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A Tropical Island Retirement - A Resource Guide

I created a research guide for my LIS course on Information Services and Resources. Since I was coming to the end of a very jam-packed semester and also was recovering from a rather brutal respiratory virus, I decided to do my project on tropical island retirement. As it happens it was not all dreams of leisure. There are a number of legal, financial and psychological considerations around retiring, whether your destination includes the tropics or not.

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A Tropical Island Retirement - A Resource Guide

  1. 1. A Tropical Island RetirementBy Noreen WhyselLIS 652 Information Services and ResourcesProfessor Brooke Watkins
  2. 2. Overview What is Retirement? Who Retires? Which Island? What to Do on Your Island? How Would You Meet People? What Are Some Benefits and Restrictions? Are You Ready to Retire?
  3. 3. What is Retirement? Various definitions of retirement may indicate differingexpectations of what retired life entails. Understanding what retirement means can help a patrondecide if they are ready and what to expect.
  4. 4. Definitions: What is Retirement?
  5. 5. Definitions: What is an Island?
  6. 6. Definitions: What is Tropical?
  7. 7. Additional Context Retirement as a Career Stage“Workers face new choices as they approach theretirement stage of their careers….[F]ew blue-collarworkers choose to stay at the job beyond the customaryretirement age of 65. Instead, an increasing number ofworkers retire and then take part-time jobs. This trendmay be caused by the early retirement incentives manyfirms offer to employees. The practice has alsocontributed to the growing number of older workers whoare employed on a part-time basis.”Source: industrial relations. (2013). In Britannica Online.
  8. 8. Additional Context Notes on Aging (human aging)“I retired from active teaching at Harvard 22 yearsago, when I was 68 years old. This was more formal thanreal…. [A]fter “retirement” the university—faculty, students, and functions—continued to require ofme about the same effort as it had previously. Much workfor somewhat less money. I thought I would have moretime for writing; retirement made little difference.”Source: Notes on Aging. (2013). In Britannica Online.
  9. 9. Who Retires? Demographics of Retired Populations Average Age at Retirement Average Income and Net Worth Marital Status Disability Status Educational Background Sources Alamanacs Statistical Abstracts
  10. 10. Who Retires? Statistical Abstract of the United States Gale General OneFile Google Search United Nations, World Health Organization Urban Institute, NYC Department for the Aging Academic Research (Scopus, ISI Web ofKnowledge, Google Scholar)
  11. 11. Demographics: Who Retires?Source: U.S. Census
  12. 12. Who Retires? Clark, D. E., Knapp, T. A., & White, N. E. (1996). Personaland location-specific characteristics and elderlyinterstate migration. Growth and Change, 27(3), 327-351.Retrieved from www.scopus.com Le Serre, D. (2008). Who is the senior consumer for thetourism industry? Amfiteatru Economic, 10(SUPPL. 2), 195-207. Retrieved from www.scopus.com Smith, K. &Toder, E. (November 2005). “Changingdemographics of the retired population,” OlderAmerican’s economic security. Washington, DC: TheUrban Institute.
  13. 13. Which Island? Where? Is the patron looking anywhere in the world or must theisland be in the United States? The United States has tropical island territories in theCaribbean, South Pacific, as well as the state of Hawaii andmany islands in southern continental States. Geographic Resources Maps Travel Guides Travelogues
  14. 14. Which Island? Frommer’s, Fodor’s, Lonely Planet Visitor Guides and Regional Newspapers Statistical Abstract of the United States USGS National Atlas Physical geography U.S. territorial acquisitions Gale General OneFile
  15. 15. Which Island? Access to services Assisted versus independent living Medical care Future needs Resources Retirement Living Information Center AssistedLivingFacilities.com Care.com State departments on aging and housing
  16. 16. What To Do? Travel Guides Local Newspapers and Visitor guides Gale Directory of Newspapers and Broadcast Media Gale InfoTrac Newsstand Newseum’sToday’s Front Pages Locally produced visitor guides and community papers
  17. 17. How to Meet People? Event listings Alumni Associations Trade Associations ALA Chapters American Library Directory
  18. 18. Benefits & Restrictions? Retirement Income Social Security Investments Medicare Retirement Expenses Housing Expenses Living Expenses Health Expenses Recreation, Entertainment
  19. 19. Benefits & Restrictions? General Resources Encyclopedia of Retirement (2003) U.S. Resources USA.gov Social Security Administration Department of Labor Banks and Financial Planning consultants International Resources EmbassyWorld.com Foreign Government Resources on the Web (U of Michigan)Source: Guide to Reference
  20. 20. Are You Ready to Retire? Emotional and Financial Preparation“…older people are increasingly being forced intoretirement before their productive years areover, causing problems in their psychologicaladaptations to old age. Retirement is not regardedunfavourably in all instances, but its economic limitationstend to further remove older people from the realm ofinfluence and raise problems in the extended use ofleisure time and housing. As a consequence, financialpreparation for retirement has become an increasedconcern for individuals and society. ”Source: old age. (2013). In Britannica Online.
  21. 21. Are You Ready to Retire? Emotional Preparation Visualization Read fiction and non-fiction books about island living Look at maps and video travelogues to plot out activities Financial Preparation Web Calculators - Cost of Living IRS Guides to Retirement and Living Abroad Legal Preparation Foreign embassies Wills
  22. 22. Thank You! Download the research guide at: http://www.whysel.com/pratt/652/tropical-island-retirement.docx Noreen Whysel nwhysel@pratt.edu @nwhysel