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Email Marketing

Nowadays, Email Marketing is the most widely used digital marketing strategy for most of the businesses.
Email is a great communication platform for sharing and spreading your blog for business
Through Email Marketing your business will see many benefits, one of the most important is increased awareness about your business.
Check this detailed guide on Digital Marketing strategies via Emails:

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Email Marketing

  1. 1. www.omnepresent.com
  2. 2. www.omnepresent.com ● The main digital marketing strategy is email marketing for most of businesses ● Email is a great communication platform for sharing and spreading your blog for business ● You can also use emails to build communities around your business cause Email
  3. 3. www.omnepresent.com Email Marketing ● You can’t say one thing is better than another in email marketing ● You can do split testing to check which is the perfect email format to your business for better results ● Split testing is a method of conducting controlled, randomized experiments with the goal of improving a email
  4. 4. www.omnepresent.com Email Marketing Experiments ● Everyone's audiences are so different,so thrown out a "perfect" email is pretty much impossible ● But there are certain kinds of email tests to tell you what the perfect email is for your business ● These tests you could run that might give you some really impactful results
  5. 5. www.omnepresent.com Email tests : ● Layout and Design Test ● Timing and Frequency Test ● Dynamic Content Test ● Call-to-Action Test ● Sender Test ● Copy Test
  6. 6. www.omnepresent.com Layout Design Test ● Always send plain text emails, because recipients preferred seeing a plain text email ● Marketers can include images in their emails according to their readers ● Marketers can test the placement of those images, like right, left, centered aligned image or maybe no image at all ! ● B2B marketers -- also choose to include a headshot in their email signatures ● With template layouts and designs might perform better than others
  7. 7. www.omnepresent.com Timing and Frequency Test ● Figure out which day delivers the best open and clickthrough rates for your email sends ● Similarly, figure out the time of the day to deliver your email ● By combining both pieces(day & time) information, you'll have a awesome time to send your emails
  8. 8. www.omnepresent.com Dynamic Content Test ● Including a recipient's first name in the subject line has a positive effect on open rates ● Marketers can test name personalization in the body content of their email ● For B2B marketer recipients would like to see their organization's name in the subject line of an email ● You can use social media information to send social media specific emails to prospects
  9. 9. www.omnepresent.com Call-to-Action Test ● You can test better conversion rates from image CTAs or from text CTAs for better results ● Marketers can test whether their text CTA gets the most conversions when it's included in the body copy of their email ● Your conversion rates can be improve if you include elements of social proof in your emails ● For each segment of your email list test different types of offers to see which performs best
  10. 10. www.omnepresent.com Sender Test ● The name that appears in the email "From" field can have a huge impact on whether your email even gets opened ● Marketer can test whether it's best to send from your company's name, the name of an actual person at your business, or a combination of both ● You might check whether the email address from which you send your email needs to change
  11. 11. www.omnepresent.com Copy Tests ● The copy of your email can take a lot of different tones like familiar or professional you can test which suits most with your audience ● Marketers can test whether they need to include more detail in their email copy or not ● Email marketers have to test different elements of their email subject line copy to see what gets recipient’s attention
  12. 12. www.omnepresent.com Conclusion ● Through Email Marketing your business will see benefits like increased awareness about your business ● You can’t say one thing is better than another in email marketing but you can choose perfect email format
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