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M-commerce [OpsWay]

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OpsWay - eCommerce Ecosystem Experts Services [M-commerce]

We are a team of website and app development experts working with eCommerce businesses for 5+ years.

We help eCommerce companies with:

Store migration (to Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, custom stores)

Magento development
Magento audit and optimization
24/7 Magento support

Shopify store development
Shopify app development

Mobile optimization
App development (React Native, Progressive Web Apps)

Custom store development
Marketplace development

More information: opsway.com

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M-commerce [OpsWay]

  1. 1. M-COMMERCE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT eCommerce Ecosystem Experts
  2. 2. ABOUT US OpsWay is a team of eCommerce ecosystem experts, who will: Choose the best platform for you Design and develop eCommerce website and app Provide recommendations on marketing and PR start@opsway.com opsway.com
  3. 3. start@opsway.com opsway.com WHY OPSWAY? 15 100+ 60+ Clients from 15 countries eCommerce projects conducted Software engineers
  4. 4. start@opsway.com opsway.com OUR CLIENTS
  5. 5. start@opsway.com opsway.com OUR CLIENTS SPEAK Sergey and his team at Opsway have been our excellent partners in creating, managing & main- taining our AWS infrastructure. Anh-Tuan Truong ECommerce Partners Our e-store is being maintained with the Opsway team. Why? 24*7 live support at any time zone, personal account manager, fixed price with no hidden overrates, individual approach. Definitely will keep on working with them. Konstantinos Sotiropoulos Togas Group
  6. 6. start@opsway.com opsway.com OUR CLIENTS SPEAK We have been working with OpsWay for almost a year, and we are fully satisfied with our choice. Would recommend OpsWay if you need dedicated developers at a reasonable price who will be cooperative and professional. Daniel Calatayud Bloombees It is the first time for me to outsource all our IT needs. It is a very positive experience for us. All IT questions are handled by professionals. We don’t have to worry about servers, backup, and fault tolerance because Opsway does everything well. Yevgeny Sokolnikov boodmo.com
  8. 8. start@opsway.com opsway.com M-COMMERCE SERVICES DEVELOP Analyse your business need Project architecture and infrastructure TEST & LAUNCH Fix any issues & eliminate bugs Proper project launch DESIGN Create elegant design Complete mobile responsiveness
  9. 9. Begin the implementation of your eCommerce solution with its mobile version MOBILE-FIRST E-COMMERCE WEBSITES start@opsway.com opsway.com Choosing a mobile-first eCommerce development will give you: • Omnichannel customer experience • Complete mobile-friendliness • Elegant design with no excessive elements
  10. 10. Employment of our M-Commerce services means your eCommerce success just a few touchscreen taps away M-COMMERCE PLATFORMS start@opsway.com opsway.com We can help you build a mobile solution that is: • Time-efficient • Cost-efficient • Fast & convenient anywhere, anytime
  11. 11. Provide your web-store with the smoothest and most rapid performance possible RESPONSIVE «TUNING» FOR E-COMMERCE start@opsway.com opsway.com What we will do to help you show that you really care about your customer base: • Audit your store • Fix any issues & eliminate bugs or flaws in code • Make your store more mobile-friendly
  12. 12. Extend the customer base with progressive web apps that can be accessed universally from any browser PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS start@opsway.com opsway.com If you choose a progressive web app option, we guarantee to develop a solution which is: • Cost-saving (single operating system) • Updated-on-use (no need to update it manually every time) • Low on data (PWAs can take up as little as 500KB of space)
  13. 13. Get multi-platform applications for iOS, Android, and web in just 2-3 weeks with React Native REACT NATIVE APPLICATION start@opsway.com opsway.com The benefits of React Native apps include: • Less time in development • Better user experience • Quick prototyping • Hardware integration
  14. 14. CONTACT US! Julia Baklan +380 976 695 646 yubak@opsway.com skype: julie1990303 eCommerce Success Expert at OPSWAY start@opsway.com opsway.com