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  1. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com1 04/30/13 1 1 Corporate Overview April 30, 2013
  2. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com2  Introduction to the Tata Group and Tata Power Solar  Business Overview  Modules  Standard Products  Large Projects  Industrial Solutions  Thermal  Contact us
  3. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com3 The Tata Group India’s largest and most trusted* business group with business in seven sectors and operations in over 80 countries and over 425,000 employees Group revenue of $100 billion 58% in geographies other than India * Trust Research Advisory’s 2012 Brand Trust Report Materials Engineering IT & Communication Energy Services Consumer Products
  4. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com4 Tata Power Solar is committed to enabling solar everywhere and bringing the power of the Sun to people in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Tata Power Solar Mission Statement
  5. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com5 Tata Power Solar (TPS) has a rich legacy of over two decades of pioneering excellence. •Established in 1989, Tata Power Solar (formerly Tata BP Solar) was a joint venture between Tata Power and BP Solar, a global solar behemoth •Today, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power Limited (TPL), India’s largest Integrated Power Utility. • Total installed generating capacity of 5300 MW including 850 MW from hydro and renewables • TPL has a significant presence in Africa and Asia-Pacific. •Headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Bangalore, India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ •Some awards and commendations of TPS: • Golden Peacock Innovation Award • Star Performer award from Engineering Export Promotion Council • FICCI (Chamber of Commerce) Annual Award for outstanding achievement in Environmental Sustainability of Business Introducing Tata Power Solar Tata Power Solar’s Module Manufacturing facility Annual Sales (in INR Million)
  6. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com6 Tata Power Solar has shipped over 500 MW globally over the past 20 years •Distributed globally by BP Solar, our modules find applications in industrial scale and utility-scale projects in North America and Europe •USA and Spain have been TPS’ biggest export markets Tata Power Solar has engaged with clients for their module requirements, besides providing EPC services to solar developers, customized solar solutions to large industrial houses and low-cost products for individuals. Our solutions provide: •Dependability: 20+ years heritage of innovation, quality and reliability •Lifetime Value: Industry leading LCOE through low cost, high efficiency and low degradation •Peace-of-mind: Financially strong enterprise that stands by clients throughout product lifetime Global Clientele Total Modules Shipped Globally (in MW) Some of Tata Power Solar’s clients
  7. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com7 • Introduction to the Tata Group and Tata Power Solar  Business Overview  Modules  Standard Products  Large Projects  Industrial Solutions  Thermal  Contact us
  8. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com8 Business Overview • Modules – 84 MW of cell manufacturing & 125 MW of module manufacturing facility – Additional 96 MW of cell capacity available for rapid ramp up • Standard Products – Home Lighting Systems – Solar Power Packs – Street Lighting Systems – Solar water pumping systems • Large Projects • Industrial Solutions – End to end energy solutions – Capex / Lease / Rev X models – Diesel Abetment – RPO / REC obligation • Thermal
  9. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com9 Tata Power Solar is India’s largest integrated Cell and Module Manufacturing facility •84 MW of Cell Manufacturing and 125 MW of Module Manufacturing capacity •Additional 96 MW of cell capacity available for rapid ramp-up •All facilities are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and meet highest industry standards We have a broad portfolio of offerings for the specialized needs of our global clients •Multiple configurations (36, 60 and 72 cells) and wattages (upto 300 W) available •Cell manufacturing lines can process both mono and multi-crystalline wafers of 125 mm and 156 mm sizes Modules Product excellence through Process excellence
  10. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com10 Standard Products Specialty Products Power Packs Water Heating Home Lighting Street Lighting Solar Pumping
  11. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com11 Large Projects
  12. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com12 Industrial Projects L&T – 49.5kWp roof top IBM, Bangalore – 50kWp rooftop DLF, Gurgaon - 50kWp SPGS Infosys, Trivandrum – 127kWp
  13. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com13 Thermal
