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Uk Tribes

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Uk Tribes

  1. 1. Olivia Kelly
  2. 2. Aspirant mainstream is made up of both Rahs and Trendies. They are an open-minded tribe, willing to socialise and interact with other tribes. They attract a large amount of young girls due to its wide ranging tastes and fashion sense, as money is not a concern, freely spending it on themselves and others. Aspirant mainstream kids indulge in big namebrands such as Topshop and American Apparel. Magazines and billboards play a large part in marketing both their music and fashion. However, social media is their main source in picking up on the newest trends andcelebrities are a huge influence on the aspirant mainstream scene – jeans, bags and make-up are must have essentials for them. Rahs are either loved or hated by other tribes, with icons such as Aspirant MainstreamPeaches Geldolf. Their often upper- class roots have been over- shadowed by the birth of cool in Emerging from slightly less upper-the past, however in recent years it classed backgrounds, Trendies is something to now brag about. are self-consciously fashionable. They have a showy fashion and Their relatively ahead-of-the-large, over-powering personalities. curve fashion is either admired They dip in and out of both the and bought by others or simply indie and urban scene within their loathed. Trendies are usually large clans. overwhelmed with money, embracing this lifestyle involves serious spending power for their well-researched taste and vintage clothing.
  3. 3. Mainstream has more recently become known for the likes of the Casuals, the Boy Racers and the Sport Junkies, as more recently, Mainstream is slowly becoming one of the less popular tribes. Rather than choosing to get along with other tribes, they are quick to judge others and criticize those who wish to stand out from the crowd, they’d rather opt for a well known sports brand instead. Probably the best ways to appeal to a MainstreamTownies differ to Casuals as they are more likely to be seen where audience is through TV, radio and the internet, for things suchother tribes may be, for instance the high street. Casuals are more your stereotypical view, such as football and drinking. Chavs are as socializing and entertainment purposes. the proudest of the lot, they enjoy their ‘tacky’ sense of fashionand their rowdy behaviour, whereas Street Rats are the less proud tribe. Although Ravers are the party-goers, their tribe has become more about the alternative scene. Boy Racers are ‘loud and proud’, they enjoy their fast cars and bass music, rather similar to the likes of the Sports Junkies. Neither are afraid to let go of the friends who ‘sell out’.
  4. 4. Trackies may appear intimidating from first glance, but their personalities tend to Youtube, be much more MySpace and friendly, laid-back Facebook are and open minded, considered they merely enjoy essential to consuming music and film with their memebers of friends. The USthe Urban tribe. scene such as its music and icons are the main interest for the Blingers, therefore if this means spending money on the biggest labels, then they will, even though they are There is usually a particular pattern; the DIY-ers who create the known to be image and the ones who buy in to the tribe like Blingers, Get Paid mocked for their Crew and Trackies. The Urban scene such as its fashion and music is materialistic usually developed into mainstream publishing and TV, but the attitude. primary members of the tribe like to get their inspiration from their environment around them, for instance in clubs and surrounding social network sites. The traditional working class is represented within the Urban tribe through the Get Paid Crew; their main driving force being money. DIY-ers are said to have more of an understanding of themselves and their culture, they tend to be more independent and original with both the music they listen to and movies they watch.
  5. 5. Alternatives tend to be rebellious, often New fashion trends conforming with their peers, yet are open- emerge usually from minded about their music interests and their outside the Alternative fashion – they are determined to be different, scene, regularly finding interested in Alternative brands such as influence from magazines Converse and Vans, also Kufiyas. Usually the and social media, however tribe is made up of both working and middle peer influence is alsoclass kids, they are passionate about music and important.often their friendship groups, tastes and general interests are largely defined online.
  6. 6. Geeks and Hipsters are classic hit-makers in the Leading Edge tribe. Theytend to be fairly grown up, it takes time and research to grow into an expert of the Leading Edge, often sharing this with the younger generation. They often see the wider picture and have an awareness of cultural influence becomes apparent with age and knowledge, particularly with specific genres of music or fashion. Leading Edge contains a small sub tribe called the Craft Kids, they are extremely influential on fashion, food, and creativity usually expressing their interests through their blogs and ideas. Making and sharing is important to them, they are keen on recycling, knitwear and art, all of which making them recognisable within the Hippy tribe. *