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Cezar Vasquez MTM

This is our No 26 MTM for our MTM2012 Series. Visit www.sketchupvrayresources.blogspot.com for more.

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Cezar Vasquez MTM

  1. 1. THE LIVING by cesar vazquez Software used: Sketchup 8 Pro – Vray 1.49.01 – Photoshop CS4 – After Effects CS4
  2. 2. Model First I'd like to say that for practical reasons I downloaded a model 3dwarehouse named ‘Richard interior’. After a few changes and different furniture, I made this scene.
  3. 3. LIGHTING For illumination I used the HDRI and Vray sun settings by Fernando Rentas and rectangular lights for backup light.
  4. 4. Materials settings In this part I'll show you the most relevant materials settings on the scene. Wood Floor 1.1 Add a reflection layer and a Fresnel Map also add a reflection map on the reflection glossiness slot. 1.2 Bump map
  5. 5. Wood texture Reflection map Bump map
  6. 6. Wood staircase 2.1 Add a reflection layer and a Fresnel Map 2.2 Bump map
  7. 7. Wood texture Bump map Wall 3.1 Add a bump and displacement map
  8. 8. Render settings The settings are based on the default settings. I only change a few things to create my own settings.
  9. 9. RAW RENder
  10. 10. Post-processing First I correct the brightness and contrast of the raw render. Then press Ctrl + L to adjust the levels.
  11. 11. Adjust the saturation of the image. Add a photo filter.
  12. 12. Unsharp mask filter 30%. And now adjust lens correction and chromatic aberration.
  13. 13. And now we move to After Effects CS4 and import the image that will be edited with Magic Bullet. Once the image is ready we add some spot exposure.
  14. 14. And finally we add some nice Diffusion. This is the result Raw Render Final Image By - Cesar Vazquez c_sadness@hotmail.com Hermosillo, Sonora, México
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This is our No 26 MTM for our MTM2012 Series. Visit www.sketchupvrayresources.blogspot.com for more.


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