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Gérer ses contenus avec MongoDB et Nuxeo

  1. Gérer ses contenus avec MongoDB et Nuxeo 202101 Thierry Delprat CTO
  2. Agenda Nuxeo & MongoDB ● What Nuxeo Platform provides ● How we use MongoDB Benchmark Nuxeo & MongoDB at Scale ● How we tested ● Performances and Scalability with Nuxeo and MongoDB Atlas Context Scalability
  3. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo
  4. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo
  5. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo
  6. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo
  7. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo
  8. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo Scale-Up
  9. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo Scale-Out MongoDB Sharding)
  10. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo Multiple-Repositories Nuxeo Sharding)
  11. Context | MongoDB  Nuxeo Performances No impedance issue Simplify architecture Bulk import throughput Document level locking Sharding support Scale out Distributed Architecture Scale-out Read Scale-out Write Simple Data Model No ORM Easy access to JSON documents
  12. Benchmark | Principles From 1B, 2B, 3B to 11B documents Scale infrastructure step by step Test on production ready environment Nuxeo Cloud: AWS  MongoDB Atlas Encryption and backup are on Make it real Full content model with document types and full-text Generate consistent and clean data Build a realistic content application
  13. Benchmark | Challenges Import 11B documents ● Leverage NVMe to maximize IOPS ● Scale Up to reduce memory pressure ● Scale Out / Sharding to spread the load Cost Efficiency ● Tiered Storage / Application-level sharding ● Scale Up for Import / Down for normal operations ● Leverage MongoDB Atlas Elasticity / Transparency
  14. 1B1B 9B Storing 11B documents
  15. 11B docs Benchmark | Results
  16. Scale from 0 to 11B • Scale up / out progressively M40 => M60 => M80 => M200 • Maintain good performances Leverage Atlas to transparently adjust to needs • Scale up for bulk import • Scale up for bulk reindex Cost efficiency • Adjust storage cost to SLA Archives M80 ⇔ M40 11B docs Benchmark | Takeaways
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