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  1. Nazi Torabi Health Science Librarian The Allyn & Betty Taylor Library October 27, 2011
  2. Outline of the session • This session with help you to learn how to construct the “Introduction & Literature Survey” section of your thesis. • You will learn how to find peer-reviewed, primary and secondary articles • You will be familiar with different sources of plagiarism • Citing your references
  3. How to find articles • peer-reviewed journal articles, • conference proceedings, • review articles, …are indexed in databases: – Google Scholar – arXiv – ADS – Web of Science
  4. • physics pre-print server • try atmospheric wave • try “atmospheric wave” • What’s the difference? • Can you get full text? Have they been submitted, accepted, published? • Go to advanced Search and run the same search using Full Text Search
  5. ADS (SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System ) • Astronomy & astrophysics • Try “long period” AND “atmospheric waves” • Title of journal? • Full text? • Citations to article? • Try ``long period'' AND ``atmospheric waves'' AND ^Simmons • Try intitle:``long period'' AND ``atmospheric waves''
  6. Web of Science • Science Citation Index • try “long period” AND “atmospheric wave*” • What’s the most highly cited article? • How many references does this article have? • How can you find other articles that reference some of the same articles? • How can you keep track of new citations to a particular article?
  7. Other databases • Google Scholar (very general) • Scopus (like Web of Science) • PubMed (medicine) • MathSciNet (math) • Inspec (ECE, info tech, physics?) • Compendex (engineering)
  8. Storage and Document Retrieval Retrieve the following article: Kido Y., Oso. Y. (1985). Computer analysis of random and channeled backscattering spectra. Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B, 9(3)291-300. 10
  9. 11
  10. Citing sources • Online Citation Style Guides – copy examples – be consistent – bibliography? endnotes? footnotes?
  11. Take your pick : Bibliographic Management Software • RefWorks & Write-N-Cite (if you are using MS word) • BibTeX & LaTeX • Zotero • Bibus
  12. Online Help for RefWorks • Taylor Support for RefWorks • RefWorks Help
  13. RefWorks off campus access 1) Visit 2) Login to off-Campus Access (connect to proxy) 3) Then, sign into RefWorks 1 2
  14. BibTeX & LaTeX • Using BibTeX: a short guide EX.HTM • TeXnicCenter - The Center of your LaTeX Universe • LaTeX – A document preparation system
  15. Other Bibliographic Management Software • Zotero Video Tour • Bibus Set up Bibus Bibus wiki
  16. Get Published One more thing to consider is submitting your paper to The Western Undergraduate Research Journal
  17. Thank You for Your Attention! Need library help. Please feel free to contact: Nazi Torabi 519-661-2111 ext 88992 Taylor Service Desk IM a librarian 519-661-3168 Chat Available From your program Guide page 19

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