Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów

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28 de May de 2012
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów
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Dowiedz się więcej o Level3. Poznaj usługi, historię firmy i jej największych Klientów

Notas do Editor

  1. Purpose: Use this presentation to introduce Level 3 Communications ® to existing customers as well as new contacts within existing accounts. This presentation communicates Level 3 ’s capabilities and our business strategy with a focus on enterprise customers. The presentation is designed to communicate our brand pillars: we offer a comprehensive portfolio of data, voice, video and managed services that leverage a reliable and secure network built on IP technology. We differentiate ourselves by providing a consistent, industry-leading customer experience that begins with knowing and understanding a customer’s business needs, listening to the customer’s business issues and opportunities, and proposing a telecommunications solution that addresses their objectives for growth and efficiency. The goal in offering an industry-leading customer experience from sales inquiry to service management is to build a collaborative long-term business partnership with our customers.
  2. Notes: Level 3 is a global communications company headquartered in Broomfield, CO, offering a comprehensive suite of data, voice, video and managed services leveraging a reliable, secure global network. In fact, we operate one of the world’s largest IP networks with reach to more than 45 countries – providing access to a consistently-upgradable platform. From its beginning, Level 3 Communications was founded on the principles of the Silicon Economics cycle: Create a global telecommunications network with the scale to reduce unit costs, stimulate demand with these lower costs, support that demand by scaling even more. Level 3 created a network that serves as a foundation for the communications services by providing information transmission over a fiber optic network and media delivery over a content delivery network. Recently, Level 3 expanded its reach by acquiring Global Crossing effective October 2011. The combined company has an annual revenue of $6.3B with more than 10,000 employees to support the needs of business, content, government and wholesale customers. Similar to Level 3, Global Crossing built its network on IP technology as the foundation for enabling next-generation technology. Together, we are united by one mission – to provide the very best customer experience imaginable.
  3. Notes: Level 3 enables stronger connections by delivering services over our industry-leading network and connecting customers with dedicated, local teams who are focused on providing an industry-leading customer experience. Level 3 believes that what we deliver is just as important as how we deliver it — and the business value it represents to you. We take the customer experience seriously and are united in a mission to provide the very best customer experience imaginable. Level 3 is growing its dedicated resources to combine local presence with first-hand marketplace knowledge and extensive expertise in the communications industry. Through a combination of a comprehensive portfolio of data, voice, video and managed services, a reliable and secure IP network and a commitment to serving our customers, Level 3 provides a viable alternative for business customers who require telecommunication services that support organizational growth and efficiency. We are myopically focused on delivering value to business customers who require increased bandwidth from a Tier 1 internet provider. (Worth noting, we are focused on business customers - not distracted by the marketplace fluctuations of wireless devices and minute plans.)
  4. Purpose: This slide begins the discussion with current IT trends and business drivers. Use this slide to validate the customer ’s thinking; inquire whether this aligns with their specific challenges. You can supplemented this with a vertical-specific slide (i.e. healthcare, financial services, etc.) or a slide focused on the customer’s issues/opportunities. Notes: The role of IT is changing. Once, IT served in a support role. Now, it ’s looked to as a strategic contributor as businesses work to deliver a competitive advantage. In the context of the new economics of IT, CIOs must ask themselves and prepare responses on these questions: How can we deliver more value from the investment in IT? How can we help deliver revenue and earnings to the enterprise? More collaboration among customers, employees and partners is creating a new IT landscape: one that ’s based on enabling mobility, flexibility and efficiency. But with the economy in transition, there ’s a big premium on results. You’re expected to support growth initiatives while still reducing costs and ensuring a return-on-investment. Specific to IT, you have an opportunity to leverage next-generation technology — like Unified Communications, cloud computing and video-as-an-application — to extend employee productivity. You can help fuel organizational growth by impacting the way your business serves existing customers and develops new revenue streams. In effect, IT is becoming a competitive differentiator. How is this similar to the challenges you ’re facing – this dual pursuit to leverage technology to support growth initiatives and increase efficiency?
