on Microsoft SQL Database engine while complying with ISO standards Z39.50 and Anglo American Cataloguing rules (AACR). It is used by over 5,000 libraries across the globe, including some highly esteemed institutions in Nigeria like the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Nigeria Institute for International Affairs and Nigeria Defense Academy, NIPSS amongst others.
  10. 10. Liberty's intuitive web-based interface offers integrated access to all resources in your library and organisation. Liberty is available to users anywhere, anytime: 24/7 access to resources from any Internet connection Integrated, intuitive interface Powerful search engine Federated search capabilities Integration with other online and internal portals Cloud computing offers access to Computers and mobile devices
  11. 11. Liberty introduces efficient workflows and information management processes that will improve library services and enhance productivity, without sacrificing control: Fully-integrated modules Automated alerts, notices and defaults Fully-integrated Z39.50 portal for fast cataloguing Quick and simple check-in for print and e-journals Single sign-on for end user access to personalised and secure information
  12. 12. Liberty is a scalable, high-performance solution that can grow with the needs of your organisation. Liberty has proven ability to support users with flexible package options to suit requirements and budgets of any sized organisation, across a range of industries: Enterprise-level technology (J2EE, JBOS, Tomcat etc) Industry standard database - Microsoft SQL Customizable interfaces to suit requirements Scalable, three-tier architecture Hosting/Managed services for SaaS or ASP deployment Multi-site and Consortia deployments
  13. 13. Liberty comes with a set of fully-integrated core modules to optimise the collection, management and dissemination of information. A range of optional modules and third-party add-ons can also be seamlessly integrated with the core Liberty solution according to the individual needs of your library.
  14. 14. Core Modules includes :  OPAC and Customer Portal  Cataloguing  Fast Cataloguing – Z39.50 online portal  Circulation  Serials  Interlibrary Loan  Acquisition  Reporting  Customization / Management  Systems Administration and Maintenance
  15. 15.  Full-text, basic, browse and advanced search options  Federated Searching  Customizable OPAC screen  Client self-management portal  SDI Alerts, SMS & RSS facilities  Smart-logic searching  Single sign-on (SSO)  Saved Searches and URLs  Default search and operator query
  16. 16.  Real-time integration  Integrated Z39.50 portal  Built-in standard bibliographic reports  Flexible cataloguing templates  Unicode compliance (Multi-lingua/script)  Validation control, merge authorities and global changes  Supports multiple MARC, non-MARC & Dublin Core formats
  17. 17.  Simple navigation tools and powerful search facilities  Import/update resources - single click Configurable user settings, including preferred sources, results quantity, and time limits  Search multiple sources simultaneously
  18. 18. Configurable lending rules & charges Lending matrix Flexible circulation policies, borrower & resource categories RSS, SMS, email or print borrower alerts 'first available' reservation processing & notification Resource booking SIP2 & RFID compliant Offline data capture Receipt printer functionality
  19. 19.  Flexible prediction patterns  Quick & easy check-in,claims, subscriptions  Ad-hoc issues,scheds,routing lists, loose-leaf  Automated check-in by publisher barcode  Integration with Acquisitions & budgeting  Add contents-page/brief article information
  20. 20.  Configurable funds, budgets and cost centres  Integrate with accounting systems  Foreign currency calculation  Quick cataloguing / inter-library loan search
  21. 21.  Record and manage both requested and supplied inter-library loans  Cancellation processing  Seamless integration with Liberty Acquisitions and reporting
  22. 22. Over 250 reports from all modules Searching/Selection of desired records Export to Microsoft Word or Excel to edit, save, print or email Modify authority lists; branches, formats, collections, item status, categories
  23. 23.  No manual Housekeeping  Over 200 adjustable parametres  Security grouping  User privilages  Batch stocktake
  24. 24. Liberty Cloud customers have no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update. Access couldn’t be easier – All you need is an internet connection. The Library Link mobile application gives library borrowers the ability to connect to Softlink Liberty with Apple or Android pads and smart phones.
  25. 25. InfoNet automatically indexes uncatalogued electronic files such as .pdf, .doc and .txt in folders and directories in specified locations on the Server.
  26. 26. Softlink’s suite of Web Services allows the library to become part of any leading Virtual Learning Environment with personal library account information automatically presented to each user as soon as they log on to the VLE.
  27. 27. You can enhance your Liberty OPAC by subscribing to “more information” about each book. Wherever there are summaries, table of contents, reviews, first chapters and cover images available on the Syndetic databases, a “more info” link appears in the Softlink system OPAC.
  28. 28. Change is the only constant thing in life but your change should be for the better. Be a smart “Cat” Do not just buy a Library system, solve your library needs by doing so.
  29. 29. Sylvester Chinga Systems Director/CEO Library and Information Support Services Email : sylvester_chinga@yahoo.com Telephone: 0803-3206201