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Dodo Pizza company presentation - December 2018

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Dodo Pizza at a Glance.
1. One of the fastest-growing QSR chains globally
2. Modern innovative concept with healthy unit economics
3. Best-in-class proprietary IT platform
4. Passionate community driven by radically transparent culture

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Dodo Pizza company presentation - December 2018

  1. 1. Company Presentation December 2018
  2. 2. Dodo Pizza at a Glance Founded in 2011 in Syktyvkar, Russia by Fedor Ovchinnikov, Dodo Pizza has enjoyed strong and stable growth with currently 415 stores in 11 countries (1) 20 company-owned/395 franchised stores Dominant #1 pizza chain in both Russia and Kazakhstan Over 350 additional committed stores in the pipeline 1 One of the fastest-growing QSR chains globally Modern innovative concept with healthy unit economics Best-in-class proprietary IT platform Passionate community driven by radically transparent culture 1 2 3 4 (1) As of 30 November 2018. 361 25 6 3 2 1 9 1 8 12 28 74 154 281 415(1) 433 603 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Today 2018E 2019E Store Count
  3. 3. $11m $17m $44m $108m $215m $359m 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018E 2019E System Sales(1) System sales have been growing 2–2.5x per annum since inception Dodo growth rate beats best-in-class US benchmarks More than 2x larger than second largest competitor in Russia and consistently increasing the gap month by month 2 1 (1) Sales (including VAT but excluding sales tax where applicable) of all company-owned and franchised Dodo Pizza stores. Converted to USD monthly at end-of-period FX rate. Annual growth rates based on system sales in RUB. (2) According to Nation’s Restaurant News 2018 rating. (3) According to Business Analytica as of 31 October 2018. One of the Fastest-Growing QSR Chains Globally +149% +116% +120% +67% Fastest-Growing US Chains(2) 2017 Sales YoY Growth $270m +80% $279m +51% $367m +33% Store Count in Russia(3) +171% 352 176 163 61 220 116 111 52 As of 31 October 2018 As of 31 October 2017
  4. 4. Model balanced between dine- in and delivery provides adaptivity to various types of locations and markets § 60% delivery/40% dine-in average sales split Modern family-friendly brand focused on product and quality with limited price promotions Average store requires $200–250k initial investment and pays back in 2.5–3.5 years 3 2 (1) Year-over-year sales growth for all stores in the dine-in & delivery format older than 2 years in Russia. (2) Average for last six full months for stores in the dine-in & delivery format older than 1 year in Russia. Sales converted to USD at 67.0 RUB/USD rate. Modern Innovative Concept with Healthy Unit Economics Like-for-Like Dynamics(1) Cornerstone Concept Foundations Dodo Position in the QSR Market Dine-in Delivery Focus on price/ value Focus on product/ image Promoting delivery/ digital ordering Promoting delivery/ digital ordering Promoting carry-out Promoting valueNow 2011 What How Quick delivery and convenient ordering Delivery time guarantee, superior digital products ` Focus on quality and transparency Open kitchen, webcams, strong culture and values Wide dine-in menu with quick service Pizza-by-slice, coffee, grab & go products Modern urban third place Hip design, music, free Wi-Fi, coffee culture Family- and kid- friendly environment Kids playgrounds, kids menu, no alcohol Average Store Monthly Performance(2) Delivery & carry-out Dine-in Total Order Count 3,082 4,044 7,125 Average Ticket (RUB) 810 340 543 Sales (‘000 RUB) 2,495 1,375 3,870 Sales (‘000 USD) 36.3 20.5 57.8 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Mar-17 May-17 Jul-17 Sep-17 Nov-17 Jan-18 Mar-18 May-18 Jul-18 Sep-18 First national TV ad campaign
  5. 5. Unique web-based ERP system is a key foundation of Dodo franchise system § Unifies and streamlines operations e.g. order processing and tracking § Quick chain-wide implementation of digital innovations § Data collection and insights In-house team of over 50 developers and growing § Agile and disruptive IT culture spread all over the organization 4 3 (1) Russia, September 2018. Delivery Orders by Source(1) Single IT Platform In-Progress Case Study of Digital Innovation: Pizza-by-Slice DODO IS — Web-Based ERP System Order routing and tracking Inventory and FC management Training and quality control system Central call centre Website and mobile apps Workforce management Digital loyalty program and CRM Best-in-Сlass Proprietary IT Platform 59% 28% 13% Mobile app Website Call centre Digital price tag and timer After 45 min the price automatically drops by 70% and a discount alert is displayed on TV-boards System sends order for new pizza when less than 3 pieces are left on the shelf
  6. 6. Strong values-driven culture with genuine staff and owner buy-in Evidenced in continuous supply of materials about the company, key decision-makers and inner workings in open sources Efficient way of recruiting like-minded franchisees, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders Transparency and commitment keep the team motivated and up-to-date on all company developments 5 4 Passionate Community Driven by Radically Transparent Culture Open books – public sales by store and financial statements Corporate meetings streamed on YouTube Live broadcast from kitchens on our website Founder and CEO active on social media English-language corporate blog
  7. 7. Support the roll-out on our home market of Russia & CIS Build brand equity through continuous TV advertising Increase supply chain capacity and reliability Maintain quality through training system improvements and strategic franchisee pool management Prepare for international growth Increase international awareness and collect franchisee leads Prepare the legal base for international franchising and set up an international office Experiment with company-owned stores in select markets (e.g. China) Further aggressive investments in IT IT team to grow from 50 to 250 in next three years to speed up IT system development and support international expansion IPO in mid term 6 What’s in Store?