  5. Notes: Level 3 offers the right solutions to help businesses expand and grow. Our comprehensive portfolio includes converged data, voice, video and managed services that address the myriad needs of businesses today, including: Increasing enterprise growth Attracting and retaining new customers Reducing enterprise costs Improving business processes Updating and implementing business applications Improving enterprise efficiency Source: Reimaging IT: The CIO Agenda, Gartner (2011) Data Our data network solutions have many uses – delivering mission-critical applications, providing voice and video over a single IP connection and enabling next-generation technologies such as cloud computing and unified communications. The Level 3 Data and Internet portfolio includes Dedicated Internet Access, MPLS/VPN, Private Line and Wavelength services as well as numerous access solutions. Voice We offer local and long-distance voice services via TDM or IP for both enterprise and wholesale applications. The Level 3 Voice portfolio includes local voice – ISDN-PRI, Local Inbound and VoIP Enhanced Local, long distance (switched and dedicated,) toll-free (switched and dedicated), voice termination, and VoIP, specifically SIP Trunking (to enable unified communications) as well as collaboration solutions including voice, video and web conferencing. Video The explosive growth of user-generated video, mobile devices capable of playing high-quality video, HD and 3DHD demands, and trends in social media are creating challenges that require a lot of bandwidth. Level 3 has both a Media Delivery portfolio as well as the technical and business expertise needed to meet those challenges. Our Media Delivery Portfolio of services includes Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Vyvx services with features that include streaming, caching, encoding, storage and analytics. Managed / Value-added Services It takes more than bandwidth to transform ideas into assets. Level 3 can serve as a dedicated partner with the expertise needed to manage your networks, so you can focus on building value in your core business. Level 3 offers managed router, managed security and application performance, in addition to value-added professional services and colocation.
  6. Notes: Level 3 provides an unprecedented IP network that is more efficient in creating bandwidth, more flexible in distributing bandwidth and more capable in supporting bandwidth-intensive IT applications. With unparalleled reach, scale and capacity, this end-to-end IP network is the foundation for enabling next-generation technology such as SIP Trunking to enable Unified Communications, IP convergence, cloud services, video communications and application optimization unlike other telecom providers who are hampered by limited interconnectivity. Internet Protocol is the language of the Internet. Whether it’s IPv4 or IPv6, IP is the way that data is transferred to it’s proper destination. IP had a rather inauspicious birth, initially designed for efficient but unreliable transmission. Over time as physical networks became more dependable IP became the favored way to support applications communications. IP has become the way that almost every network application now communicates. Cloud Computing, VoIP, Web, Mobile Apps, and many more all rely on IP. Legacy communications providers have slowly evolved their networks over time to support IP. These networks have used technologies like TDM, X.25, ISDN, Frame Relay and ATM, and in some cases, still have pockets of these technologies within their networks. Additionally these networks were often in regional ‘islands’ with limited interconnectivity. Both Level 3 Communications and Global Crossing have built their network infrastructure from the fiber up to purposefully support end-to-end IP communications. Using the next generation telecommunications equipment the network is specifically designed to eliminate network ‘islands’ and dead-end protocols like X.25, Frame Relay and ATM. Based on this strong communications network foundation, the combined network provides the right feature set, rugged resiliency, and flexibility to help us to continue to create the innovative solutions that business customers demand.
  7. Notes: Level 3 offers integrated IP solutions to meet the emerging needs of global enterprise companies. Our global network provides support for worldwide implementations, while our metro footprint delivers unmatched localization capabilities. As operators of one of the largest, most advanced IP networks in the world, the combined company is delivering connectivity at the backbone of today’s interconnected, global economy. With owned fiber networks with reach to North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia Pac, the network profile includes: More than 45 core network countries More than 450 core network markets Total company fiber miles ~105,000 Total company metro fiber miles ~30,000 Approximately ~170 metro markets Together, Level 3 and Global Crossing will be better able to keep traffic on an efficient, end-to-end network, making us more able to support customers’ business needs as well as better positioned to deliver scale, efficiency, performance and a superior service experience.
