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IT Solutions Provider in Kosovo uses Bandwidth monitoring, NetFlow Analyzer

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Kosovo’s leading IT solutions provider monitors 5,000 interfaces with NetFlow Analyzer.

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IT Solutions Provider in Kosovo uses Bandwidth monitoring, NetFlow Analyzer

  1. 1. Kosovo’s leading IT solutions provider monitors 5,000 interfaces with NetFlow Analyzer.
  2. 2. Leading ICT services and solutions provider. Located in Kosovo with two branch offices. Using NetFlow Analyzer since 2012.
  3. 3. 200 mbps 2 branches 500 employees 5,000 interfaces Network infrastructure
  4. 4. 200 mbps 2 branches 500 employees 5,000 interfaces Problems faced by network admin team Disconnectivity while accessing business applications Unable to measure bandwidth utilization Unable to trace attacks path Slow internet speed in branch offices Difficult to measure QoS policies Network admin
  5. 5. Looking for network visibility in 2 branches with around 5,000 interfaces for routers & switches. Company’s need
  6. 6. Why NetFlow Analyzer Lowers bandwidth costs • Helps to keep control on bandwidth usage & shape QoS policies. Improves quality of service • Provides greater visibility to resolve connectivity issues. Reduces MTTR • Helps to diagnose and resolve network issues faster. Maintains network’s security • Helps to monitor network behavior for anomalies or attacks. Saves monitoring time • Helps to reduce monitoring time with single point of monitoring for all branches. Assesses future needs • Helps to assess long-term usage trends of network devices.
  7. 7. How did we reduce bandwidth cost by at least 25%. Real-case scenario Network team were facing real challenge when the employees started complaining about slow internet connection & difficulty in accessing mails, voice calls & business applications. In order to maintain the growing need of bandwidth, they ended up buying bigger pipelines and more bandwidth cost. Challenge: Solution: “When we got introduced to NetFlow Analyzer, we started to capture flows and analyze it. Initially, the issue was unknown to us. But when we analyzed 3 days of data, we were able to trace the actual traffic patterns. The problem lied with two applications which were consuming the entire bandwidth during peak business hours. Antivirus updates & MS SQL replication were consuming most of the bandwidth & hence we scheduled them during odd business hours. This saved bandwidth cost by 25% to the company. NetFlow Analyzer helps us to keep track of bandwidth usage for each apps, devices & IP addresses. And, we were able to revert back to previous connection lines for bandwidth & also maintain a healthy network for delivery of services.”
  8. 8. Benefits seen with NetFlow Analyzer
  9. 9. Easy to check for the top bandwidth users of network. Top application, Top conversation, Top QoS & Top protocol
  10. 10. Locate bandwidth spikes faster with real-time graphs.
  11. 11. Improve performance of business critical apps & prioritize them.
  12. 12. Monitor exact traffic by mapping unlisted applications.
  13. 13. Visualize link utilization in real-time with network maps.
  14. 14. Understand bandwidth consumption in detail with conversation page. Know about IP, application, DSCP & protocols.
  15. 15. Never miss an alert about issues with email/SMS notification.
  16. 16. Control excess bandwidth with QoS & shaping techniques.
  17. 17. Secure network from threats and anomalies.
  18. 18. Make future bandwidth decisions with growth reports.
  19. 19. Reduce repetitive tasks with schedule reports.
  20. 20. Analyze traffic issues with network traffic forensics.
  21. 21. “Since we implemented NetFlow Analyzer, issues were resolved faster & we saved a lot on bandwidth cost.” Network admin
  22. 22. Thank you! Visit www.netflowanalyzer.com piyushree.n@zohocorp.com