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Building GSD&M’s Digital Asset Management Solution

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Requirements for enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) are constantly evolving and demands are increasing. Learn how to scale a DAM at the enterprise level to collect, process, and distribute your assets.

Join Lisa McIntyre, Digital Asset Management Librarian for GSD&M, to learn why they replaced their legacy DAM application, and how they use the Nuxeo Platform for managing client assets and media with business processes and automation to create true results.

Watch the webinar on demand: http://www.nuxeo.com/resources/webinar-gsdm-digital-asset-management-solution/

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Building GSD&M’s Digital Asset Management Solution

  1. 1. Building GSD&M's Digital Asset Management Solution
  2. 2. Lisa McIntyre Digital Asset Management Librarian GSD&M @lisamcintyre4 Guest Speaker:
  3. 3. Agenda • The new Digital Asset Management • Use Cases for DAM • What GSD&M Built • The Platform Approach to Enterprise DAM • Resources • Q&A
  4. 4. Digital Asset Management • Digital Asset Management is the process of managing digital media/rich media through it’s lifecycle • Photos, Videos, Audio, Brochures, Catalogs, etc. • DAM Systems give us tremendous scale • Asset vs. Plain Ordinary File (POF) • Digital Assets = Files(Collections) + metadata = Intrinsic Value • Digital Assets = Intrinsic Value
  5. 5. Legacy Digital Asset Management
  6. 6. Legacy Digital Asset Management • Repository • Lifecycle Management for “rich media” • Production • Distribution • Organization • Sharing • Archive
  7. 7. New Digital Asset Management • need image so stole this one :) From Photo Library to Enterprise System Change thinking from physical world to the SW world Assets model the business concepts they represent Obvious ROI of assets Handle large media & complex types with ease Integrate & Scale to meet demands now and into the future
  8. 8. Use Cases for DAM • As We Move Beyond the Camera • Enterprise Brand Management • Video Management and Distribution Systems • Digital Asset Collection Systems • Digital Asset Distribution Systems
  9. 9. Who we represent
  10. 10. Obstacles we faced I need that file, but… • Multi-use files stored in multiple locations • Searching takes too long • File context often lost or tough to track down • Email, email, email • What version do I use
  11. 11. DAM 1.0
  12. 12. Technology changed, software slow to respond
  13. 13. Here we go again… I need that file, but… • “My java/flash is expired, the dam isn’t working. Again!” • Need something more responsive • No plugins, please • Multi-browser capabilities • Users want something like they use in their “real” lives • Re-evaluate current architecture
  14. 14. DAM 2.0 • Agile • Open source • More responsive • Timely updates
  15. 15. Build around User and IT
  16. 16. Configure to your needs
  17. 17. Still harness the power of API’s
  18. 18. What we’ve learned • Know your business • Include stakeholders from the beginning • Build around how you work • Get close to the source (for metadata) but don’t expect too much • Use the best tool for the job • Go for small wins • Your system will need to change, process is not linear
  19. 19. Platform Approach • DAM = Content Management • Start with Baseline DAM Functionality • A “Digital Asset” Models the Business • Support for Future Demands • Manage Complex Content • Relationships • Custom Metadata • Custom Workflows • Manage Across the Enterprise
  20. 20. Nuxeo Platform - Open Source Content Repository: Access Control, Rich Content Model, Audit, Query, File Storage Business Logic Data Presentation Conversion Kit Workflow Engine Authentication & Identity Management Extensible Back Office Optional add-ons, extensions, integrations, and feature sets (20+) REST API CMIS Client SDKs: Java JavaScri pt Python iOS Android WebDAV Nuxeo Drive (multi- device file sync)
  21. 21. Welcome to Deep Content CIOs need to switch from “LEGACY FIRST” to “DIGITAL FIRST” — Gartner
  22. 22. The Age of Deep Content • Drive Digital Transformation with content that is human-readable & computer ready • Enables organizations to move faster with agile workflows, rich content model, and advanced analytics • With a better collaboration model for people and computers to work together
  23. 23. More Resources Building Applications with a DAM Platform - Tech Brief www.nuxeo.com/solutions/digital-asset-management/ Download the Nuxeo Platform www.nuxeo.com/downloads/
  24. 24. Lisa McIntyre Digital Asset Management Librarian GSD&M @lisamcintyre4 Thank You! @nuxeo