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How to take good selfie?

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How to take good selfie?

  1. 1. Snap the perfect selfie with these tips and tricks. selfie / sel’fé/ n. A photograph one has taken of oneself. typically shot with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website [FUN FACTS] More than half (55 percent) of US. millennials. aged 18 to 33. have shared a selfie on a photo-sharing or social-networking site. The earliest known mention of the word “selfie” is in a C . ~. ,,. /" Be aware of your surroundings. Clean your room Avoid posing in Among U. S. millennials. women are more likely than men to have posted a selfie (68 percent vs. 42 percent). _U_. l__| THE TOP FIVE REASONS (0 cf; 3, WHY U. K. ADULTS ‘~. -5-I Try to highlight your Choose a good angle. best features. such as Snap a picture of your cheekbones. yourself from the top or straight on. 1711- :1: xy- TAKE SELFIES ' 1. To remember a happy moment (35%) I 2.To capture a funny . - moment (34%) I‘ _‘ l f 3. To capture a nice " outfit (15%) 4. To capture a good hair day (14%) 5. Because they are feeling confident (13%) V &I K There are subsets of selfies, such as "helfie" (hair pictures) 2002 Australian online forum. and "welfie" (workout pictures), American photographer In 1914. Russian _Grand In 2013. NASA The group selfie of 2014 Robert Cornelius produced Df‘°I‘°-55 A'“'5"°5'° astronauts TOOK Oscar’ winners and a daguerreotype of himself N‘I‘°I3°V“3~‘tI‘°" 13' ‘"35 5°If'P°rt"3It5 dl-"I"8 nominees taken during in 1839. creating what is °"9 °f the firs" t°_9"38°"5 5P3¢9W3“<5- the live awards show believed to be the first t°f3"° h9_" W“ Pl‘-10"? /1?‘ ‘~--, broke a Twitter record selfie ever. using a mlrfof t0 59"d *0 , ' . -" >‘ for most retweets. a friend. I ' 4 _ Stay focused Adjust your phone or tablet camera to take a sharp image. precarious situations. ‘3 01 5 cam. 3‘ G .0’ if '‘. -AM 0 <. ---«. «.5 ("4 E‘! E rm J, , . ... ~.. . E? as j . ... ;.. ... _ -. ..; ... -:' I II‘ ‘II as DI Q i W t : : 1,‘ Nokia Lumia Icon Zoom in with a single finger by swiping the touchscreen Built-in photo filters transform pictures Dedicated Camera Key on the phone and the virtual camera button on the touchscreen let you take pictures multiple ways QHHQHMG '-. :1a 1.1 >-. - 12:45.. ,, Mun 1‘-1 Hf II III Samsung Galaxy 5° 5 Selective Focus blurs the background and helps you stand out Studio photo-editing software includes better auto focus and the Beauty Face effect Time the shot. Use a Say cheese. Show off Edit. Crop the image timer to get ready or your pearly whites or and use filters to add burst mode to pick one smile with your eyes. drama or effects. good shot from many. [CAMERA PHONE FEATURES FOR TAKING SELFIES] hrc All new HTC One” (M8) 5-megapixel front-facing camera 88-degree wide-angle lens gets more of your friends in the selfie