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Optimize Your Digital Storefront

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The average website redesign takes 5 months to go live, and can cost as much as $50,000. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s successful. Radical changes can shock your regular visitors, and poor planning can lead to even poorer experiences. Digital leaders are turning to optimization help them execute major redesigns correctly- see the top 5 tips to reducing conversion friction during a site re-design.

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Optimize Your Digital Storefront

  1. 1. Website redesigns are risky business. Get it wrong, and you could lose your most loyal customers – and conversions could take a dramatic nose dive.
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  5. 5. Optimize Your Digital Storefront: 5 Tips to Reduce Conversion friction during a Site Redesign ​Watch the webinar now, and you will learn: 1. Why many website redesigns fail 2. How using optimization and data boosts chances of success 3. Tactics to keep loyal customers and improve conversions during a major redesign Watch the Webinar