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obstetrics and gynaecology Picture test for medical students

  1. 1. OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY OSCE for medical students Dr. Okechukwu ugwu DR SUNUSI RIMI
  2. 2. A 25 year old who is currently 14 weeks pregnant, which of the following treatment options is not appropriate • A. Podophylline paint • B. Trichloroacetic acid • C. Liquid Nitrogen cryotherapy • D. Imiquimod 5% cream • E. LASER treatment
  3. 3. Associated with the picture except • A. Diabetes • B. Acromegally • C. Cushing’s syndrome • D. Conn’s Syndrome • E. Addisson disease
  4. 4. • A. linea Nigra • B. Acanthosis nigricans • C. Conn’s syndrome • D. Melasma Gravidarum • E. Cholasma
  5. 5. Causes increase myometrial contraction via • A. Activates phospholipase –C which produces IP3 • B. Release of cAMP • C. Release protein Kinase A • D. Release of cGMP • E. None of the above
  6. 6. Two major oncoprotenis associated with high risk HPV A. L1 and L2 B. P53 and P55 C. L3 and E5 D. E6 and E7 E. L5 and L6
  7. 7. BARTHOLIN GLAND ABSCESS • A. The gland is tubular and alveolar in character – T • B. The cytoplasm contains mucigen droplets with Basophilic inclusions – F • C. the duct has an epithelium covered by stratified squamous epithelium at its ORIFICE- T • D. greater vestibular gland is homologous to bulbo-urethral gland- T • E. most common site for Vulvar adenocarcinoma - T
  8. 8. Bartholin cyst • A. Bartholin gland is a rare site for transitional cell carcinoma- T • B. E. coli is the commonest cause of Bartholin gland abscess-T • C. Bartholin's glands originate from the urogenital sinus- T • D. Word” catheter is a method for treating Bartholin's cyst and abscess that helps prevent recurrence. -T • E. Innervation is from the perineal nerve- T
  9. 9. MgSO4 • A. recommended dosage for recurrent seizures may depend on maternal weight. –T • B. loss of tendon reflexes may point to toxicity. – T • C. serum levels should not be routinely checked. – T • D. it should be stopped if there is severe oliguria.- T • No role in Fetal neuroprotection before anticipated early preterm delivery. -F
  10. 10. SHOCK IN OBSTETRICS • A. systolic blood pressure falls in Class II shock. – F • B initial fluid replacement should be with 2 litres of warmed Hartmann's solution. – T • C. Concerning massive obstetric haemorrhage: hypotension may be exacerbated by an IV bolus of Oxytocin. T • D. Concerning massive obstetric haemorrhage: tachycardia suggests significant blood loss, even if the patient is normotensive.- T • E. Concerning burns in pregnancy: the percentage of the burn can be calculated according to multiples of 9. -T
  11. 11. CAESAREAN SECTION • A. caesarean section in the second stage is a safe alternative to vaginal delivery.- F • B. the assistant should use intermittent fundal pressure to aid delivery of the baby.- F • C. utero-vesical fold identifies the upper limit of the lower uterine segment.- T • D. peri-mortem Caesarean section should be delayed for 6 minutes during CPR- F • E. the aim is primarily to save the foetus- F