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OpManager it workflow automation for dummies

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OpManager's powerful IT workflow automation tool helps you to automate first level network fault troubleshooting steps and repetitive laborious maintenance tasks with ease

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OpManager it workflow automation for dummies

  1. 1. What is IT Workflow Automation?Dictionary defines workflow automation as…“as the technique, method, or system of operating orcontrolling a process by highly automatic means,reducing human intervention to a minimum.”In IT’s context:“Managing an IT process through a series ofautomated steps is Workflow Automation”
  2. 2. Why do you need it?IT admins spend most of their time performing…• Troubleshooting steps to find out the root cause• A repetitive network maintenance tasks.While some of the above tasks can be performed only by a “real”person. Most are routine and repetitive, needing zero humanintervention. Thus can be handled efficiently through automation.Automation in its simplest form is the logical answer for increasedefficiency and productivity.
  3. 3. What IT Workflow Automation can do for you?Automated workflow system reduces cost, streamlinesprocesses, increases efficiency ,resulting in better processmanagement and tracking. Resources can be used moreoptimally to focus on business priorities.
  4. 4. What IT Workflow Automation doesn’t do?IT Workflow Automation DOES NOT replacepeople, instead it helps you use your resourcesmore efficiently.
  5. 5. How it is done today?Large Scale Enterprises invest largely in luxuriousautomation tools involving multiple resources.Similarly Small & Medium level businesses make useof cheap yet complex scripts for automation. Admins who usethese complex scripts to automate IT tasks get FRUSTRATEDwhen they have to amend these scripts to suit their needs.So what’s the best solution for them ??
  6. 6. The SolutionIT is not a luxury anymore…!ManageEngine OpManager, your one-stop console for complete ITinfrastructure management.ManageEngine OpManager brings an efficient and effective ITautomation tool for large enterprises & SMBs at an affordable price.
  7. 7. Introducing OpManager with Workflow Automation• Code-free IT workflow automation with out-of-the-box checks and actions.• Initiate IT workflow on network faults or on a routine basis• An agile and flexible drag-n-drop workflow builder with automatic script construction ability in the background for you.• Record the IT workflow procedures as an XML and ensure structured practices across IT
  8. 8. Workflow process involved in network fault management OpManager Network performance Detects Fault management S/WSMS Alert Alarm/Incident Initiates Workflow generated 1ST LEVEL troubleshooting steps or FaultEmail Alert remediation steps performed with Performs the necessary A complete workflow log the help of over checks/ actions as is maintained for 70 out-of-the-box orchestrated by the auditing and reporting checks/ actions administrator purposes
  9. 9. Workflow process involved in scheduling maintenance task Schedule task on Initiates Workflow daily/weekly/monthly basis Automaterepetitive and laborious IT tasks on scheduled basis Performs the necessary A complete workflow log is checks/ actions as orchestrated maintained for auditing and by the administrator reporting purposes
  10. 10. OpManager IT Workflow Automation – Snapshots
  11. 11. Benefits of OpManager IT workflow automation• Resolve issues faster and reduces MTTR• Automate repeated activity executions for efficient IT management• Avoid human errors and substantially reducing operational costs• Ensures structured/ proven methods to handle incidents and problems
  12. 12. Thank YouFor more information Visit