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IncPot: Social Media Analytical Center

Future of advertising is in utilizing the Mechanics & Dynamics of the online conversations in order to create buzz, attention and interest on arena where we are not interrupting conversations but contagiously igniting them.
We constantly help brands to turn social media into strategic insights and help them develop operational intelligence and situational awareness.

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IncPot: Social Media Analytical Center

  1. 1. Social Media Analytical Centre
  2. 2. We give Meaning to theconversations and Enhancethem With meaningful Insights
  3. 3. We Bridge the Gap Between Brands and Customers.Through our engagement consolewe let you connect and talk to theCustomers thereby improvingDialogue & Participation
  4. 4. We Measure & Compare the Performance Our Account Analytics lets you measure the performance of your Facebook, Twitter profile and Google analytics at one place. It also allows you to compare Your performance against your Competitor.
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  6. 6. Conversation Sentiments Gender Most of the conversations are positive or 71% of people neutral. who are talking Nothing negative to/about you are has been tracked. males. Age Break-up Maximum people talking to/about you fall under age bracket of 26-35 years.
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  8. 8. IncPot for the Competitive edgeCompetitiveAnalysis IncPot gives an easy comparison of brands and their online reputation
  9. 9. For more Information:Contact sneh@webenza.com