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Poster: Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage

Poster presentation of Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage, introducing a concept of development stages for LODLAM projects.

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Poster: Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage

  1. 1. Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage:Evolution of an Information TechnologyCultural Heritage: Description & AccessPratt SILS LIS 670 – Spring 2013Prof. Cristina PattuelliJulia Marden– Carolyn Li-MadeoJeff Edelstein – Noreen WhyselLola Galla – Alison RhonemusDeveloping DatasetsRelease one or more datasets in linkedopen format, expressed as RDF triples,that others may use.Projects: Library of Congress; Pan-Canadian Documentary HeritageNetworkLinking DataCultural heritage institutions link their datasetsto others (e.g., DBpedia, VIAF, GeoNames) toenhance discovery and reuse of their collections.Projects: Hungarian National Library;Civil War 150; Linking Lives;Bibliothèque national de FranceDocumenting Processes forReuseExplain linked open data and waysthat cultural heritage professionalscan use datasets.Projects: New York Times;Deutsche National BibliothekDeveloping User InterfacesInstitutional or collaborative projects usethe datasets to develop applications , includinginterfaces, visualizations, and augmented reality.Projects: Agora; Pan-Canadian Documentary HeritageNetwork; Amsterdam Mobile City App; Linked JazzPromoting ReuseInstitutions go beyond the creationof their own test projects, encouragingusers to develop innovative applications.Projects: Open Cultuur Data, EUScreenExpanding the Definitionof Cultural HeritageEfforts from outside the culturalheritage framework, such asgovernment agencies andinternational aid organizations,can serve to strengthen societiesand their cultural institutions.Project: Open Data for ResilienceInitiative