  8. Notes: Level 3 ’s network is built to allow for easy scalability and efficiency. Our network is the vehicle for exceeding the expectations of business customers – large and small. Our voice, video and data services are backed by a network maintained for virtually uninterrupted availability and designed for performance. We offer more routes, more diversity and redundancy which means higher reliability and broad reach – with a willingness to invest and grow to address your business locations. Level 3 has seven major network operation centers (NOCs) located in United States and Europe. These geographically dispersed centers offer full redundancy, so even major events are less likely to prevent traffic from reaching its destination. The networks are continually upgraded with the latest equipment and technologies, and are supported by Level 3’s experts in network design, security and customer service. The automated, self-healing qualities of the network support our commitment to being there for our customers. And finally, Level 3 offers proven industry leadership as the first telecommunications provider to offer VoIP and MPLS, first internationally deployed softswitch and an extensive voice footprint.
  9. We work to build a business partnership with our customers. It is a collaborative, long-term approach created by a team of dedicated people who are focused on understanding customer needs, building the right network solution and delivering a consistent, industry-leading customer experience. Our strategy is to provide local resources — not only sales account teams but also sales engineering and support teams. Executing our strategy requires dedicated, knowledgeable people who can apply technical solutions to address our customers ’ specific situations. (Some of our competitors are minimizing their local, dedicated support and using centralized call centers.) This is our approach. How do we deliver? Sales/Solution Engineering Business partnership begins with the sales process. The professionalism and dedication of Level 3 ’s local sales and engineering teams results in a solution that addresses our customers’ immediate business needs, while providing a viable migration path to next-generation technology. Our focus at this stage is listening and problem identification. We address our customers’ complex webs of current and future business strategies, technical requirements, security demands and budget constraints. We don’t push products, we develop solutions. Service Implementation Once a solution is indentified, customers want it put into action — quickly. Level 3 service implementation delivers converged solutions with the speed and performance needed to help our customers quickly begin to take advantage of their investments. Our engineers and technical staff, together with provisioning tools and proven methodologies, work to deploy solutions on time and on budget. Customer Care During the initial phase of an implementation, customers need extra attention. The Customer Care organization provides a single point of contact for the customer — a real human being — and a dedicated point of escalation to manage any issues or opportunities. Customer Care also provides both a first bill review to make sure the solution delivered is the solution the customer anticipated, and an ongoing quarterly service review to ensure we ’re meeting expectations. Service Management When their businesses depend on networked communications, our customers expect responsiveness. Level 3 delivers with service management professionals who constantly monitor, tune and upgrade our networks and respond to any potential issues with expertise and clear escalation processes. We provide 24 x 7 technical support using operations centers in multiple time zones. Our professionals are aligned to specific enterprise segments so the person who answers the call knows and understands our client ’s business. And when necessary, customers get direct access to a technical expert. If there is an issue, we aim to resolve it on the first call. Billing Our customers need to know how Level 3 solutions impact their bottom line. We provide them with expert people and comprehensive billing data that helps them understand how long-term contracts, discounts, on-demand capacity, one-time events, and complex operations affect the bottom line and help them manage expenses. With accuracy and clarity in our billing processes, customers can see the value of their investments in telecommunications and networking. Customer Portal Our Portal offers customers self-service management capabilities and direct access to our service support staff. From the Portal, customers have a complete picture of their solution, including information about contract details, billing information, and status of trouble tickets. They can receive notifications and monitor any network events as well as create custom reports about network performance. These capabilities provide customers with instant access to the performance of their converged solution — at no cost. In addition to these dedicated resources, Level 3 offers industry-leading Service Level Agreements that back the service we provide. In addition, our portfolio of services can be augmented by a network of alliance partners that offer services that complement our portfolio. The result is an end-to-end solution that addresses the needs of your business – provided by a single provider with a single point of accountability.
  10. Level 3 is a leading global provider of telecommunications services. Our vast voice, transport and IP network has enabled Level 3 to develop an extensive portfolio of products and services for data, voice, video and managed solutions. These assets, combined with our commitment to customer service, performance and value, result in a business partnership that meets the challenges of business today. Comprehensive portfolio of data, voice, video and managed services that enable global connectivity Reliable, secure network with a proven track record for delivering mission-critical data designed for growth and efficiency A team of local, dedicated people focused on understanding your business needs, proposing a network solution to meet those needs and delivering a consistent, industry-leading customer experience.
  11. Note: Additional content provided in the Appendix is provided for Sales benefit to address specific questions raised by customers.
