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Arquitetando soluções de computação em nuvem com Java

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O Cloud Native se tornou uma grande palavra de ordem em todo o mundo, um termo que é praticamente usado por todos em todos os momentos. Mas o que isso significa? Quais são as vantagens que ele traz ao seu aplicativo e ao seu dia como desenvolvedor ou arquiteto de software? O que há de novo no mundo Java e quais são as etapas a seguir para um aplicativo em nuvem nativo? Esta apresentação é um guia passo a passo que praticamente o guiará na implementação de serviços de computação em nuvem de maneira eficaz e eficiente.

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Arquitetando soluções de computação em nuvem com Java

  1. 1. Otavio Santana @otaviojava Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions with Java
  2. 2. Otavio Santana @otaviojava DevRel Engineer + Java Champion + JCP-EC-EG-EGL + Apache Committer + Eclipse Committer + Eclipse Project Leader + Book and blog writer Speaker
  3. 3. Cloud
  4. 4. Cloud Types
  5. 5. Cloud Native
  6. 6. “Cloud-native is an approach to building and running applications that exploits the advantages of the cloud computing model.” Cloud Native
  7. 7. “Cloud-native is a different way of thinking and reasoning about software systems. It embodies the following concepts: powered by disposable infrastructure, composed of bounded, scales globally, embraces disposable architecture.” Cloud Native
  8. 8. “In general use, ‘cloud-native’ is an approach to building and running applications that exploits the advantages of the cloud-computing delivery model. ‘Cloud-native’ is about how applications are created and deployed, not where.” Cloud Native
  9. 9. “Independent DURS ultimately comes up in every discussion on cloud-native concepts; to independently Deploy, Update, Replace and Scale.” Cloud Native
  10. 10. “Cloud-native is more than a tool set. It is a complete architecture, a philosophical approach for building applications that take full advantage of cloud computing.” Cloud Native
  11. 11. “Cloud-native technologies empower organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. Containers, service meshes, microservices, immutable infrastructure, and declarative APIs exemplify this approach.” Cloud Native
  12. 12. Cloud-native is a term used to describe container-based environments. Cloud Native
  13. 13. A set of good practices to optimize an application in the cloud through: ● Containerization ● Orchestration ● Automation Cloud Native
  14. 14. PORA Package Once, Run Anytime WORA Write Once, Run Anywhere Containers vs. Java
  15. 15. The Best Practices
  16. 16. ● Codebase ● Dependencies ● Config ● Backing services ● Build, release, run ● Process ● Port binding ● Concurrency ● Disposability ● Dev/prod parity ● Logs ● Admin processes The 12 Factors App
  17. 17. Old but Gold
  18. 18. “Certainly, we always read great things about the microservices architectures implemented by companies like Netflix or Amazon. So let me ask a question: how many companies in the world can be Netflix and Amazon?” Microservices Conway's law
  19. 19. Java Cloud Native
  20. 20. ● Optimizations on GC ● Improvements Containers ● Better Integration ● Release 6 months Java
  21. 21. ● Generations ● Eclipse Foundation ● Agile ● Cloud Native Jakarta EE
  22. 22. ● Microservices ● Eclipse Foundation ● Agile ● Fast Delivery Eclipse MicroProfile
  23. 23. ● Jakarta EE8 ● Security ● Fault Tolerance ● Much more... Eclipse Foundation
  24. 24. Platform.sh
  25. 25. We live in a cloud economy Use cloud ready SaaS services Complexity Cost Risk High Med - High Low Migrate existing workloads into cloud Build new apps cloud ready Degrees of risk around enterprise cloud consumption... ^ ^
  26. 26. ‘The cloud’ is complex They need to focus on turning business ideas into code, and and let somebody else do the rest. Their energies shouldn’t be consumed managing various clouds Challenge Today’s reality All companies are now software companies, expecting to deliver great customer experiences.
  27. 27. Platform.sh was built on the idea that your application comes first It’s what your customers care about. It’s what drives you and your team. We handle the rest.
