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Nokia Ovi Le Web08 11dec08

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This was the presentation given by Udo Szabo at the Le Web 08 (theme: Love)

Nokia Ovi Le Web08 11dec08

  1. 1. Your mobile is your love device Udo Szabo | Le Web 08 | 10.12.2008 1
  2. 2. Riiiight. That was the first thing I thought. Right. Hell, if you want to talk about love, better figure out what it is, I was kind of lost and turned to my loved one for help. Turn out we had a lot to talk about - the evening went by in no time. When I woke up the next morning I felt incredibly close to her, but had this slightly woozy feeling that made it hard to remember many of the details. 2
  3. 3. What is love? What I sensed though was that we had talked a lot about music & love. Great, luckily Nokia has a music store. so I went there to find some inspiration. I went straight into Haddaway's arms. With “What is love!” - A tune that indeed gave room to some vivid memories, but even though I listened to it over and over again I couldn’t find a deeper meaning in his text. Well, so that didn’t work. What next? 3
  4. 4. Love ‘An intense feeling of deep affection’ Thesaurus I turned to the Thesaurus in a quest for clarity. Love: An intense feeling of deep affection. Wow. This got me thinking and suddenly thoughts and ideas jumped around in my head. It was something that I had felt before, a while back... 4
  5. 5. Bringing love to telecom, since the 1990s Back in the early days of mobile telecommunications, in the 1990s, the climate was pretty cold. Maybe that's what attracted a Finnish company – but lets leave this for another story. Bringing an intense feeling of deep affection is what we’ve been doing all along. 5
  6. 6. From: Telecom biz. When Nokia started it was a pretty cold place on both sides. One: the business side where the ”elite” business manager at times was the only one who had ”access” to these new technologies. Why? They where very expensive! But also because it gave him power & freedom to command the troops while spending his time in a nice and relaxed summer house. But it was also cold on the people side. I remember a personal experience back in those days where I was Standing inside a bank, waiting in line to get some cash – talking with a friend on my mobile. And I was getting some pretty rude comments and looks from the people around me. This was telling me that nobody was interested in my personal stuff. This was clearly not a place of love. 6
  7. 7. To: Connecting People. I would claim Nokia brought the notion of human connections and love to the telecom business in the mid 90s. Before that it was serious business. By unlocking the communication potential of the devices, Nokia discovered something much more profound. Something that would act as a foundation for the company for years to come. 7
  8. 8. The first device I used to type ”I love you.” People took these previously only business machines and started to do things with them that their creators had never envisioned. They shared their feelings with people they loved. And they shared their discoveries at the time they made them. They even broke the bond of love by divorcing over SMS! This was a world where love would connect people independent of place and time. It was great. 8
  9. 9. The world is changing, again. The interconnectedness of everything can change things literally overnight. We all get our fair share of this new world today. In August it seemed just fine, in September it got worse and the rest can be read in today's papers. People can connect faster, better – and for the worse. Whatever we think, the world is changing… 9
  10. 10. Love is changing. And so is love. In the new, interconnected world new technologies and behavior patterns have emerged. They have changed everything. Our Work, our Life and our Love – and these changes are here to stay. So what does the love in this new, interconnected era look like? 10
  11. 11. From To Discussion Empathy Sporadic Constant Planned Serendipity Synchronous Asynchronous Love is evolving to make the most out of the new world. It becomes deeper, easier and more authentic as we move from face to face discussions to empathic relationships where people feel how you are even if you are not around. Where we have a constant channel open to the ones we love, instead of sporadic bursts of communication We will discover new things we love every day – instead of planning everything ahead And everybody will talk when they have time – not bound to the availability of two people at the same time. All of this is no news for you here. But it has yet to be made available for everybody. 11
  12. 12. Connecting People in new and better ways This is also why we have at Nokia have to change. We don't only want to follow. We want to lead the new ways people are connecting and share the love with more people then ever before. 12
  13. 13. Bring love to everybody, not just tech leaders We believe this change will affect and benefit everybody – just as we thought back in the days when cold businessmen where starting to use mobile phones. We believe we can help to democratize these amazing new ways and make them affordable so everybody who can afford a mobile device will be able to use them. Why do we think they will affect everybody? Let’s look at a couple of real life examples. 13
  14. 14. Photo by Flickr user Wishard of Oz From: Discussion The typical Thanksgiving dinner. The time and place where the whole family would come together. Normally in the parents’ house, the family comes from near and far to gather for a delicious meal and catch up on the things that happened since the last time they met. Telling each other stories in person was the only way to exchange what we have experienced, how we have felt, who we have loved and what we have been worried about. 14
  15. 15. To: Empathy In the new world, my family can know what’s been going on with me before I even get to the dinner. We can stay in touch regardless of time and place. This text above was written by a friend of mine during a workshop we had a while back in London. He's a musician, plays in a band, comes from Finland – heavy stuff as you know. His text was about anger, horror, death comes tomorrow, etc – Aapo shared this picture on Flickr where his Mom saw it and she really got worried. Phoned him up several time a day! When they finally reached each other you could sense the real empathy that this simple picture had created between the two. Nothing else was needed to alarm a loving mother about the well being of her son. 15
  16. 16. ”the social sixth sense” Wired called this the “6th sense”, the New York Times calls it “awareness”. Whatever you want to call it, the sense of awareness that we can create around us and share today gives the people we love a deep feeling of connectedness and empathy. Something that has never been there before, something that once you feel you don't want to live without again. 16
