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Dilli haat presentation

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Dilli haat presentation

  2. 2. DILLI HAAT Dilli Haat (Delhi’s marketplace) has been planned as a democratic space for the city. Public space is integrated within the backdrop of a food and craft market to create an ambience reminiscent of traditional Indian bazaars. This is an egalitarian space where people from all sections of the society come to buy crafts, to eat, to relax to engage in diverse social interaction.
  3. 3. SPECIFICATIONS:- The project has nearly 100 crafts stalls, food courts, a spice market, an art gallery, an amphitheatre, a restaurant and conference facility.  The buildings are single-storied and built around landscaped courts and plazas.  The front part of the Haat has been elevated to provide a parking space for around 350 vehicles.  A road along the perimeter of the site provides access to supporting infrastructure that includes a dormitory for visiting craftspeople. Food court Amphitheatre Craft stalls
  4. 4. Constructional aspects about the site:- The buildings, constructed in exposed brick and stone, with shady verandahs have been inspired by the vernacular architecture of the region. The upper level plaza buildings have vaulted green roofs – a design feature used for the first time in a public space in the city.  The green roofs and plazas are irrigated with recycled water produced by an onsite Sewage Treatment Plant.
  5. 5. Material selection :- The selection of material, construction and layout was made to maximize thermal efficiency and minimize energy consumption. Nearly all areas are illuminated by natural daylight and are naturally ventilated. The brick and stone used in the project have been sourced from the surrounding region.  Materials were selected for their durability and enduring qualities.  The building vocabulary has been kept understated and the scale intimate to ensure that the buildings do not overwhelm the crafts being sold.
  6. 6. 9 1 0 1 1 A8 8 B 4 3 7 5 62 1 1 2 TO METRO 0 T 0 0 0 KEY-PLAN
  7. 7. LANDSCAPING PROJECT  The site which we have to study for our landscaping project is dilli haat pritampura, near Tv tower.  We have to studied it under the following heading which is given by our heads:-  Planting:- plants, edges, beds etc.  Street furnitures –site furnishing.  Overall consideration and aspects / facts.
  8. 8. As we enter into the site a feeling recreational prespective is take place in mind by seeing its asthetical design. We prefound our self in connected with the place so easily and amazing beautifully characterised by placing plants, Green beds , shurbs, trees, grasses etc. in a wonderful patterns.
  9. 9. FOOD COURTS:- There are two food courts in dilli haat, one is on left side of amphitheater and one is at right side of it. The food courts are made beautifully connectively with enviorment, with stone, bricks . they are designed in a manner of open restruant . Its beauti is enhanced by shurbs, plants and trees which purposly provided for shade and maintainig the asthetic feature.
  10. 10. ACTIVITY LOUNGE:- It is behind the amphitheater . Provided for social activity prefomences. It covered by steel trussed finished by tile covering .
  11. 11. AMPHI THEATER;-  It is in center of dilli haat in semi –circular shape.  It is provided for the cultural and social performances for public.  It has wide steps which is finished with smooth grass met And red stone.
  13. 13.  “This is HIBISCUS which is an shurbs, at a maximum hieght goes upto 5ft, it also have beautiful red flower. It’s leaf are not so big but medium insize, with red stem. They can be mould in any design as per required shape.” It is placed with ramp aligned to amphitheater.
  14. 14. CAMPHIRE Shrub are light green in colour. Leafs are so small, from far they seems to be like green bed. By giving them nice cut and design they beautified the place with there presence. But they need lots of maintannce & care. Min. hieght is of about 2 to 3 ft. It is plantted at entrance of site in four side curved shape.
  15. 15. Seating area is planted by different plants and trees, for shading and asthetic purposes in front of Restraunt. (a) ‘’ficus’’. (b) “easter tree” (c) “Sughandhi”, c a a b
  16. 16. The other plants & trees Planted in this area are (a) drddpath. (b)Easter tree. (c) ficus.a c b
  17. 17. In this part (a) CAMPHIRE is used . a
  18. 18. This is wild date. It is planted between craft shops.
  19. 19. The irrgation of all plants, shurbs and trees are done by recycled water supplied from sewage plant, It’s supplied by pvc pipe which are hide in shurbs, these piping is fitted in a manner that it not easily visible. The pressure or amount of water is control through the plant.
  20. 20. A huge area for the sitting after entrance though tickets showing a n awesome sitting for the visitors to sit. Sitting area is creating a vista alongwith the plants and shrubs. These sittings are giving a forcefully direction to the visitors.
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