  12. Level 3 provides industry-leading telecommunication services to business, content and wholesale customers and government agencies. The need for increased bandwidth to support business-critical applications are becoming more prevalent, and Level 3 has a long history of delivering the solutions needed to support increased efficiency and growth. The world ’s largest users of bandwidth trust Level 3 to deliver mission-critical information. Shouldn’t you?
  13. With the closing of the Global Crossing Acquisition, Level 3 The combined business had pro forma 2010 revenues of $6.2 billion and pro forma 2010 Adjusted EBITDA of $1.3 billion before synergies and $1.6 billion after expected synergies.  The transaction improves Level 3’s credit profile and reduces the company’s financial leverage from approximately 6.8x net debt (on a Level 3 standalone basis) to Consolidated Adjusted EBITDA for 2010 to approximately 4.4x after realization of expected synergies. Additionally, the transaction moves Level 3 to a more enterprise-oriented company, with nearly 60% of Core Network services/Invest and Grow revenues coming from enterprises and government entities. Additionally, Level’s geographic focus has expanded to approximately 30% of revenues now coming from outside of the United States.
  14. Notes: Jim Crowe, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Crowe is Chief Executive Officer of Level 3 Communications, the first international communications company to fully leverage the power of Internet technology, a distinction for which the company was honored as a Computerworld Smithsonian Laureate and inducted into the Smithsonian Institution’s permanent collection. Having assumed the leadership of Level 3’s predecessor, a diverse group of companies and holdings in 1997, Mr. Crowe reshaped it into a single company with a core focus on communications and information services. Prior to assuming the leadership of Level 3, Mr. Crowe served as Chairman of WorldCom, following that company’s merger with MFS Communications Company in 1996. Prior to that, Mr. Crowe was Chairman and CEO of MFS, a company he founded and took public in 1993. At the time of its $14.3 billion merger with WorldCom, MFS was the largest competitive local carrier in the U.S. and Europe. Mr. Crowe is Chairman of the National Telecommunications Security Advisory Committee, a group of chief executives of telecommunications companies which advises the President concerning matters of national telecommunications security. Mr. Crowe was previously Chairman of the Network Reliability and Interoperability Council, a panel of industry executives that advised the Federal Communications Commission on issues concerning the reliability of the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure. Mr. Crowe was also elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Jeff Storey, President and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Storey is President and Chief Operating Office of Level3, with global responsibility for all aspects of Level 3’s sales, marketing, customer and network operations, IT and business process engineering spanning 3 regions – North America, Latin America and EMEA. He is also currently acting head of North America. Before assuming his role of President and COO in 2008, Mr. Storey served as president of Leucadia Telecommunications Group. Prior to that position, Storey spent 5 years with WilTel Communications and its predecessor entities and was president and chief executive officer of WilTel Communications from 2002 until its sale to Level 3 in December 2005. From 1994 until 1999, he worked at Cox Communications in various executive positions. Storey began his career in telecommunications in 1983 with Southwestern Bell Telephone, where he held various engineering and operations positions. Charles Miller, Vice Chairman Mr. Miller is Vice Chairman of Level 3 Communications, where he is responsible for several functions including strategy and corporate development. He joined Level 3 in 2000 and currently is a member of the Level 3 Board of Directors. In April 2003, he assumed the role of chairman for the Information Services Group of Level 3. In this role, he oversaw the operations of (i)Structure until its sale in 2005 and Software Spectrum until its sale in 2006. Mr. Miller was president of BellSouth International from 1995 to 2000. He joined BellSouth in 1987, and was named vice president Corporate Development in 1990, and subsequently vice president Strategic Planning and Development of BellSouth Corporation in 1993. Sunit Patel, Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer Mr. Patel is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Level 3 Communications. He joined the company in 2003 and was named CFO in May of that year. Mr. Patel was formerly CFO and a co-founder of Looking Glass Networks Inc., a facilities-based provider of metropolitan telecommunication transport services. Prior to co-founding Looking Glass, Mr. Patel was treasurer of MCI WorldCom from 1997 to 2000. From 1994 to 1997, he was treasurer of MFS Communications, Inc., a competitive local exchange carrier acquired by WorldCom. Andrew Crouch, President of North America Sales Mr. Crouch is President of North American Sales for Level 3. He joined Level 3 in 2001 as Senior Vice President of the Cable and ISP Channel group and has since held a variety of positions