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Infographic: Now & Next: Future Of Engagement by MSLGROUP

Our ‘Now & Next’ report is the product of 12 months of insight-gathering in 2013 into evolutions that are pushing forward the frontiers of communications and engagement. Read the full report here: http://www.slideshare.net/mslgroup/mslgroup-now-and-next-future-of-engagement

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Infographic: Now & Next: Future Of Engagement by MSLGROUP

  1. 1. ,, g,, r FUTURE OF ENGAGEMENT For more than a year, ' 1oo+ MSLGROUP planners have i been sharing inspiring projects on an internal crowdsourcing platform, and synthesizing these community- curated insights 'nto weekl snipe‘ y Coke Zero- case studies Unlock the 007 i in You . " ' PEO '9 , NSIg4l£pEoPL PEOPLES llxlslcm 5”” PEOPl. E'S and quarterly m5.c, ,,g-- magazines. Areas Social Data of focus We have now synthesized a year's worth of insights into an annual report on the 1 Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement Behavior Change Crowdfunding 2 Inspiring people to Using game design collectively fund projects technique and the power they are passionate about of communities to and help bring them to motivate people to life. achieve challenging tasks in the real world. 3 Collaborative Social 4 Grassroots Change Innovation Movements Synthesizing community Inspiring people to act as contributions to co-create change agents in a way that innovative and their actions can be sustainable solutions aggregated or coordinated, around a shared purpose. leading to significant impact and meaningful change. Co-creation 6 communities Social Curation Synthesizing community Aggregating, organizing contributions to create and sharing content new artifacts including created by others to add books, movies, music, context, narrative and art, software, products meaning to it. and solutions. Transmedia 8 Collective Storytelling Intelligence Sharing interlocking parts Synthesizing search, of a storyworld on social and sensor data different media channels streams into insights to create an immersive about our behaviors in experience and drive relation to relevant others participation, action and to guide smarter actions. loyalty. Social Live Collaborative Experiences Consumption Blending technology, Using technology and community and location community to enable to create immersive people to share, sell, rent, experiences that blur the swap, barter and gift boundaries between spaces, products, online and offline. services and experiences. We have also identified the 5 most important patterns 5 that cut across these ten frontiers: Shared Purpose Brands as Media Platforms Inspiration from and Self- Improvement Elsewhere Organizations can Corporations need If corporations wish learn best practices to tap into both to catch up with from entrepreneurs these motivations, social networking and changemakers design purpose— startups and media and adapt them in inspired platforms organizations, they their own and programs, and must learn the skills engagement efforts. leverage networked and mindset needed ‘ technologies to to create long-term engage people. platforms. Corporations as venture GlObal Best Capitalists Practices Corporations will increasingly The platforms and programs need partner with, invest in and that point to the future of acquire innovative startups in engagement are originating not order to future-proof their only in the US, but from all engagement strategy over the world, including Europe, Asia and Latin America, with the Nordics contributing a disproportionate share of path-breaking projects. Read the full report at Slideshare or the People's Lab blog slideshare. com/ mslgroup peop| es| ab. mslgroup. com/ future-of-engagement Start a conversation on how we can help you, write to pascal. beuc| er@ms| group. com Credits Photos from p22earI, nanpalmero, grafixer, untitlism, ngmmemuda, peterhellberg, xavitalleda, jodiejaye, pochacco20, seyyed_mostafa_zamani on Flickr. Designed by MSLGROUP Creative»