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Digital Marketing Trends 2015

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  2. This Morning Poll Al - 9:10 - 10:30 Break - Coffee and Cakes - 10:30 - 10:45 Ben - 10:45 - 11:30 Questions 11:30 til Close
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  5. Oh how its changed Connect Computer Browser Search Notable Sites
  6. Connect Computer Browser Search Notable Sites 2000 Dial Up Pentium 3 IE 4 Alta Vista QXL, Oh how its changed
  7. Connect Computer Browser Search Notable Sites 2000 Dial Up Pentium 3 IE 4 Alta Vista QXL, 2005 ISDN/Broadband Macbook Pro IE 6 Google Facebook, YouTube Oh how its changed
  8. Connect Computer Browser Search Notable Sites 2005 ISDN/Broadband Macbook Pro IE 6 Google Facebook, YouTube 2000 Dial Up Pentium 3 IE 4 Alta Vista QXL, 2015 Super Fast Broadband Cloud IE 11 Google ??? Oh how its changed
  9. Digital Transformation
  10. We have moved through a period where digital offered enhancement to our lives into a time where it provides a platform for innovation previously impossible without it.
  11. So what lessons did we learn in 2014?
  12. Industry Disruption
  13. Mobile REALLY took over - FACT
  14. Google started stealing!
  15. Content Discovery Networks Popped Up
  16. Facebook Atlas in Beta
  17. Ok so what about now?
  18. 1). Where to put your money
  19. 2). Really Understand Inbound Marketing
  20. Buyer personas are fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers. They help you understand your customers (and prospective customers) better, and make it easier for you to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviours, and concerns of different groups.
  21. Bob Lucy
  23. 3). Understand Agile Marketing
  24. 4). Consider Increasing your Paid Advertising Budgets
  25. 5). Make sure your marketing team know 3 of the most important SEO factors…
  26. 5).…and adapt your website accordingly
  27. HTTPS://
  28. Page Speed
  29. Mobile Site
  30. 6). Invest in your sales team There are plenty of digital tools for them
  35. I predict that above all - In 2015 you’ll employ in-house digital marketeers
  36. so perhaps it worth starting to look now…?
  37. Thanks for listening @banksy6 Lets  Take  15
  38. Welcome back. Al spoke about: • What’s being going on in 2014. • What’s happening now. We’re going to talk about: • Top 5 most commercially important digital trends for 2015
  39. I was born in 1992
  40. Which means I was 8 years old in the year 2000
  41. I’ve never seen the world without the internet.
  42. #In15years Please take time to contribute your ideas on Twitter.
  43. 5. Social media marketing
  44. Loosen up
  45. It doesn’t have to be relevant to your brand, just relatable.
  46. Customer service
  47. 1. Ask a big personality to look after your social media accounts. 2. Engage and listen more, don’t broadcast!. 3. Utilise your social space for customer services, be transparent. 4. Firm up your social media policy so your whole business feels comfortable contributing. 5. Target small pockets of communities, don’t focus on going viral! Top 5 tips
  48. 4. Marketing automation
  49. What touch points do you have with new and existing customers?
  50. Marketing automation software
  51. 1. Consider triggers for marketing automation. 2. Plan quality content for your new and existing customers. 3. Assess which marketing automation software is right for your business. (££££££!) 4. Be smart, put yourself in their shoes. 5. Track, evaluate and refine consistently. Top 5 marketing automation tips
  52. 3. Mobile marketing
  53. In 2015 we will see
  54. How will your business look on the iWatch?
  55. How will we pay/donate in the near future?
  56. 1. Stop boxing “mobile” with mobile phones. 2. New technology = New opportunity. 3. Make sure your brand is on every device. 4. Invest your time and money in developing your mobile experiences. 5. Be ready for the future! (we’re only going to be more mobile!) Top 5 mobile marketing tips
  57. 2. Big Data
  58. • Newer methods of collecting data • Better more accurate data • Different types of data
  59. Why would we use data?
  60. Who here has a smartphone?
  61. Why haven’t you tweeted us yet then? #letstalkdigital
  62. source:
  63. source:
  64. 1. Upgrade your Google analytics to universal analytics. (if you haven’t already!) 2. Create a Google analytics dashboard that suits your business. 3. Refine your data using segments. 4. Check out different data visualisation tools (E.g Twitter analytics) 5. Be pragmatic - Big data isn’t going to change your business over night! Top 5 big data tips
  65. 1. Content marketing
  66. Landing Pages A web page which serves as entry point for a website.
  67. The user has option to search cottages straight away. Austin the dogs video diary “Top 10” Content Answer peoples queries
  68. Why is this important?
  69. Source: Google Trends
  70. A closer look at different types of content
  71. Reaching audiences.
  72. Engaging audiences.
  73. A quick note on iBeacons
  74. 1. Don’t focus on going viral, focus on reaching relevant audiences. 2. Ensure you’re being creative & engaging, not just ticking boxes. 3. Use a content plan. (if you need one, let me know!) 4. Give it away to other websites and bloggers. 5. Be bold. Top 5 content marketing tips
  75. Thanks for listening! @bencorbally