  17. 17. Share, for empathy Simple, free sharing for all Unlimited storage Works on basic mobiles too. We want to make this new feeling of empathy affordable and accessible to everybody. How? With affordable, high quality cameras in our devices and free, simple integrated services on Ovi. All you have to do now is walk though the world and share your discoveries with the people you love. 17
  18. 18. Photo by Flickr user mikegoldberg From: Sporadic Communication today is pretty sporadic. Especially if you are a business traveler you see these hubs our communication burst out at every place with a Wifi connection. Airports, cafe's, conferences ….you know what I’m talking about. It seems that whenever we have access to our laptops and a network our lives become so much more interesting. Which is weird, as the most interesting things probably don’t happen when you sit in front of your computer. The best example for this is email – which leads to a sporadic outburst of communication whenever we have access to our computers. 18
  19. 19. To: Constant In the new world you will be able to engage when it matters, comment when things unfold and comfort somebody at the moment of sorrow. We will get a constant heart-beat of the things that happen around us and around the people we love. A beat that will take away some of the anxiety that we feel today if we don’t know where somebody is. How is he doing and what is he feeling? 19
  20. 20. Nokia N97, for constant Works great with e-mail, Facebook, Flickr, Ovi Perfect for creation – text and photos. All of this we designed into the new Nokia N97. Robert Scoble called it the Facebook phone. We think that works pretty well for a start! Its a new kind of device, designed for this new world, open for a constant connection to be filled by you. We call this device a mobile computer as it combines the size and basics of a phone with the important things from a computer – those that you need to be constantly connected. No more sporadic outbursts – only constant flows of love. By email if you have a lot to say, via Facebook or Twitter if you can keep it short, or via Flickr, YouTube or Ovi with photos and video. You choose – it’s you life. 20
  21. 21. From: Synchronous Calling, meeting, even SMSing. It’s a synchronous way for the word to stay in touch today. It requires both ends to be available, have time and be in the mood to talk. We all know how it feels if somebody calls, texts or bumps into you on the street and you have to switch from one second to the other. From sad to friendly, from uninterested to interested from inward to outward. Its a feeling no other form of communication can give. And a pretty important one to share love with another too. But while our lives become more hectic and our attention span becomes shorter ee need other ways to keep in touch during the times we cant be together. 21
  22. 22. To: Asynchronous With asynchronous communication we can break away from schedules that never match, write a message when we have time and love when there is an appropriate moment – all without the burden of being at the right time at the right place. For many of us this might be the world we already live in, but for most of the people in our world this is yet unreachable. Its simply not affordable and accessible. 22
  23. 23. Messaging, asynchronous Free e-mail for all Simple setup, works with all top emails Works on basic mobiles too. But we want to bring the basics of this to everybody - email for all of us. Sounds simple, but it’s a true revolution to many, if not most, as approximately 75% of the world’s population doesn't have an email account. We want to change this. Making email affordable and accessible in many of our devices, As with cameras, our devices increasingly come with an integrated email service in the future. It will be easy to set-up, easy to use so that everybody who can make a phone call or send an SMS today can send Emails in the future – expanding beyond SMS will open this new world of communication to everybody. And email is just the beginning. 23
  24. 24. Photo by Flickr user Chiva Congelado From: Planned Stockman clock is the place where people in Helsinki typically agree to meet. It has become a traditional place to find each other on a crowded weekend in town – and I am sure there are similar places in Paris, Berlin and elsewhere in the world. Why? Because we need to plan the place in advance. While our phones gave us some flexibility on the time (especially when you are late) it’s incredibly difficult to maneuver around a common place. Not that those are the most interesting places, not that those are the places you actually want to go, not that those are the best places to wait when the other person is late – they are just the easiest and we agree to meet there based on the worry that we could miss each other. 24
  25. 25. To: Serendipity Miia Phone: +123456789 IM/E-mail: miia@ovi.com Status: Online and shopping Aapo Bu why not meet when and where you can? Now that we have the opportunity to find any place, we can bring more surprising moments into our lives. No need to spend time on long planning agreements or meet at a specific place just to find each other. Now you can discover the world without ever getting lost. You can lose track and get back when you want to, but even more importantly you can meet when and where it suits both of you. You might even end up in a place where none of you have been before. Or guide your loved one to a romantic dinner table in a park. Some people have even started to play games rallying round places! 25
  26. 26. Maps, for serendipity Free maps with landmark sync Social location Works on basic mobiles, too. We are pretty certain we have just seen the beginning of this. But already we can see that the capability to never get lost, discover interesting places and meet people on the way will create an amazing environment. With Nokia Maps we aim to make this capability affordable and accessible for everyone. But its not only about navigation. Its about the social interaction that makes a place dynamic, personal and relevant at any given time. 26
  27. 27. Connecting people in new and better ways. Of course people engage and love many more activities that we haven't talk about today and we will work on those as the new Nokia unfolds. Creating even better ways for people to connect and share their life, interests and purpose. Connecting the real world with the virtual world will open up completely new possibilities that will be new even for the few of us here. 27
  28. 28. Devices Services for love. At Nokia we believe that it takes both devices and services to fulfill the promise of making this new world affordable and accessible to everyone. Its quite a large weight to cover both ends. But we wanted to do it in order to deliver seamlessly integrated experiences right out of the box. 28
  29. 29. Constant Empathy Asynchronous Serendipity My love device. And while the 3210 was the first device that made me text “I love you”, the Nokia N97 will create a new kind of love. Empathy by sharing your creations in photos & videos, a constant connection to engage when it matters, asynchronous communication to break away from schedules that never match; and serendipity to meet when and where you can. 29
  30. 30. Merci