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  1. Understanding Markets and Go-To-Market Strategy - A workshop This report is solely for the use of Zinnov client and Zinnov personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Zinnov Subex - Zinnov
  2. Understanding of the target market and effective go-to-market strategy is essential for a successful product business (1/2) 2 3 4 7 6 5 8 1 Is the idea scalable? Is my team ready? Which technology? Who will fund? Solves customer problems? How to compete? Can I make $100 million? Which Market? Understanding the Target Market
  3. Understanding of the target market and effective go-to-market strategy is essential for a successful product business (2/2) Do we have a winning value proposition? Go-To-Market Strategy Who will buy our product ? How do we sell ? Do I have the right product or solution? What branding initiatives do we need to take? What mix of channels and partners will help me reach and sell to the most customers at the lowest possible cost? 1 2 3 4 5
  4. We will take you through a 6-step process to help you better understand the process involved in market understanding and in defining GTM 1 strategy Identify/validate market opportunity 1 Framework Monitor competitive landscape Hire great people Note: 1 Go-To-Market Understand customer insights/segmentation 2 Define business model and pricing models 3 Define messaging and branding strategy 4 Identify partnerships 5 Define disciplined sales process 6
  5. A structured opportunity assessment process and intuition based on deep domain expertise will help identify the market opportunities 1 VC Investment Trends IPO Trends M&A Trends CIO Investment Trends Market Dynamics Distribution Complexity High Level of Localization Pricing Pressure Entry Barriers Cost of Sale Physical Infrastructure Ease of Availability Awareness Software Adoption Total Cost of Ownership Market Potential Current market size 15% Addressable Market Size 45% Profitability 40% Go Global Start Local, Go Global Strategy Start Local, Go Emerging Consumer SMB 15 per cent Customer Segments Enterprise Illustrative Revenue Model Innovations Business Model Innovations 25 per cent Market Disruptions Technology Innovations
  6. Evaluate your team’s capability and expertise to solve a customer problem in interesting opportunity areas 1 Current Capabilities Future Capabilities Domain expertise/ Skill set capabilities Ability to attract talent Founding team composition Sales and marketing capability Mentors Existing industry contacts Team Capability 1 2 3 6 5 4 Illustrative
  7. What is the next logical step ?
  8. Plot the ideas based on market opportunity and your ability to execute to select the right opportunity 1 Opportunity Area 5 Opportunity Area 4 Domain expertise/ Skill set capabilities Mentors Founding team composition Ability to attract talent Sales and marketing capability Opportunity Area 3 Opportunity Area 2 Existing industry contacts Opportunity Opportunity Area 1 Low High Ability Illustrative
  9. Customer value chain Source: Zinnov Analysis 2 Solution Delivery Current Software Product Offerings Current Practice Criticality Customer Concerns Low High Criticality
  10. Go To Market Strategy GTM Marketing Strategy Channel Strategy Partnerships Sales Strategy
  11. We are now clear about what message needs to be communicated to target customers ? What next ?
  12. Branding to the targeted customer with limited budget is one of the biggest constraints faced by the start up companies Customer Profiling Identify Models to Reach Customer Map the Channels to the Customer Segment PR Strategy Branding Strategy 4
  13. Customer Profile Vs. Target Modes Conferences Cold Calls Email Marketing Online Business Heads CIO
  14. What kind of partnerships will help us brand and sell our product ?
  15. How do we structure internal sales process ?
  16. Target owners (Internal champions) should be clearly defined so each one is aware of the responsibilities Europe Owner Support Support Owner US West Coast Support Owner US East coast Support Owner Domestic Market Product Deployment Contract negotiation Engage Proposal Prospecting Lead generation Target identification Roles