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Queen's Speech 2015



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Queen's Speech 2015 - as it happened. Find out more about the main announcements from the day.

Queen's Speech 2015

  1. Queen’s Speech 2 0 1 5 # Q u e e n s S p e e c h
  2. “Behind this Queen’s Speech is a clear vision for what our country can be. A country of security and opportunity for everyone, at every stage of life.” Prime Minister David Cameron #QueensSpeech
  3. Copyright UK Parliament/Roger Harris
  4. “My government will legislate in the interests of everyone in our country. 
 It will adopt a 
 One Nation approach, 
 helping working people get on, supporting aspiration, giving new opportunities to the most disadvantaged and bringing different parts of our country together.”
  5. Copyright UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor
  6. Find out how we’re helping working p e o p l e #QueensSpeech
  7. Income tax •  No income tax for people working 30 hours a week on National Minimum Wage •  No rises in income tax, VAT or NI contributions rates for the next 5 years #QueensSpeech
  8. HS2 •  Gives government powers to build and operate phase 1 of the HS2 railway •  HS2 will help rebalance the UK economy, bringing greater prosperity to the Midlands and the North #QueensSpeech
  9. Housing •  Right to Buy extended to 1.3 million housing association tenants •  200,000 discounted Starter Homes for young first time buyers #QueensSpeech
  10. Helping small businesses •  Red tape cut to help businesses save £10 billion over this Parliament •  New Small Business Conciliation Service to help resolve disputes, eg late payments #QueensSpeech
  11. Childcare •  Eligible working parents will get 30 hours of free childcare a week for 3 and 4 year olds #QueensSpeech
  12. F i n d o u t how we’re championing s o c i a l justice #QueensSpeech
  13. Schools •  Failing schools to become academies •  New powers to intervene where schools are coasting #QueensSpeech
  14. Psychoactive substances •  New Psychoactive Substances Bill will ban the production, distribution, sale and supply of new psychoactive drugs in the UK #QueensSpeech
  15. Pensions •  Triple lock on basic State Pension will continue to apply for the duration of this Parliament •  This means that the basic State Pension is increased by growth in average earnings, price inflation or 2.5%, whichever is highest #QueensSpeech
  16. Health •  NHS funding to increase by £8 billion a year by the end of this Parliament •  GP opening hours to be extended across the country •  Health services shifting to 7-day-a-week opening #QueensSpeech
  17. Tackling extremism New powers to: •  ban extremist groups •  stop individuals engaging in extremist behaviour #QueensSpeech
  18. Find out how we’re bringing the c o u n t r y t o g e t h e r # Q u e e n s S p e e c h
  19. Scotland •  Scottish Parliament to have new powers over tax and spending - raising around 40% of Scotland’s taxes and deciding around 60% of its public spending #QueensSpeech
  20. Wales •  New powers for National Assembly over energy, transport and local government •  National Assembly to have control over its own affairs including its name, size, elections, electoral system and voting age #QueensSpeech
  21. Northern Ireland •  New Historical Investigations Unit to investigate unsolved Troubles-related deaths •  New Oral History Archive so that people can share experiences and narratives related to the Troubles #QueensSpeech
  22. English votes for English laws •  Decisions affecting England, or England and Wales, can only be taken with the consent of the majority of MPs representing constituencies in England, or in England and Wales #QueensSpeech
  23. Copyright UK Parliament/Roger Harris
  24. Get all the details at 
 #QueensSpeech Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of Parliament