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OBF Academy - New framework alignment hub for your badges

Don Presant from CanCred Factory introduces an exciting new way to align your badges to open frameworks on CanCred Factory and Open Badge Factory, similar to how you can align badges to ESCO today.

CanCred.ca has partnered with Open Badge Factory and Ibbaka Talent to develop an integrated solution for alignment to a shared framework hub that can house a wide variety of frameworks.

These open access customizable frameworks can be for technical or human skills or for other important subjects, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Open frameworks are offered under a Creative Commons model so that everyone can use and evolve them at no charge. Proprietary frameworks will also be available for paid use for organisations that need them.

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OBF Academy - New framework alignment hub for your badges

  1. 1. Shared Frameworks March 2021 @CanCredCA Powered by In partnership with
  2. 2. CanCred – a flexible ecosystem for the Canadian context Displayer API Subscriptions for issuer organisations Badges Free for individuals PLATFORM INTEGRATIONS LTI Platforms MANUAL METHODS BADGE APPLICATIONS Pages Pages Profile Badges Badges Badges EDUCATORS EMPLOYERS ASSOCIATIONS
  3. 3. CanCred – a flexible ecosystem for the Canadian context Displayer API Subscriptions for issuer organisations Badges Free for individuals PLATFORM INTEGRATIONS LTI Platforms MANUAL METHODS BADGE APPLICATIONS EDUCATORS EMPLOYERS ASSOCIATIONS Pages Pages Profile Badges Badges Badges
  4. 4. adapted from Strada Institute – Robot Ready Horizontal “transversal” skills Vertical “specialty” skills T → T → T: Human skills for a 100-year work life
  5. 5. HOLISTIC VIEW OF THE “T” HUMAN SKILLS SPECIALTY SKILLS Engaged, effective workers & citizens Digital fluency Behavioural Social Knowledge Application Context transfer
  6. 6. Skills and Alignment in Open Badges: Ontario Use Case algonquincollege.com/ees/ ON Essential Employability Skills 1. Communication Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Presenting, Visual literacy 2. Numeracy Understanding and applying mathematical concepts and reasoning; Analyzing and using numerical data; Conceptualizing 3. Critical thinking & problem solving Analysing, Synthesising, Evaluating, Decision making, Creative and innovative thinking 4. Information management Gathering and managing information; Selecting and using appropriate tools and technology for a task or a project; Computer literacy; Internet skills 5. Interpersonal Team work, Relationship management, Conflict resolution, Leadership, Networking 6. Personal Managing self; Managing change and being flexible and adaptable; Engaging in reflective practices; Demonstrating personal responsibility tcu.gov.on.ca
  7. 7. Internal (manual) alignment
  8. 8. External alignment – Current ESCO Integration ESCO: European Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations ec.europa.eu/esco
  9. 9. Powered by API Shared Alignment Hub Shared Alignment Proof of Concept (Skills Catalyst) API external open frameworks ENTREPRENEURSHIP LANGUAGE ICT JOB BOARDS HRIS ATS LMS other platforms future phases CanCred Factory e.g. ADVANCED MANUFACTURING INNOVATION ...more CC-BY
  10. 10.  Ontario’s Essential Employability Skills via Ibbaka Talent
  11. 11. Other alignments: Shopify’s Remote Working skills
  12. 12. Remix: Ontario EES + Shopify’s Remote Working skills
  13. 13. Beyond skills: UN SDGs
  14. 14. Preview: Alignments in the credential Skills Goals Standards Domains Geographies
  16. 16. Beyond: Ibbaka ‘s remixable Open Competency Models
  17. 17. Beyond: Competency Models - Skill Profiles - Badges
  18. 18. Beyond: Competency Models - Skill Profiles - Badges Badges are CREDENTIALS Badges connect to LEARNING RESOURCES Badges appear on PROFILES Badges connect to SKILLS
  19. 19. Beyond: Approaches to assessment and validation Self Assessment Peer Assessment Expert Assessment Manager Assessment Assessment by Evidence Post facto Endorsement External Certification Examination (testing) Post facto Evidence Post facto Alignment?
  20. 20. next steps  Develop the MVP in community  UI/UX for read/write  Populate with more cc-by frameworks  Develop governance  Develop partnerships and innovation roadmap  Rebrand and Move Ibbaka Talent to a production server  Complete Factory test server integration  Deploy on OBF, CanCred Factory  Minor improvements
  21. 21. Open Frameworks to add? Competency Models & Frameworks SKILLS, STANDARDS Smaller chunks of ESCO? EQF/ISCED levels? DigComp? EntreComp? CEFR? 21C frameworks? aacu value rubrics Accessibility (idrc suggested) https://www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/skills-framework? Build your own from scratch/remix (Yours here..) Other frameworks Goals, themes, domains… (UN SDGs) ISCED Domains? (Canada: TRC “Calls to Action”?) (Yours here..) Build your own from scratch/remix
  22. 22. steven@ibbaka.com don@learningagents.ca