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Participatory Panopticon - Crown Core Course 2013

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Talk delivered to the Crown College, UC Santa Cruz, first year course on ethics and technology.

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Participatory Panopticon - Crown Core Course 2013

  1. 1. the participatory panopticon Jamais Cascio October 21, 2013
  2. 2. privacy & secrecy
  4. 4. panoptico n
  5. 5. how many cameras are in the room right now?
  6. 6. Panopticon Society Watched by the Government. Watched by Companies. Watched by Each Other.
  7. 7. surveillanc e
  8. 8. sousveillan ce
  9. 9. Compilation created by Andy Baio, Waxy.org
  10. 10. transpare ncy
  11. 11. Now we’re entering a new era when the village seems about to return. With our senses and memories enhanced prodigiously by new prostheses, suddenly we can “know” the reputations of millions, soon to be billions, of fellow Earth citizens. A tap of your VR eyeglasses will identify any person, along with profiles and alerts, almost as if you had been gossiping about him and her for years. It’s seriously scary prospect and one that is utterly unavoidable. The cities we grew up in were semi-anonymous only because they were primitive. The village is returning. And with it serious, lifelong worry about that state of our reputations. Kids who do not know this are playing with fire. They had better hope that the village will be a nice one. A village that shrugs a lot, and forgives. — David Brin, 2007
  12. 12. looking ahead
  13. 13. Jamais Cascio @cascio openthefuture.com the participatory panopticon October 21, 2013