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Legacy to industry leader: a modernization case study

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This live webinar goes through the steps of how MakeMyTrip.com engaged OSSCube to completely modernize their website and help them become one of the top online travel companies in the world. Zend Server and Zend Studio were used to expedite the entire project for what has now become arguably the largest Drupal implementation to date.

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Legacy to industry leader: a modernization case study

  1. 1. OSSCube & Zend Presents Legacy to Industry Leader: A modernization case study May 27, 2015
  2. 2. Our Speakers Rakesh Kumar VP of Technology OSSCube Jim Reiss Senior VP Worldwide Sales Zend Technologies
  3. 3. • OSSCube is world’s only Zend Center of Excellence • Certified developers with ongoing training Our Partnership
  4. 4. Case Study - Mission critical application Modernization using Open source CMS Framework
  5. 5. © 2015 OSSCube LLC. All rights reserved. OSSCube confidential The Problem • One of top travel websites in the world • Business growth inhibited by home grown legacy systems • Long cycle from content creation to publishing • Marketing/content team and SEO totally dependent on IT team for content publishing and page meta information management • Legacy application for content creation and conversion to HTML. • Static HTML generated from Legacy CMS. Very difficult to experiment with new ideas due to long creation->production life cycle
  6. 6. © 2015 OSSCube LLC. All rights reserved. OSSCube confidential The Solution •OSSCube: • Designed “n” scalable system to support business growth goals • Created the largest Drupal implementation • Generate 3 million+ pages dynamically • Sub-second performance with multiple pictures & videos • Give control in the hand of marketing team to publish content. Shorten the timeline from content creation to content publishing. • Powerful tool for SEO team to effectively manage page meta details without IT team involvement
  7. 7. © 2015 OSSCube LLC. All rights reserved. OSSCube confidential Business Value • Content team (Marketing): • Significantly shorten content creation -> publishing life cycle • Experiment with new ideas. Take a new page online, promote and take it down after getting the required result • Manage content life span, redirection (301 or 302) • Responsive design for different devices • Role management. Only authorized staff can create and/or publish content. • WYIWYG interface for content creation/editing • Manage content publishing schedule through content scheduler • SEO Team (Marketing): • Dynamically manage the keywords and meta information of pages • Manage content from search engine promotion stand point • High performance leading to better SEO ranks
  8. 8. © 2015 OSSCube LLC. All rights reserved. OSSCube confidential Business Value •IT: • Significantly less overhead. Focus on managing the platform rather than supporting marketing team in content management and publishing • Robust and scalable platform • Ease of finding right resources for managing the platform • Centralized content distribution to different media. API support was created to facilitate content consumption in different devices • High performing with sub-second response time
  9. 9. © 2015 OSSCube LLC. All rights reserved. OSSCube confidential The Stack •Technical highlights • LAMP based Platform • Drupal 7 used as the CMS Framework • Near real time content publish • Content/data replication across datacenters • Memcache for content caching. All content served from cache minimizing the database hits • Database scale out through replication with R-W load balancing • Zend server for profiling and root cause analysis (Dev. Environment) • Zend Studio as IDE (Dev. Environment)
  10. 10. © 2015 OSSCube LLC. All rights reserved. OSSCube confidential Deployment Architecture
  11. 11. Results • Today, MakeMyTrip.com benefits from: ‒ Alexa ranking < 700 ‒ Sub-second page load speed ‒ Dynamic, up-to-date content ‒ Better content control ‒ Responsive design for multiple devices • Business Value ‒ Increase web traffic ‒ Better customer satisfaction ‒ Repeat customers ‒ Scalable, add unique pages
  12. 12. Intro to Zend: Jim Reiss
  13. 13. Zend and Open Source PHP • Primary global commercial OSS entity behind PHP • Zend’s founders co-authored PHP and Zend remain a key contributor • Zend’s current contributions to open source PHP have global impact: ‒ PHP 7 is built on Zend’s PHP NG engine – and it’s lightning fast! (releasing late 2015) ‒ Zend Framework 3 will be released this year as well ‒ Apigility is in use by hundreds of thousands, building API- centric business-critical applications ‒ Eclipse PDT for PHP – the #1 OSS IDE for PHP
  14. 14. The Professional PHP Distribution with Advanced Value-add Capabilities
  15. 15. The Complete Zend Enterprise PHP Solution Design Develop Test Deploy Maintain Zend Server with Z-Ray Zend Studio Zend Framework Apigility Professional Services, Support, Training and Certification Zend Guard
  16. 16. Why Zend Server over OS PHP? • The better ROI is to have developer focus and development investment in the company’s application, not in core PHP. • Zend Server is a battle-hardened PHP distribution, supported by the only commercial entity behind PHP, long after the OSS community discontinues support • Zend Server capabilities far exceed native OSS PHP. These value- add capabilities allow you to optimize your application, automate releases and dynamically scale as your business demands • Using Zend throughout the application lifecycle reduces waste, improves delivery speed, improves performance and reduces risk – increasing customer satisfaction • Zend Enterprise PHP is ultimately cheaper than free open source PHP – better TCO, with lower risk
  17. 17. The Professional PHP Distribution with Advanced Value-add Capabilities
  18. 18. Conclusion
  19. 19. Summary • Open source is enterprise ready – Secure – Innovation – Fast time to market – Reduced TCO • Zend is a proven environment for creating mission critical applications • OSSCube is a global solution provider that can design, develop and support mission critical applications
  20. 20. What Can We Do for You? Modernization Mobilization eCommerce Big Data & Analytics Cloud
  21. 21. www.OSSCube.com Info@OSSCube.com 1-888-967-7282 www.Zend.com