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Don't be rich, Live rich - One year on the road - The good and the bad

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We travelled for one year, taking our work along.
This presentation is about our experience, with the good and the bad, and some tips & tricks when you want to copy this lifestyle.

By www.nomadz.nu
This presentation was presented on Barcamp Ghent 4 - 2011

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Don't be rich, Live rich - One year on the road - The good and the bad

  1. DON’T BE RICH LIVE RICH Nomadz.nuMonday 27 June 2011
  2. A nomadic AdventureMonday 27 June 2011
  3. 2010 LOOKED like this:Monday 27 June 2011
  4. FLEW into South AfricaMonday 27 June 2011
  5. MOVED ON TO THAILANDMonday 27 June 2011
  6. AND TRAVELLED TO ARGENTINAMonday 27 June 2011
  7. WE SET FOOT IN 10 COUNTRIESMonday 27 June 2011
  8. Lived in A SOME DESIGN APPART- MENTSMonday 27 June 2011
  9. Drove A VINTAGE CARMonday 27 June 2011
  10. Game watching in KrugerMonday 27 June 2011
  11. BBQ In a townshipMonday 27 June 2011
  12. Africa Burn in the desertMonday 27 June 2011
  13. SurfINGMonday 27 June 2011
  15. SAW FALLS BY FULL MOONMonday 27 June 2011
  16. WALKED ON A GLETSJERMonday 27 June 2011
  17. met incredible peopleMonday 27 June 2011
  18. had loads of fun!Monday 27 June 2011
  19. ARE WE rich? NO!Monday 27 June 2011
  20. THE COST, YOU ASK? A normal monthly wageMonday 27 June 2011
  21. HOW DID WE DO IT? WE KEPT ON WORKING!Monday 27 June 2011
  22. WHAT do we do ? ★ Catherine: online communication + launching www.butikk.nu (@cvanholder ★ Ine: web designer & photographer (@matuvu)Monday 27 June 2011
  23. WHY DID WE DO IT? ★ Love travelling ★ Have more ‘time’. ★ Wanted to do our own projects againMonday 27 June 2011
  24. Don’t be rich Live rich Nomadz.nuMonday 27 June 2011
  25. Lifestyledesign ★ Design your own life according what you want to make out of it. ★ Don’t think in the normal ‘templates’ of life.Monday 27 June 2011
  26. Nu NOMADS ★ Live on the road while working ★ Location IndependentMonday 27 June 2011
  27. Life HACKING ★ GTD: Stop underperforming: Win ‘time’ ★ Achieve goals & dreams ★ Time & space for personal projectsMonday 27 June 2011
  28. CAN YOU DO IT? YES, you can!Monday 27 June 2011
  29. SO HOW DID WE DO IT?Monday 27 June 2011
  30. How? ★ Work while on the road ★ Have the right tools ★ Plan carefully ★ BudgettedMonday 27 June 2011
  31. OUR WAY OF DOING ITMonday 27 June 2011
  32. First step ★ Figured out what we wanted in life. ★ Read ‘4 hour work week’ and checked the side info ★ Downloaded a budget planner ★ Chose destinations (gut feeling + internet available) ★ Started planning ★ & Saved money (by selling stuff + asking 4 money instead of presentsMonday 27 June 2011
  33. SECOND step ★ Figured out a job to do remotely / Checked for grants / gap year subsidizing / ... ★ We went to the accountant and asked what is possible ★ Went 4 cheap tickets (Airstop / Connections) and checked early booking ★ We told our clients we were leaving. Prepared them (and our family). Installed Skype on their PCMonday 27 June 2011
  34. THIRD step ★ Found a hostel / hotel / couch for some days (couchsurfing.org, booking.com) ★ Went on the local craigslist for apartments / checked the ads in the newspaper ★ Found locals through twitter / couchsurfing ★ Got a local mobile number + connect it to nomado.eu ★ Found ourself an office / café with wifiMonday 27 June 2011
  35. FOURTH step ★ Lived locally ★ Worked normal hours ★ Spent weekend on doing fun stuffMonday 27 June 2011