  14. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com14 • Introduction to the Tata Group and Tata Power Solar  Business Overview  Modules  Standard Products  Large Projects  Industrial Solutions  Thermal  Contact us
  15. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com15 Our Product Proposition 1 2 3 High Energy Yield Durability Reliability • AR coated glass improves low light performance • High fill factor cells & modules • Flexible interconnect with strain relief • Optimized edge clearance • Torsion & corrosion resistant anodized aluminum frame • Designed to withstand high snow & wind loads • Superior performance beyond IEC/UL standards • Patented termination methodology using spot soldering • RF tracking technology to enhance traceability 4 Warranty • 25 year linear warranty offered in line with industry best practices • Defect Liability period in line with industry standards
  16. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com16 All of Tata Power Solar’s modules meet and exceed the Industry’s highest standards of Quality and Reliability •Electrical Safety: IEC61730-1 and IEC61730-2 certified by TUV •Long term operations in different climates: IEC61215 and IEC61701 certified by TUV •Free-standing or building integrated installations: UL1703(1000V) certified by TUV •TPS5200 for Quality Assurance •TPS6000 for Module Quality and Reliability •EC Declaration of Conformity (‘CE’) •Approved by MCS, BRE Global Listed Our Certifications and Warranty Power Output Warranty •Minimum 97.5% of power output as per datasheet within the first year of operation (min. 96.5% of mono-crystalline TP 200 series) •Thereafter, not more than 0.7% loss per year (for all module series) •Min. 80% of power output as per datasheet in the 25th year (for all module series) Module Certification
  17. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com17 Product Portfolio - Modules TP300 Series Multi-Crystalline Modules TP200 Series Mono-Crystalline Modules TP250 Series Multi-Crystalline Modules Representative photos; not to scale
  18. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com18 Features •Torsion and Corrosion resistant Anodized Aluminium frames with high strength and mounting holes for quick and easy installation •High Efficiency Cells used in modules for applications in which space is a constraint •High Transitivity Glass used as Superstrate providing higher impact resistance •UV resistant weather proof junction box available •Blocking and Bypass Diode available •IV Curve and Specifications available for all products Applications •Lighting: Indoor, Street and Lanterns •Telecommunication and radio relay stations •Stand Alone systems/ telemeter systems •Defence and offshore applications •Signage and flashers Small Area Modules Overview
  19. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com19 Range •2W to 100 W available (higher wattages also available in different product range) Testing and Certification •Designed to meet IEC61215 Edition 2 Standards •Compliant with RDSO Standards •Meets MNRE, DGS&D and STQC Specifications for use in the Indian Market Warranty Information •Workmanship Warranty: 1 year •Power Output Warranty: Min. 90% of rated power output after 10 years and Min. 80% of rated power after 25 years Small Area Modules Overview Module Certification
  20. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com20 • Introduction to the Tata Group and Tata Power Solar  Business Overview  Modules  Standard Products  Large Projects  Industrial Solutions  Thermal  Contact us
  21. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com21 Access to Electricity Issues 4,142 • India has the highest number of people without access to electricity in the world – 403 million • The problem is more critical in North East India, U.P. and Bihar where more than 60% households still reside with kerosene as the only source of lighting Access to electricity is a key enabler for: • Improvement in standard of living • More income generating activities • Lower health risks • Better educational and medical facilities • Women’s empowerment • Lower environmental pollution Sources: Census of India 2011, United States Census Bureau, IEA 2009 report; Ministry of Power report; Census of India 2011, No. of Unelectrified Households in India
  22. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com22 Numaligarh, Assam Home Lighting Systems Iqbalpur, Haryana Moradabad, UP • Tata Power Solar has India’s largest installed base of Solar Home lighting systems, with over 60,000 Home Lighting Systems sold each year • Product Portfolio: TPS has a wide range from solutions from Lanterns to Home Solutions, consisting of Lights, Fan and mobile charging system • Affordable Price Point: Lighting for an entire home for as little as Rs. 60 per month • Sales and After-Sales support: TPS has 150 Dealers and 50+ Rural Banking partners and provides after-sales service through a nationwide network of service centres.
