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Journey App: Empathy Jam 2017 Hackathon Entry

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Team presentation for Empathy Jam 2017. We created a prototype for a career planning app addressing the prompt: "How might we create tools and platforms that utilize AI for New Yorkers to learn and practice soft skills for a JOB SEARCH?" Our entry, Journey App, is a mobile website that helps job candidate select and build soft skills for their job search. My contribution was user interviews, persona development, user journey map and research synthesis.

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Journey App: Empathy Jam 2017 Hackathon Entry

  1. 1. JOURNEY APP Noreen, Kristin, Jen, Daniel, Vanessa
  2. 2. CHALLENGE How might we create tools and platforms that utilize AI for New Yorkers to learn and practice soft skills for a JOB SEARCH?
  3. 3. PERSONA
  4. 4. PROBLEM BRIEF Tom is a job seeker who wants to keep his professional hard/soft skills relevant to stay competitive in a job market that is becoming more automated. PROBLEM STATEMENT Tom needs a way to assess, collaborate, and identify needed hard/soft skills so that he can build connections with others, and leverage/improve upon existing skill sets.
  6. 6. IDEAS Input: mock interview, resume, self-assessment Output: curated list of resources to further develop skill set Analyze current skill set Interview/survey user to identify skills and goals Find opportunities to develop professional and soft skills Connect people to mentoring Provide roadmap for professional development Expand current set of soft skills and apply them to different career opportunities
  7. 7. TESTING “I would say I develop soft skills through colleagues, on-the-job training, word-of-mouth, and networking.” “AI is a great way to support training and could improve my ability to my job.” “It is easy to find information through Google, Siri, Youtube - you just need to know what to search for.” “I sometimes feel overwhelmed - like there’s not enough time.”
  8. 8. Determine a way to measure soft skills for the purpose of progress tracking Determine sources of information/resources Create prototype of key user flows Test prototype Iterate NEXT STEPS
  9. 9. THANK YOU