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M-Commerce and the New Customer Journey

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Presentation from Mobile Marketing Association Forum NYC, May 2013, focusing on the new 4 Ps of digital.

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M-Commerce and the New Customer Journey

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing AssociationRACHEL PASQUAPrincipalTokenNOAH ELKINPrincipal AnalysteMarketer
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing AssociationMobile. Social. Ambient.M-Commerce and the New Customer Journey
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe digital ecosystem in 2005
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe digital ecosystem in 2013Digital Out Of Home, Theaters, Connected TVTabletsLaptopConnectedConsolesWearableTechnologyDesktopDigital KiosksSmartphones PhabletsSocial MachinesAppsAmbient SurfacesConnected CarsAKA The Omnichannel
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing AssociationNow, purchase decisions aremade anytime, anywhere.
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing AssociationIt’s a wave of change felt by big-box retailers …
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing Association… and mom-and-pop shops alike.
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing AssociationAnd there is NO type of business it has not touched.
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe opportunity to find the bestpossible product or serviceregardless of location, through theconvergence of social networks andmobile devices.What’s in it for consumers?Not just of money but of time. Mobilemakes it easier to find the the bestproduct, for the best price, as well asto redeem offers and build loyalty—allas quickly and easily as possible.Choice Savings
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing Association• Benefits: Numerous new opportunities toinfluence, convert, and activate their customers.What’s in it for brands?• Challenges: The need to adapt to an ever-expanding ecosystem of devices and channels.• Pitfalls: The very real possibility of failure if theydon’t adapt fast enough.
  11. 11. Mobile Marketing AssociationEverything about m-commerce isa win-win for consumers.Only brands havesomething to lose.
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe omnichannel adds layers of complexity
  13. 13. Mobile Marketing AssociationCustomers expect seamless shoppingBrands will succeed in the m-commerce ecosystem by creating the right experience,across multiple platforms and channels, for each unique customer.
  14. 14. Mobile Marketing AssociationPriceProductPlacePromotionThe New Four Ps of DigitalPortabilityProximityPreferencesPresenceCreating these seamless, uniquely contextual customer experiences willhinge on four new pillars that are shaping digital marketing.
  15. 15. Mobile Marketing AssociationPortability: Content that is accessible, useful, and usable across each digitaltouchpoint in each customer’s unique ecosystem.
  16. 16. Mobile Marketing AssociationIt’s about portability of not just .com content but the whole user experience, frompayments to account info, in the most useful, usable way.
  17. 17. Mobile Marketing AssociationProximity: Content that is relevant to where the customer is, physically andmetaphorically, in his or her unique journey.
  18. 18. Mobile Marketing AssociationIt’s about creating timely, localized content as well as messaging, advertising, andoffers that optimize the real-time customer experience.
  19. 19. Mobile Marketing AssociationPreferences: Content and functionality that are contextually shaped by thecustomer’s unique needs, both inferred and volunteered.
  20. 20. Mobile Marketing AssociationAt this stage, preference-based content and features tend to require user action.Over time, this level of customization will become effortless, courtesy of presetand behavioral criteria plus layers of contextual data such as location.
  21. 21. Mobile Marketing AssociationPresence: Brand/consumer interactions that are initiated according to acustomer’s conditional receptivity—the nirvana of mobile marketing andcommerce that is just beginning to take shape ….Availableto wifeand mom24/7.Available toStarbucks andSubway Mondaythrough Friday from11-1PM in anygeolocation.Available to receivecoupons andincentives from EMSfor hiking andcamping gear at anytime.Open to messagesand local contentfrom BMW for thenext 3 months.
  22. 22. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe M-Commerce EcosystemMobileMarketingMobileMerchandizing Mobile CRMGetting them tothe store—brickand mortar oronline.Getting them tothe register—physical orvirtual.Keeping themconnected andcoming back.The key for brands to succeed in m-commerce lies in understanding how the new4 Ps of digital play out in the key spheres of the mobile shopping ecosystem.
  23. 23. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe 4Ps and mobile marketingActivation of offline and traditionalmedia channels using mobile triggers;customization of messaging based ondata and intent.Cross-platform visibility throughsearch and social channels withtargeted, multiplatform campaigns.PortabilityProximityGetting your customers into the store, online or offline, by activating omnichannel awareness.All content and messaging must bediscoverable, usable and contextuallyrelevant content across multiple devicesand multiple interfaces.Portability andPreferences
  24. 24. Mobile Marketing AssociationMercedes-Benz uses the mobile web to lend portability to the Mercedes brandmessage with editorial, video, and other experiential content.
  25. 25. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe 4Ps and mobile merchandizingOffering multiple real-time forms ofpayment and redemption.In-store experiences activated bymobile devices and contextualized forthe user.PresenceGetting your customers to the physical (or virtual) register by facilitating ease-of-use in the shopping experience.PortabilityContent, messaging, offers relevant todevice, person, and place.• Content based onpast behaviors• Content based onstated preferences• Offers and optionsbased on bothPreferences andProximity
  26. 26. Mobile Marketing AssociationTesco’s virtual supermarket eases the path to the register by bringing the store tothe consumer via mobile activation.
  27. 27. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe 4Ps and mobile CRMActivation of offline and traditional media channels usingmobile triggers.Creating a virtuous cycle of customer loyalty and advocacy through superlative experiences.Create a more personalized, contextually relevantcustomer experience across all touchpoints.Preferences/PortabilityDesktopDigital Out OfHome and CinemaTablet PhoneDigital TelevisionAmbientSupport cross-channel customer advocacythrough social and mobile delivery channels.Contextually relevant, preference-based, conditional offers and alerts viaemail, text, and push messaging.Proximity/Presence
  28. 28. Mobile Marketing AssociationWalgreens scan-to-refill function uses personalized, preference-basedfunctionality to enhance the customer experience in the CRM phase.
  29. 29. Mobile Marketing AssociationMultiple channels.Multiple devices.Multiple platforms.One seamless customer experience.It’s not enough to design responsively—brandshave to behave responsively.
  30. 30. Mobile Marketing AssociationMore information:www.mobileanhouraday.comBuy online:http://amzn.to/Tx5jVg"Nothing gets you closer to your consumer than mobile. And nothinggets to closer to mobile marketing perfection than Mobile Marketing:An Hour a Day.”— Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association and Co-Author ofWhat Sticks"Elkin and Pasqua expertly detail the mobile landscape, tactics, andtools available to todays mobile marketer. This is a must-read.”— Sara Holoubek, CEO, Luminary Labs"This book is filled with clear, well thought-out strategic guidance on allthings mobile, with expert perspectives to help customize the strategyon an individual business (and budget) level.”— Joy Liuzzo, President, Wave Collapse"This is now my go-to book for mobile. Not only does it have the braintrust going for it, but it also has the data to back it up.”— Rob Garner, author of Search and Social: The Definitive Guide toReal-Time Content MarketingMobile Marketing: An Hour a Day
  31. 31. Mobile Marketing Association@noahelkinnelkin@emarketer.comConnect with uswww.linkedin.com/in/noahelkin@rachelpasquarachel@tokenco.comwww.linkedin.com/in/rachelpasquawww.token.comwww.emarketer.com