  36. HOLD ON.. IS IT THAT EASY? YES! IT IS!Monday 27 June 2011
  37. HOLD ON.. IS IT THAT EASY? NO! IT ISN’T!Monday 27 June 2011
  38. SOME OF AFTERTHOUGHTSMonday 27 June 2011
  39. THE HARD STUFF ★ You just can’t do it all. You’re not a tourist, you have a working life and are not on vacation. Although many people think you are. ★ Tourist stuff is expensive. Very expensive.Monday 27 June 2011
  40. THE HARD STUFF II ★ Starting over and over again is tiring. Rather choose for 6 months than 4. Don’t underestimate the practical stuff you need to learn (which supermarket to go, find an apartment, postal office) ★ Language is a deal breaker: we made easily friends in S Africa. Thailand and Brazil turned out to be hard due to the language.Monday 27 June 2011
  41. THE HARD STUFF III ★ Some countries are not what you thought they would be. Argentina turned out very expensive. And too big for weekend trips. And for that reason not that exciting for us. ★ Difficulties can put your relationship under stress. Most important: Keep on talking. Respect each other. Give each other space. (We survived and the relationship became stronger.)Monday 27 June 2011
  42. THE HARD BUSINESS I ★ Working needs discipline: It really helped us to have an office in Buenos Aires. We became much more productive ★ Headphones are a must ★ Good internet makes a hell of a difference, although, not having it all the time makes you more productiveMonday 27 June 2011
  43. THE HARD BUSINESS II ★ Clients that were difficult at home, are difficult on the road. ★ We didn’t do anything illegal, but for what we did, there wasn’t any real regulation...Monday 27 June 2011
  44. THE GOOD STUFF ★ We did it! We really did it. And it worked! We had an amazing year. ★ We were able to focus on the things we wanted, like we had in mind. ★ We travelled a lot. Really a lot. ★ And we came home with more money than we started.Monday 27 June 2011
  45. ADVERTISEMENTMonday 27 June 2011
  46. BUDGETBOUTIQUE HOTELS.net ★ Feel like staying in those splendid places we do? A site out of all those cheap wonderful hotels we ★ visited, and others. So all of you don’t have to envy us anymore. You can now stay in the same places without being www. rich! :) butikk.nu - the website catherine launched for affordable design/boutique hotels worldwide.Monday 27 June 2011
  47. ANY QUESTIONS?Monday 27 June 2011
  48. ★ Ine Dehandschutter www.matuvu.nu @matuvu ★ Catherine Van Holder www.newbraveworld.nu @cvanholder ★ Nomadz.nu www.nomadz.nu Read you soon!Monday 27 June 2011
  49. INTERESTING TOOLSMonday 27 June 2011
  50. Gear ★ Laptop ★ iPhone + Local mobile number + SIP solution (local Belgian number is gated to our local number abroad at very affordable rates) ★ iPhone + Skype ★ TelenetConnect for internet (on laptop + iphone) ★ Backup disks in case of emergenciesMonday 27 June 2011
  51. PRO software ★ Skype for contacting clients + screensharing ★ Billings for tracking time + invoices ★ Dropbox / Sugarsync / Nomadesk for filesharing ★ Backblaze for online backuppingMonday 27 June 2011
  52. xtra Gear ★ E-Reader (Sony Reader) ★ iPod / mp3player ★ iPad ★ Camera’s ★ Well, clothes and other stuff you need for living & travelling.Monday 27 June 2011
  53. OTHER TOOLS WE LOVED ★ See before (VOIP/nomado.eu, telenetconnect, skype) ★ AirBNB.com: holy cow! ★ The combo wifi/3g + Booking.com rocks! We once arrived in Thailand from Belgium, booked a flight on low cost carrier, and immediately booked a hotel via booking.com. All in the airport... ★ Facebook & twitter: best way to keep in touch easilyMonday 27 June 2011