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Brochure solar oven

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Brochure solar oven

  1. 1. Scientific Explanation The sun radiates heat and light energy. Solar cookers work by capturing sunlight and insulating the heat inside, a bit like a hot car that has been sitting in the sun all day. The aluminium foil on the flap and walls reflects light inside the box and onto the black base. When sunlight enters the pizza box, the black base warms, as the colour black absorbs the sunlights light and heat. In contrast, the colour white reflects light and does not get as hot. You can experience this for yourself on a sunny day by walking barefoot on white concrete and then on black bitumen or by wearing different coloured shirts. The newspaper, foil and plastic sheet insulating the box are all helping to keep all the heat inside. Its better to have the newspaper scrunched up so there is a lot of air inside it. This works because air acts as a very good insulator when it is trapped. Solar energy Solar Oven Energy from the sun can be used to supply PLACE PHOTO HERE, power to a house or building. Solar panels on OTHERWISE DELETE BOX the roof collect sunlight andtransform light energy into electricity. A solar panel is made up a number Liceo De Monterrey of solar cells. Solar cells are “A PERSON WHON NEVER generally made from thin wafers of silicon. When sunlight hits a solar MADE A MISTAKE, NEVER panel, it is absorbed into the solar MADE ANYTHING” cells, where its energy creates Maria Alicia Anástas Olaya Perez -Albert Einstein electricity by shifting the electrons Daniela Portillo of the silicon. Rocio Ramirez Solar energy is used in a wide
  2. 2. Procedure1. Use the ruler and black marker to draw a square on the “INSERT PULL QUOTE pizza-box lid, leaving a 1-inch border. HERE. DELETE BOX2. With the box cutter cut through three sides of the square you just drew, leaving the line at the rest of the IF NOT IN USE.” box attached. Fold the flap back so that it stands up when the pizza-box lid is closed.3. Cover the inner part of the flap with aluminum foil to the flap, smooth out wrinkles, and cut any excess.4. Cut two square pieces of clear plastic wrap, each 1 square inch larger than the flap opening. Open the pizza-box and tape one piece of plastic to the underside of the hole so that the plastic covers it. Continuation of Scientific5. Close the lid, and tape the second plastic sheet over the top of the hole, creating a window that helps keep Explanation the suns heat in the box. Maintaining an airtight box is crucial in keeping the oven hot.

6. Glue or tape a layer of aluminum foil to the inside What is it about? bottom of your pizza box. Solar energy7. Cover the foil layer in the box with sheets of black construction paper and glue them into place. This will absorb light and generate more heat inside your oven. Subhead. Subhead. PLACE PHOTO HERE, Solar panels on the roof collect sunlight OTHERWISE DELETE BOX and transform light energy into electricity.8. place your solar oven outside in direct sunlight. Adjust Continue brochure text here. Continue the foil flap to find the best ray-reflecting angle, and use brochure text here. Continue brochure text the ruler, a stick, or a hard-plastic straw to keep the flap A solar panel is made up a number of solar here. Continue brochure text here. Continue cells. Solar cells are generally made from in place.9. You can preheat your oven by leaving it in direct brochure text here. Continue brochure text thin wafers of silicon. When sunlight hits a sunlight for 30 minutes. The boxs temperature will here. Continue brochure text here. Continue solar panel, it is absorbed into the solar reach about 200 degrees, you can reheat cooked food, brochure text here. Continue brochure text here. cells, where its energy creates electricity by melt cheese or chocolate. Continue brochure text here. Continue brochure text shifting the electrons of the silicon.10. When you decide what to cook, place iton its own in the here. Continue brochure text here. Continue center of the oven, so that it is directlyunder the plastic brochure text here. Continue brochure text here. Solar energy is used in a wide variety of wrap window. Closet he lid leaving the foil flap propped up, and check on your food every 15 to 30 minutes. applications, from a households electrical needs to providing power for watches, highway signs, and space stations. Materials -Large pizza box Insulation -Ruler -Black marker Insulation is another way of saving energy in the house so it stays warm in winter and keeps cool -Box cutter in summer. Insulators can be a variety of -Aluminum foil materials, including fibreglass, aluminium foil, -Glue styrofoam, recycled plastic, and even a puffy -Scissors down jacket. -Clear plastic wrap -Tape Company Name Here, Insulators reduce the flow of heat from oneplace -Black construction paper Otherwise Delete Box to another, and are useful in buildings. Optional: Thermal insulation is a material or -Stick or plastic Straw combination of materials that slows -Laser pointer down the rate of heat flow by