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Audience for music videos

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This is an analysis of two songs (My Mistakes Were Made For You - Last Shadow Puppets and High Hopes - Kodaline) and how the music video has targeted their audience through the means of mise en scene, camera shots and mode of address.

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Audience for music videos

  1. 1. Audience How are they targeted in music videos?
  2. 2. My Mistakes Were Made For You – The Last Shadow Puppets
  3. 3. My Mistakes Were Made For You – The Last Shadow Puppets • This music video targets the audience in several ways. One of these is that the video is about someone walking away from a car crash which will keep the viewer interested as they would like to know what happened to the people. The video is in the style of the band as they are dressed in mod sort of clothing which fits both the style of the music but also fits the members style of clothing. Artistic effects that feature in this music video is slow motion, many lens flares and arcing camera movements. People may like this video as no editing is involved, this is what all the bands music videos are like. This could reflect on the band as they are traditional and easy going. There are several cases of direct mode of address as both members are seen to be singing directly into the camera. This is done to build a connection between the band and the audience which will make the band popular as people will feel like they know them. The video is a performance one but the band members are moving into different places which keeps the audience engaged as the setting is not all the same which could eventually cause boredom and repetitiveness.
  4. 4. High Hopes - Kodaline
  5. 5. High Hopes - Kodaline • This music video is all narrative and keeps the audience engaged through its interesting story line. The story is about a man who is going to commit suicide when he is stopped by a woman who has ran away from her wedding day, the man takes her away and they fall in love. The fiancé of the woman finds the two people at the beach and shoots them both; the video ends with the man in hospital and everyone feels bad for him as he lost the love of his life but before the screen cuts to black she sneaks up behind him and hugs him. This interests the viewer as they are intrigued to see what will happen. The lyrics tie in with the song as it talks about having high hopes which is what the man has with the run away bride. The story is quite common as many films are shown with a woman leaving her man on their wedding day, this video takes it one step further showing what happens afterwards and what anger the fiancé feels which is often forgotten in most things.