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DH Week Workshop: Pinterest as Exhibition

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Pinterest offers a unique way to display and interrelate digital assets with a wider world of interconnected materials and activity. Learn how UK-based research group, Architecture_MPS promotes its journal articles, conferences and online resources by exposing it’s relationships with other research, exhibitions, and imagery. As part of our engagement with scholarly communication AMPS provides current listings supported by additional materials relevant to both academics and discipline information professionals. Since 2014, we have used Pinterest for curating collections of images and articles on topics related to our published journal articles. The boards function as a resource guide or reference to current books, films, exhibits, conferences, lectures and competitions related to the AMPS remit.

Location: METRO, 57 East 11th Street, 4th Floor Training Room

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DH Week Workshop: Pinterest as Exhibition

  1. 1. DH Week February 10, 2016 Noreen Whysel Architecture_MPS Pinterest as Exhibition
  2. 2. Goals • Overview of Pinterest as a Platform • Example: Pinterest at Architecture_MPS • Creating a Pinterest Exhibition • Your Turn: Setting Up an Account • Final Thoughts
  3. 3. Overview of Pinterest as a Platform
  4. 4. Example: Pinterest at Architecture_MPS
  5. 5. Who Are Architecture_MPS? • a research organization led by academics, architects and information professionals • a scholarly online open-access journal of the same name published through University College London Press (ISSN 2050-9006) http://architecturemps.com/
  6. 6. Participating Institutions • University College London Press • Adelphi University, NY, US • University of Liverpool, UK • Universidad de Sevilla, Spain • Liverpool John Moores University, UK • Woodbury University, CA, US • Ravensbourne University College, UK • University of Cyprus • and others
  7. 7. Three Main Drives 1. to promote the articles and resources of AMPS 1. to promote the events and conferences hosted by AMPS 1. to add to the wider conversation on architecture and media, politics and society
  8. 8. What’s in our Digital Archive?
  9. 9. Archived Assets Journal Articles Conference Papers
  10. 10. Archived Assets cont’d Current Listings Webliography and Resource Guides
  11. 11. Archived Assets cont’d Images
  12. 12. Special Projects • #MediatedCity • #AmpsHCF • Architecture as Political Image • Google Open Gallery • Pinterest as Resource Repository
  13. 13. #MediatedCity • Conferences: – April 1-3, 2016 Bristol, UK – October 2014 Los Angeles • Publications – Book Series: Digital-Cultural Ecology and the Mid-Sized City – Journal Issues • Vol.5, no 2: Hazing Iran: Satellite Imagery, Human Rights, and City as Camp • Vol.5, no 4: Framing the Real • Vol.6, no 1: Porocity: Networking Cities for Climate Change
  14. 14. #AmpsHCF • Conferences – Dec 14-15, 2015 Seville – Apr 8-9, 2015 Liverpool – 2016 Nicosia, Cyprus Melbourne, and Bristol • Design projects • Book series • Special journal issues • Publications • Film/media/art events
  15. 15. Pinterest as Exhibition Highlighting Your Collection
  16. 16. Amps Pinterest Boards
  17. 17. Journal Issues on Pinterest (1)
  18. 18. Journal Issues on Pinterest (2)
  19. 19. Amps Conferences on Pinterest (1)
  20. 20. Amps Conferences on Pinterest (2)
  21. 21. Amps Conferences on Pinterest (3)
  22. 22. Pinterest Demo How to set up an account to showcase a collection
  23. 23. Final Thoughts Opportunities and Challenges
  24. 24. General Challenges • Striking a balance between citation and curiosity • Initiating a conversation; engaging and growing followers • Tie-in from Amps content to current events isn’t always obvious • Character limits, need to be economical • Tracking specific links, not just specific pins
  25. 25. Suggestions • Big-picture approach: use materials that will relate to AMPS content in a broader way • Paired content: external link and relevant AMPS content • Five external posts for each internal one
  26. 26. Opportunities • Engaging followers • Utilizing available resources, analytics • New platforms for engagement
  27. 27. Rewards to Our Team • Broader and growing understanding of the topics at the heart of AMPS • Learning how social media works as a tool of promotion for an organization has been valuable • Adopting the tone and eye for content fitting the mandate of AMPS has been a good learning experience • Finding something that compliments our materials nicely is a good feeling
  28. 28. Rewards to Your Archive • Broader and growing community dedicated to the topics at the heart of your archive • Broader discovery of your digital content, your events and your works • Fulfilling your mandate to preserve, promote and engage the greater public with your materials • An interested, engaged community brings good feelings to all of your archives patrons, staff and the larger world
  29. 29. Thank You! Noreen Whysel Social Media Manager Architecture_MPS nwhysel@gmail.com @nwhysel Rachel Isaac-Menard Head of Research Support Architecture_MPS ris@architecturemps.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/architecturemps Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/architecture.mps.9 Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/architecturemps