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Microservices Manchester: Lightning Talk - The Hidden Cost of Technology By Jean-Marie Ferdegue

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Jean-Marie Ferdegue's slides from his 10-minute talk at Microservices Manchester on 'The Hidden Cost of Technology.'

Jean-Marie Ferdegue is the Co-Founder of Keep It Running.

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Microservices Manchester: Lightning Talk - The Hidden Cost of Technology By Jean-Marie Ferdegue

  1. 1. The Hidden Cost of Technology Jean-Marie Ferdègue, Keep It Running co-founder
  2. 2. New tech is great • New technology is great • Tools solve new problems; Kafka, Docker • And change the way we work; continuous deployments, remote working, cross functional teams • To deliver more value; rapid iteration, global businesses
  3. 3. BUT
  4. 4. MicroServices • Tech Independence… • Fragmentation of tech. Runtimes are abstracted by containers but middleware such as RabbitMQ, Kafka, Spark are not • For every new tech that appears, there’s an outdated tech that teams wouldn’t use anymore, but still exist in production • Polyglot persistence. Postgres, Cassandra, Neo4J.
  5. 5. The search of the Unicorn Ops • Polyglot • 24/7 • Happy to maintain & improve rather than greenfield innovation • cost effective • stable in his career
  6. 6. Pace of change • Business expects more from technology than before • … but has understood the need to invest • As a consequence technical efforts are growing • … creating a potential cost on the culture
  7. 7. New roles of technology • CIO is now business leader, not tech-only • Responsibilities; drive innovation and keep lights one • Business prioritises innovation and sees lights-on as a given • Both objectives compete on the same resources… • … making the ability to keep the lights on a competitive advantage
  8. 8. Open Source • Subject to the same feature-first and crowd pleasing biases than other products • … potentially at the expense of scalability, monitoring, backup
  9. 9. What does the future hold? • As more companies embrace micro services principles… • … the way they run their ops will separate them from competitors • … or maybe not run Ops themselves
  10. 10. The 4 hidden costs of new technology • People • Culture • Innovate AND Keep It Running • OpenSource support model