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Shiny Updates, A Feature Plugin in Two Acts

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WordPress feature plugins shiny updates.

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Shiny Updates, A Feature Plugin in Two Acts

  1. 1. Shiny Updates A Feature Plugin in Two Acts
  2. 2. Shiny Updates A behind the scenes look into 4.6’s freshest feature
  3. 3. Statement of Purpose “Replace The Bleak Screen of Sadness™ with a simpler and more straight forward experience when installing, updating, and deleting plugins and themes.”
  4. 4. New Updates Available (not an actual WordPress user)
  5. 5. Update In Progress… (actual WordPress user)
  6. 6. @obenland Improving Updates
  7. 7. @obenland History • Started for WordPress 4.1. • Added in WordPress 4.2. • Continued for WordPress 4.6.
  8. 8. @obenland WordPress 4.2
  9. 9. @obenland Feature Plugins
  10. 10. @obenland Shiny Updates v2
  11. 11. @obenland Shiny Updates v2 Plugins • Install • (Bulk) Update • Delete • Bulk actions • Activate/Deactivate Themes • Install • Update • Delete • Bulk actions • Activate
  12. 12. –Jeff Chandler “I do love how fast shiny updates are. Why are they so fast compared to the old way of updating? Is it magic?”
  13. 13. –Jeff Chandler “I click the update link and within a second or two, it’s done. It’s what they call, amazeballs”
  14. 14. –Shrinivas “Plugin and theme update process looks professional with this Shiny Updates plugin.”
  15. 15. @obenland Demo!
  16. 16. @obenland WordPress 4.6 Shiny Updates
  17. 17. @obenland Get Involved • Chats: Tuesday, 19:00 GMT #feature-shinyupdates • github.com/obenland/shiny-updates • wordpress.org/plugins/shiny-updates
  18. 18. Konstantin Obenland @obenland konstantin.obenland.it
  19. 19. Questions? Automattic? Themes? WordPress.org? WordPress.com? Hooks? Actions? Filters? Getting started? PHP?CSS? Germany? Travel? Contributing? Documentation? WordCamps? Plugin Development? Languages? Translations? SVN? Core? Cain & Obenland? Default Themes? Trac? Template Tags? _s? Underscores? Themes API? Feature Plugins? Code Formatting?