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NJ Future Sandy One Year Later Planning Sturm Oct 29 2013

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Important post-Sandy planning initiatives, including the state and county hazard mitigation plans and New Jersey Future's local recovery network. Part of the Sandy One Year Later conference Oct. 29, 2013, at Monmouth University, co-presented by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Recovery Fund as well as New Jersey Future and Monmouth University.

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NJ Future Sandy One Year Later Planning Sturm Oct 29 2013

  1. 1. Planning for the Inevitable: Approaches in New Jersey and Neighboring States Sandy One Year Later: Looking to the Future October 29, 2013 Chris Sturm New Jersey Future
  2. 2. An Old Problem 1944 Atlantic City 1992 Hoboken PATH station 1962 Cape May NJTPA Photo
  3. 3. With a New Dimension
  4. 4. The Role of Planning
  6. 6. State of NJ Planning Initiatives – Post Sandy Planning Assistance Grants ($5m) – University Consortium on protective systems ($1.3m) – State Hazard Mitigation Plan update and grants for county plans
  7. 7. Hazard Mitigation Planning • Federal law requires state and local governments to adopt Hazard Mitigation Plans as a condition of receiving FEMA disaster assistance.
  8. 8. Examples: Mitigation Strategies for Flood Hazards Accommodate Retreat Protect Graphic courtesy of the Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (ian.umces.edu/symbols/).
  9. 9. Hazard Mitigation Planning in NJ 2011 State Hazard Mitigation Plan – Update due April 2014 • 20 “multi-jurisdictional” countywide plans, with municipal participation • Handful of municipal plans
  10. 10. Opportunities to Improve Hazard Mitigation Planning ForwardLooking • Risks include sea level rise • Strategic – target areas for retreat, strengthening Integrated • Not just emergency management • Prevent: through land use plans & regulations, infrastructure Implemented • Involve municipalities in every step • Link updated plans to spending
  11. 11. New Jersey Future Local Recovery Planning Managers • Help towns develop recovery and rebuilding plans • Provide the capacity to implement those plans NEW JERSEY RECOVERY FUND
  12. 12. NJF in Sea Bright and Highlands Providing capacity for long-range planning: – What future is envisioned for Sea Bright and Highlands in 2050 and 2100? – How can land use planning facilitate the transition?
  13. 13. NJF in Tuckerton and Little Egg Harbor Helping the towns knit together many related but separate planning efforts: Stockton State FEMA Town Rutgers Other…
  14. 14. NJF in Commercial, Downe and Maurice River Townships Advancing sustainable development in economically challenged, environmentally sensitive area: • Direct planning assistance • Helping procure funds • Project implementation
  16. 16. Resiliency Planning Initiatives: New York
  17. 17. Resiliency Planning Initiatives: Maryland Sea Level Rise Projections for MD “The independent, Scientific report recommends that is it is prudent to plan for sea level to be 2.1 feet higher in 2050 along Maryland’s shorelines
  18. 18. “Vision without execution is hallucination” Thomas Edison Plan Spend Regulate
  19. 19. Opportunities for NJ to be “Smarter than the Storm” • Statewide guidance: – sea level rise & vulnerable areas – Strategic approach for fortifying, accommodating, retreating • More resources for local recovery managers, hazard mitigation planning • Regional Planning • Update to NJ State Plan (State Strategic Plan) • Update to CAFRA
  20. 20. Thank you! Chris Sturm csturm@njfuture.org 609-393-0008 ext. 114 http://www.njfuture.org