  23. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com23 Home Lighting Systems (Cont.d) Features •Upgraded PWM with Solar Charge Controller •Built-in mobile charger outlet •Optional LED Bulbs and DC Fan •Electronic over load protection •Built in Temperature compensation •Advanced charge topology to enhance battery life Testing •Meets and Exceeds NABARD requirement •IP21 and Environment test certified •Field tested for over 10 years – India’s largest selling solar product line Model Module Battery Charge controller Load 37Wp 12V40Ah Ci10 PWM 9W CFLx2 70Wp 12V75Ah Ci10 PWM 9W CFLx4 Venus Venus 1 2
  24. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com24 CREDA Project, Chattisgarh Street Lighting Systems Drass, J&K GAIL Project, Bihar • TPS is a leading manufacturer of Solar Street Lighting with a track record of executing massive projects irrespective of geography and terrain • Product Portfolio: Tata Power Solar has large portfolio of MNRE approved CFL and LED based street lighting system • Affordable Price Point: Industry leading LCOE with subsidy support • Sales and After-Sales support: Installation and Commissioning teams available nationwide with support throughout product lifecycle from service centres
  25. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com25 Street Lighting Systems (Cont.d) MV 365 Features •28W LED light on a 6m pole ; 20m spread of light •75Wp Solar module ; 60 Ah battery; 2 days autonomy •Better Power Utilisation • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) • Intelligent hybrid charger • Intelligent intensity controller •Battery management kit with temperature compensation •FRP Pole base • Corrosion Free • Better Aesthetics • Light weight • High strength • Long life • Suitable for Saline atmosphere
  26. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com26 NABARD approved series Power Packs Sales Support in difficult terrain • Power Packs are application agnostic and provide power backup to homes and small commerical establishment • Product Portfolio: Tata Power Solar has NABARD scheme approved power packs (<210Wp) as well as higher wattage power packs (upto 6 kWp) • Affordable Price Point: Power Packs for as little as Rs. 150 per month • Sales and After-Sales support: Robust Sales and After-sales support through dealer and service centre network
  27. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com27 Power Packs(Cont.d) System Configuration Module : 210 Wp Battery : 24V, 100Ah Inverter : 24V, 300VA; 24V, 800VA Load & Duty cycle: Stand-alone mode : 480 Wh Grid mode : 1400 Wh Reliability Tested, Certified •IP21 •Environment Test as per IEC, JNNSM/MNRE •Field Trails Load Options SONASONA210
  28. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com28 Power Pumps in Haryana Pumping Systems Power Pumps in Kargil • TPS’ has state-of-the-art DC pumping systems with better discharge rates than equivalent diesel and electrical pumping systems • Product Portfolio: Tata Power Solar has Surface and Submersible Pumps for depths from 10 mt to 50 mt • Affordable Price Point: INR 21,000 per ha. per year cheaper than diesel pumps over product lifetime; INR 10,000 per ha. per year cheaper than electric pumps over product lifetime (considering all stakeholders – farmer and DISCOM)
  29. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com29 Pumping Systems(Cont.d) Model Pump Head (max) Water Output LPD Surface Pump 1800Wp Centrifugal surface 10m (18m) 1,56,000 Submersible Pump 1800Wp Centrifugal submersible 50m (80m) 33,000 Submersible Pump 3000Wp Centrifugal submersible 50m (80m) 59,000 Submersible Pump 5000Wp Centrifugal submersible 50m (80m) 92,000 TPS’ Submersible Pump System
  30. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com30 Product Portfolio – Standard Products Specialty Products Power Packs Water Heating Home Lighting Street Lighting Solar Pumping
  31. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com31 • Introduction to the Tata Group and Tata Power Solar  Business Overview  Modules  Standard Products  Large Projects  Industrial Solutions  Thermal  Contact us
  32. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com32 • Introduction to the Tata Group and Tata Power Solar  Business Overview  Modules  Standard Products  Large Projects  Industrial Solutions  Thermal  Contact us
  33. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com33 Why Industrial Solar …. With falling prices, solar energy offers a viable alternative to conventional energy sources Proposed Solution for Corporates/Industries ▪ End-to-end energy solution including O&M ▪ Multiple financing options provided – Capex, Lease and Revex Models Solar energy is already competitive vs. conventional energy sources: ▪ Captive diesel generation costs Rs 14-20/kWh; increased 10% pa last 10 yrs; Grid electricity increased 4% pa last 10 yrs ▪ Multiple incentives/enablers in place – 80% Accelerated Dep in 1st year, 30% capex subsidy, Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs), Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  34. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com34 End-to-end energy solution LCOE at Rs. 7-10/Kwh, equity IRR ~25% Over 25 years, an 100KW solar asset that requires upfront capex of Rs. 20 lakh, will save diesel and grid electricity worth of ~4.5 Cr Over 25 years, an 100KW solar asset that requires upfront capex of Rs. 20 lakh, will save diesel and grid electricity worth of ~4.5 Cr 29 47 20 95 Net Cape x Term loan MNRE subsid y Cos t Year 0 Capital Cost (Rs lakh) 25 24 23 22 21 2019181716161514 13 12 1110 98 7601 2 5 6 6 5 5 7 4 4 1 21 3 2 0 1 5 18 1 0 5 Net cash flows Accelerated depreciation Year 1-25 Cash flows (Rs lakh) Key assumptions Diesel costs Rs 14-20/KWh, 10% CAGR in last 10 yr; Grid tariff currently Rs 4-9/KWh, 4% CAGR in last 10 yrs 