  28. 28. We’re a polyglot, multicloud PaaS, with continuous deployment built in. At Platform.sh we believe your code should just run. Monoliths? Microservices? Stateful? Stateless? Develop and deliver them all with consistent tools. Much more than hosting
  29. 29. Infrastructure as code Add MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Solr, Redis, RabbitMQ, or InfluxDB to your project with a few lines of code. Infrastructure changes are versioned and auditable. Service updates and security? That’s on us. No more effort wasted on patching your fleet.
  30. 30. Application name: app type: "java:11" disk: 1024 hooks: build: mvn clean package relationships: database: "db:postgresql" web: commands: start: java -jar $JAVA_OPTS $CREDENTIAL file.jar
  31. 31. Services database1: type: mysql:10.1 disk: 2048 database2: type: postgresql:9.6 disk: 1024
  32. 32. Route "https://{default}/": type: upstream upstream: "app:http" "https://www.{default}/": type: redirect to: "https://{default}/"
  33. 33. Config Reader @Configuration public class DataSourceConfig { @Bean(name = "dataSource") public DataSource getDataSource() { Config config = new Config(); MySQL database = config.getCredential("database", MySQL::new); return database.get(); } }
  34. 34. Config Reader @Configuration class DataSourceConfig { @Bean(name = ["dataSource"]) fun getDataSource(): DataSource { val config = Config() val database = config.getCredential("database") { MySQL(it) } return database.get() } }
  35. 35. Config Reader Config config = new Config(); final MongoDB mongo = config.getCredential("mongodb", MongoDB::new); final MongoClient mongoClient = mongo.get(); Config config = new Config(); Configuration configuration = new Configuration(); configuration.addAnnotatedClass(Address.class); Hibernate credential = config.getCredential("database", Hibernate::new); SessionFactory sessionFactory = credential.getMariaDB(configuration);
  36. 36. Demo Time
  37. 37. Platform.sh was built on the idea that your application comes first It’s what your customers care about. It’s what drives you and your team. We handle the rest.
  38. 38. Platform.sh provides an end-to-end PaaS to build, run, and maintain polyglot fleets of digital experience applications Developers can then focus on what matters to the organization: shipping great web apps and sites Container Orchestration Infrastructure Continuous Deployment Data Services App Runtimes Routing + Edge Security Continuous Integration Application Code Application Data Provisioning APIs, Integrations, Template Libraries Web Console … Source Operations™
  39. 39. Develop Git-native: instantly clone your code and infrastructure for every branch Services snap-in with a line of code—from MySQL to Kafka to Elasticsearch Build in virtually any runtime or framework Build CI/CD built in: run tests, compile dependencies Extensible with webhooks to integrate with any workflow Declarative infrastructure, versioned like your code Package Fully managed databases, queues, networking, storage Migrate between service versions with a single line of configuration Services patched and secured by Platform.sh Provision One-click deployment of new applications in an instant Custom template libraries API control over RBAC, app provisioning, deployment Deploy Apps and services are automatically containerized and deployed to our grid Supports stateful and stateless apps, worker processes Integrates with your current DevOps processes Run Production cloud hosting included Multicloud support: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Orange, Google, and regional partners Run without modifications between regions and clouds Manage Update your fleet with a single command Support everything from microservices to enterprise CMS to static sites Maintain governance over process, code, and infrastructure across distributed teams Secure All changes to code and infrastructure fully auditable SOC 2-certified Strict data localization available Integrated with Includes the best of Replaces Faster and far less costly than Works like We partner with Capabilities you won’t find with 24x7 data security and privacy Platform.sh is end-to-end
  40. 40. 1000s e-commerce, life sciences, government, education, media & entertainment, and high-tech customers $47m invested by top-tier international partners Platform.sh at a glance
  41. 41. Java
  42. 42. Q&A Thank you