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Information Architecture and City Data

How are cities collecting and disseminating data? Describes plans for universal access to services, public engagement as well as partnerships with education, tech and telecommunications sectors in NYC, the NYC Open Data portal and the role of hackathons and other citizen technology engagement in developing services for citizens of NYC.

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Information Architecture and City Data

  1. Information Architecture and City Data Noreen Whysel World IA Day NYC February 11, 2013
  2. Road Map for the Digital City• Rachel Sterne, NYC Chief Digital Officer• Outlines City’s plans for – Access – Open Government – Public Engagement – Industry• Open Data Mandate, signed April 2012
  3. NYC Information Policy• Providing citizen access to data• Promoting NYC as a technology sector• Data initiatives modeled after citizen efforts and programs in other cities: – Big Apps Contest – Change By Us NYC – City Council Open Government Mandate “If we’re going to continue leading the country in innovation and transparency, we’re going to have to make sure that all New Yorkers have access to the data that drives our city.” Press Release, NYC Mayors Office
  4. Open Data Initiatives
  5. Open Data Initiatives
  6. App Contests and Hackathons
  7. BigApps Contest
  8. BigApps3.0NYC BigApps 3.0 Winner - NYC Facets: Smart Open Data Exchangehttp://nyc.pediacities.com/facets
  9. NYCityMap (2006)http://gis.nyc.gov/doitt/nycitymap/
  10. NYCityMap Public Launch• NYCity Map (2006, 2009)• Green Infrastructure• NYC Parks• RIP: Rat Information Portal• SCOUT: Street Conditions Observation Unit• SPEED: Searchable Property Environmental E- Database• Street Closures• Transportation• ZOLA: Zoning and Land Use
  11. Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder (2006)
  12. 311 Information• 14,012 Twitter followers to @311nyc• 19.7 million 311 requests per year• 16,879 iPhone App Downloads• 300 person staff• 180 languages spoken• 60,000 average daily calls• 20,000 number of New Yorkers a 311 Call Center representative speaks to every year• 276,827 largest call volume in a single day (27 Jan 2011)
  13. Notify NYC3+ Alarm Fire Electrical Road Closure - Planned Road Closure -Accident Evacuation UnplannedAccident/Emergency Ferry Disruption Senior FoundAerial Fireworks Severe ThunderstormAir Quality Flood Significant EventAircraft & Egress Gas Main Simulated ActivityAircraft Only Gas Release / Leak Simulated Fire Simulated Fire/Airport Disruption H1N1 ExplosivesAlert Cancelled HAZMAT Condition SnowAlternate Side Parking Heat StruckBeach Status Change Heat & Air Quality Structural CollapseBlasting / Demolition Hurricane SurveyBridge /Tunnel Closure Informational Termination Issuance (mostly missingBridge Closure Tornado persons)Brush Fire Mass Transit Disruption Tornado WatchCeremony / Gun Salute Notification Tropical StormChild Found Oil Spill Water MainClosure Other WeatherClosure/Citiwide Outside of NYC Winter StormCollapse Phone WNV Aerial SprayingDisruption - Other Power Outage WNV Ground SprayingEarthquake Relocation World Trade Center
  14. Social Media
  15. Historical SimulationsImage courtesy of Joel W. Grossman, PhD
  16. Combined VisualizationsImage courtesy of Joel W. Grossman, PhD