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How Creatives Are Getting Creative in 2020 and Beyond

  1. How Creatives Are Getting Creative in 2020 and Beyond Alan Porter CX, Marketing, and Content Thought Leader October 2020
  2. • But is it the right experience? • Is it just good enough, or is it exceptional? • Are we leveraging rich media assets to make the experience exceptional ? Content Defines Your Experience
  3. The Reset: Post-COVID-19 Recovery Phases
  4. Content Supply Chain PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE • On sale dates • SKUs • Product options CAMPAIGNS • Seasonality • Usage rights • Product release timing MATERIAL • Suppliers • Pricing • Availability • Swatches DESIGN • Product specifications • Virtual prototyping PHOTO STUDIO • Model • Photographer • Location • Logistics PACKAGING • Image • Cropping • Labelling Info • Localization CONTENT HUB • Where used • Asset owner • Content retirement dates CREATE MAKE SELL
  5. Make Static Pictures Spin 360-degree spin sequences: • eCommerce • Servicing • Product Design • Packaging
  6. Get Real with 3D Native 3D File sets: • eCommerce • Servicing • Product Design • Packaging • Web previews
  7. Video as a Source Component Files : • Clips, • audio, • special effects, • graphics • etc.
  8. Don’t Forget Your History
  9. Unlock the information in your assets Lifestyle Image Product Image Shot Type Solo, Front, Group, Side, Details, Back,... Image asset Talent Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne. Related Products Chino shorts, Striped polo, sunglasses,...
  10. Intellectual Property Licensing BENEFITS • Search across 350,000 assets for, harvest • License digital assets from the creative process ROI • Integration with existing workflow tool opened system to 2500 users across the licensor network. • Whole process now managed by just two DAM librarians IMPACT • Faster time to market of licensed goods to tie-in with movie launch campaigns. • Increased licensing revenue ROADBLOCK • Multiple contradictory approvals processes for licensed goods Capture of creative assets for use on license content for consumer products and create a brand library for external licensees to access the assets that they have licensed
  11. Generate New Content From Old BENEFITS • Make all digital assets generated by or for Brand Marketing available throughout their life cycle ROI • No need to shoot new content during lockdown IMPACT • Continuation of inspiring on brand relevant messaging ROADBLOCK • Search through large archive of videos In conjunction with agency of record searched across 4,000 sports action sequences featuring 24 sports
  12. Enterprise Digital Asset Management places rich media assets at the center of the digital supply chain, to connect content, data, and assets across the organization and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  13. Accelerate Ideas to Market CONNECT DRIVE • Data and content flows across the product lifecycle • Collaborative environment • Consistency of message • Accelerated workflow approvals Connect to existing product data and content sources Key Benefits • Reduced time in each step adds up = cumulative effect • Improved consistent customer experience • Higher customer engagement and retention Map your product life cycle Increase the value of your content Key Benefits Time