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The making of iwasa house by ernesto delgado

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The making of iwasa house by ernesto delgado

  2. 2. Introduction:Hello, my name is Ernesto Delgado, this is my firstmini tutorial I do, I want to share with you the wholeprocess takes just to get the final result.What I wanted to do was create a scene that was differentfrom the others and it was artistic, something simple but itwas pleasing to the eye.
  3. 3. modeling and camera position:The first step was to make the ground with the sandbox tool,create a mesh editing and personally went to generatethe best.
  4. 4. Place the mesh at the start of building to be closer toreality and create a better detail on the ground.Copy the mesh that had been carried out in a strategicplace for the scene and delete the parts that were needed,that I did so that the file was not so heavy.
  5. 5. The grassthe grass is a component that I modeled, thisfile it down a page and want to say that themodeling credits are not mine, I found it interesting toexperiment with modeling grass and had never produced oneof this form, it only had done with the plugin fur, with adisplacement map, and photoshop.The first thing I did was climb the component tothe desired ratio, and then you place a projected texture. Scale the component Projected textureAnd he hadre done placing the texture to all faces,copy from its center approximately at the corner of this. Idid this so that in the saturated leaves the grass rendering.
  6. 6. and he hadre done placing the grass on a flat surface wastime to put it on the geometry of the ground, forthis plugin use the smart drop, this plugin doesis that you intersects any component on an uneven surface First, selection the component Right click and apply the plugin
  7. 7. The plugin automatically intersectsthe component geometry, this I did with the entire irregularsurface.
  8. 8. Lighting: The generated illumination with hdri
  9. 9. Materials:lockkeys Text fresnelGlass Text fresnel
  10. 10. Concrete Text fresnel Text bitmap specular Text bitmap Text bitmap the same texture as the specularLeaves tree Text fresnel
  11. 11. Grass Text bitmap Text invert Text bitmap alphaIvy Text fresnel Text bitmap Text bitmap
  12. 12. Raw renderPostproduction
  13. 13. Filter/other/high pass - more definition to the imageWater in the grass using a part of an image
  14. 14. Accommodate the water where I want it to be, and was erasedwith the erase tool with an opacity of 83%and it was shaping waterPut the sky
  15. 15. Vignetting and textsAnd finally, here is the final image after postproductionI hope that helps. Regards