within sales and product management. He also served in the position of Group Vice President, Sales, for Wholesale Markets and President of Wholesale Markets for Level 3 Communications. Prior to joining Level 3, Mr. Crouch served as the Deputy General Manager within the Corporate Clients Division at British Telecom. He also served as the Vice President of Commercial Operations with Concert Communications, a joint venture between British Telecom and AT&T. James Heard, Regional President EMEA Mr. Heard is Regional President of EMEA for Level 3 Communications, responsible for overseeing all EMEA operations and leading employees in the region. Prior to joining Level 3, Mr. Heard worked for BT, where he spent ten years in a number of senior management roles. These included two years at Concert as vice president for Commercial Operations and heading up Sales and Service for a number of vertical lines of business. Immediately before joining Level 3, Mr. Heard was responsible for one of BT¹s largest customers and part of the senior management team responsible for the transformation of BT Global Services. Prior to BT, James spent ten years within the IT industry, holding positions at Rank Xerox, Memorex-Telex, and Olivetti. Mr. Heard earned a post graduate Masters degree in International Management at McGill university in Montreal. Hector Alonso, Regional President of Latin America Hector Alonso is Regional President of Latin American markets for Level 3, responsible for overall business goals, including sales, marketing and operations in region, and for supporting the needs of enterprise, government and carrier customers. Previously, Mr. Alonso was managing director for Global Crossing's Latin American region where he was responsible for overseeing the strategy, business goals and operations in the region. Mr. Alonso was named managing director for Global Crossing in May 2007 after Global Crossing's acquisition of Impsat Fiber Networks where he served as chief financial officer. Prior to becoming chief financial officer, Mr. Alonso served as chief operating officer for Impsat in Latin America and the U.S., and as president of its Colombian operations. Prior to his tenure at Impsat, Mr. Alonso was managing director of Lime S.A., a waste management company in Colombia, and held other key positions in the Pescarmona group of companies. Mr. Alonso holds a master’s degree in international business from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires. He is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  15. Because your business extends to global locations, Level 3 is focused on solving the business challenge of connecting global locations while providing the performance necessary to deliver simplicity and value. Our portfolio of data, voice, video and managed services includes media and content delivery networks, transport, business Internet and voice services. Each solution offers industry-leading performance and scalability across our end-to-end IP network. Plus, we match these global assets with local, dedicated teams offering multicultural service and strategic support. It ’s the ideal mix of global presence and local focus. And it’s the solution to your network communication challenges. Wherever you are connecting employees, partners or customers across the globe, the Level 3 network provides a scalable, flexible network platform for continued growth with reach to more than 45 countries and 450 markets.
  16. Level 3 history spans more than 13 years of service to business, content, wholesale and government customers. Through the years, our commitment to our customer ’s success has guided our investment and acquisitions with the goal of providing premier telecommunication services to businesses. Level 3 was originally founded in 1985 as Kiewit Diversified Group Inc. (KDG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc. (PKS). Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc. is a 114-year-old construction, mining, information services and communications company headquartered in Omaha, Neb. KDG was originally created to hold PKS' non-construction business assets. In early 1998, KDG announced it was changing its name to Level 3 Communications, Inc., after substantially increasing the emphasis it placed on and the resources devoted to its communications and information services business. The company built the world's first continuously upgradeable network fully optimized for internet protocol (IP). Over the next few years, explosive demand for bandwidth fueled growth in sales. In addition to ongoing construction, the company expanded its assets with strategic acquisition of companies that expanded its relevance in the enterprise market. (Through the mid 2000s, Level 3 acquired Genuity, WilTel, Progress Telecom, ICG, TeleCove and Looking Glass Networks. In 2007, Level 3 acquired Broadwing, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) services business of SAVVIS, Inc. and Servecast.) With the acquisition of Global Crossing, Level 3 Communications has grown to more than annual revenue of $6.3B with more than 10,000 employees dedicated to our customer ’s success. We are committed to increasing our revenue to support the needs of business leveraging a reliable, secure IP-based network that fully supports the seamless migration to next-generation technology and a commitment to providing a superior service experience.