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  1. Understand what your consumers are looking for and give them a direct path to find it.
  2. Launched Facebook Page with 10,000 fans in first 48 hours
  3. They representthe brand within social networks, are immersed in the conversation trends, and participate in consumer discussions
  4. Each brand has it’s own unique voice and personality- Conversation Manager(s) maintain the brand voice at all times across platforms
  5. Conversation Manager(s) work with the brand, account teams, and fans to come up with new ideas and promote a steady cadence of new content and announcements
  6. Effective management and publishing
  7. More “control” over the conversation
  8. 1 million members of Pink Nation advocacy community (launched 2010)
  9. Over 7,000 confirmed Facebook guests for recent in-store shopping event
  10. Average over 100 Facebook interactions weekly
  11. 10 million people helped at Turbo Tax Live Community
  12. Over 1,000 customers helped on Twitter

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  1. Three team members share about a site (engagement program) which they reviewed3 x 3:00PROMPT THEM FOR:WHAT IT WASWHY THEY PICKED ITWHAT WAS BUSINESS IMPACT
  2. Three team members share about a site (engagement program) which they reviewed3 x 3:00PROMPT THEM FOR:WHAT IT WASWHY THEY PICKED ITWHAT WAS BUSINESS IMPACT
  3. With all that said.. Lets start with a simple question.. What is content?Anyone? Yes. It is all of these things.
  4. Lets keep it going.. We just saw we have lots of types of content and formats. So what channels are you planning and creating for?Anyone.. How about social, mobile, tv, Print We have witnessed a proliferation of places where consumers are interacting with brands..
  5. As if hundreds of content types and dozens of channels are not enough.. We now have to take into consideration” how people are consuming it? Last audience question.. Beyond the browser how else are people consuming content?
  6. GPS enabled devices give us yet another dimension for planning content.. And this AR image for John since I know how much he loves AR>. Seriously though. Location based content can deliver extremely high levels of relevance.
  7. So what all that leads us to is that we must develop content strategies that span across all aspects of the marketing mix.What this means for us as planners is that we should think about ways to separate content from presentation to enable content to quickly be re-purposed in other context. Think about making your content as a service that can be requested.. An API if you will
  8. With channels and devices growing at such a fast pace is makes measuring consumption difficult which makes optimization even more difficult.This means you will likley spend a lot of time grabbing data from a variety of reporting source that gets dumped into one spreadsheet for synthesis.
  9. This continually shifting landscape requires a clear strategy to align content with consumer expecations regardless of the channel or device..
  10. Ok.. So now that I have set up some of the macro level challenges. I have built a blueprint for developing a content strategy and have been testing on ACC’s PMIP campaign as we look to optimize the digital strategy. I want to emphasize the word blueprint. This is merely a sketch of how something might look. As I go thru the steps the ACC team has gone thru over the last couple of months I ask that you identify gaps or things that just simply don’t make sense and at the end we will have a disucssion..
  11. Lets start with a simple definition of what content strategy is.. Content Strategy is an actionable plan for creating, managing & optimizing content align consumer intent with business goals.. The important part of this statement is the alignment of what the consumer wants with what the business hopes to get in return..
  12. In order for the business to get predictable results they must align to they consumers goals.. Consumer intent modeling will inform all steps of a content strategy.For today’s discussion I have broken down content strategy into 4 steps. Learn: Are consumers goals and business goals aligning? Plan: Taking the insights & learning to create a blueprint for your contentCreate: Developing content that has a pupose? Is it informational, entertainment or a ultiltyOptimize: After assessing impact begin to optimize ads, content and experience..
  13. Business GoalsUnderstand Customer intentAudience AnalysisPerson modelsCustomer Segmentation modelsCustomer goal completionUser GoalsContent metricsSEO Key Word AnalysisSIte search keywordsSubtopicContent inventoryCustomer Journey MapTouchpoint auditInteraction across channelsPerformance MeasurementEstablish BaselinesApply to conversation impact modelSet Goals
  14. Now that we have learned how well we are aligning consumer intent with business goals and which content is the most valuable we can create a model that will allow us to scale across market segments. We have to formalize things likeHow will you manage your contentHow will you promote it.How will we keep the conversation goingWhats the experience you want to create
  15. Content creation ActivityWeb ContentCalls to actionSite copyEMailVideoFlashAdvertisementsPress ReleasesSocial ContentTweetsBlogpostEngagement ApsGamesFacebookDeliverable
  16. Review Key MetricsExperienceMulti Variate A/B testingKeywordsSubtopicDeliverableContent Optimization recommendations
  17. Conversation Calendars are a system to plan and manage published content across social networks, providing new opportunities for engagement and compelling word-of-mouth through interactions with your brand online
  18. Top Social Network CMS ProvidersPlatformsServices OfferedKey ApplicationBuddy MediaFacebook, TwitterFacebook Page management, Twitter management, applications build, metrics tracking, post moderation and syndicationReady to go tool for building and managing multiple Facebook Pages; sentiment tracking of comments and tweetsInvolverFacebook, Twitter & iPhone customizationFacebook Page management, Twitter contests, applications build, metrics tracking, post moderation and syndicationModeration and application management built directly into Facebook interfaceContext OptionalFacebookFacebook Page management, Twitter management, applications build, metrics tracking, post moderation and syndicationGreat team workflow: Specific keyword alerts, different levels of moderationVitrueFacebook and Twitter, YouTube in futureFacebook Page management, Twitter management, applications build, metrics tracking, post moderation and syndicationHelps build geo-targeted or special interest features into your Facebook page (e.g. have users enter their zipcode or favorite sports team to see custom content)
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