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OBF Academy - Introducing Pro service level

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Eric Rousselle, OBF’s CEO, will present our newest service level called Pro and all of it’s great features! This is a good chance to see how we’ve been developing Open Badge Factory, what is possible with our platform and who would benefit from the Pro level.

Pro service level has multiple totally new features available such as advanced badge application reviewing and management tools, report builder, branding available for sub-organisations, advanced branding for main organisation (CSS) and much, much more!

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OBF Academy - Introducing Pro service level

  1. 1. PRO LEVEL in a nutshell Eric Rousselle 26.2.2019
  2. 2. Why PRO?
  3. 3. PRO level keywords: • Networking (sub-organisations) • Management • Reporting • Integrations (OBP, LTI, ESCO)
  4. 4. “Internal” network with branded sub-organisations
  5. 5. New management features
  6. 6. Badges issuer and creator permissions
  7. 7. Badge applications review and edit permissions
  8. 8. Badge applications more efficient reviewing and management
  9. 9. Reports powerful report builder
  10. 10. Learning Tool Interoperability OBF integration With LTI compliant LMS
  11. 11. What LTI integration allows? • OBF features can be used in LTI compliant systems (SSO) • Badge applications can be placed in a course page block • Badge applications can be reviewed by teachers from their LMS • Badges can be issued manually or automatically after course completion (Canvas, D2L) • Teachers can access OBF reports from their LMS
  12. 12. What next?
  13. 13. Thank you! eric.rousselle@obfsolutions.com @eric_rousselle