  35. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com35 Multiple financing options available– Capex/Lease/RevX model, per preference Capex – 100 KWp System 0 Cr 0.5 Cr 1 Cr Equity IRR A B D E C 24.3% 20.2% 19.0% 15.3% 11.3% A) Capex model with 70% debt , AD – IRR 24.3% • Upfront Investment – 0.2 Cr • Tax benefit due to 80% AD ~ 0.2 Cr • Interest @ 12%, 12 yrs B) Revex model via developer – IRR 20.2% • Upfront Investment – Nil • Tax benefit due to AD can be availed • Energy @ Rs 7.8/unit ~ 0.1 Cr annually C) Lease model via NBFC– IRR 19.0% • Upfront Investment – 0.3 Cr • No tax benefit due to AD D) Capex model with no debt – IRR 15.3% • Upfront Investment – 0.7 Cr • Tax benefit due to 80% AD ~ 0.2 Cr E) Capex model w/no debt, no AD – IRR 11.3% • Upfront Investment – 0.7 Cr • No tax benefit due to AD The choice of financing option is situation-based The choice of financing option is situation-based
  36. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com36 Captive diesel generation costs Rs 14-20/kWh; increased 10% p.a. over last 10 yrs; Grid electricity costs Rs 4-9/kWh; increased 4% pa over last 10 yrs Diesel Prices, India (Rs/ Litre) 10% p.a. Source: Primary Interactions, Analysis by Tata Strategic (WPI, 2004 as base year) Current generation cost : Rs. 14-20 / kWh • Delivered price is even higher in areas away from Tier 1 / Tier 2 cities • Indicated diesel price is subsidized by Rs 20/litre; will go up rapidly with deregulation Grid electricity prices, India* Current Grid electricity cost : Rs. 4-9/ kWh 4% p.a. 8% p.a.
  37. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com37 Multiple incentive programs in place- 80% AD in 1st year, 30% capex subsidy, RPO, RECs, make solar competitive INCENTIVES FOR SOLAR POWER Above incentives have helped reduce delivered cost of solar power to Rs. 8-11/ kWh System description Benefits • Solar Capacity: 100 KW • System Cost: Rs. 97.5 Lacs • Annual Generation: 150,000 kWh • O&M Expense: 1.25%1 of total capex • Capital Subsidy: 30% up to 500 KW • Accelerated Depreciation: 80% in first year • Meeting RPO2 • REC3 benefit (per MWh) REC: Rs. 13,400 (forbearance price) REC: Rs. 9300 (floor price) or REC: Rs. 12,850 (recent trading price) Notes : 1) Includes annuity for inverter replacement cost 2) Renewable Purchase Obligation, 3) Renewable Energy Certificate
  38. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com38 Typical Industrial Projects L&T – 49.5kWp roof top IBM, Bangalore – 50kWp rooftop DLF, Gurgaon - 50kWp SPGS Infosys, Trivandrum – 127kWp
  39. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com39 • Introduction to the Tata Group and Tata Power Solar  Business Overview  Modules  Standard Products  Large Projects  Industrial Solutions  Thermal  Contact us
  40. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com40 State wise Solar Water Heaters Projection • At present South and West are main markets • Ph2 Potential new markets are North, West Bengal • TPS all set to tap new markets
  41. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com41 PAN INDIA Network • 8 Regional sales & service centers – Delhi, Leh, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Pune, Raipur, Patna & Kolkatta • Strong dealer net work of 130 in all India vs 90 in 2009 • South & West are the major markets for thermal and TPS has presence in >75% of the territory through channel TOTAL NO.OF DEALERS - as on 01/10/12 SOUTH 43 WEST 26 EAST 31 NORTH 24 CENTRAL 7 TOTAL 131 • Plans to strengthen the channel to 200 by 2014
  42. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com42 Special Manufacturing Processes Outer Cladding SPM LineOuter Cladding SPM LineTIG & MIG Welding StationTIG & MIG Welding Station PUF Insulation StationPUF Insulation Station PUF Insulated TanksPUF Insulated TanksPUF Insulated TanksPUF Insulated Tanks
  43. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com43 DURO Plus Range of Product UNIQUE FEATURESUNIQUE FEATURES • Superior Food Grade Engineering Plastic Tank • Tank centrally located improved stability • Superior Tower type integrated Tank & collector stand Design hence higher wind load resistant • Least over night temperature loss as heat do no dissipate since no metal • All piping connections is customised for least hot water travel. easier & fool proof installation •Innovative Air vent with enhances tank reliability • Easy & Faster installation • 5 years Company Warranty
  44. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com44 Product FeaturesProduct Features 1.5 Kg working Pressure 2.Mild Steel Storage tank 3.High Build Epoxy Ceramic filed tank inner lining 4.High Density PUF Insulated. 5.Open able End Dish Design 6.Better Dual safety feature 7.Temperature regulation 8.Pressure regulation 9.High pressure rigid with SS fittings for interconnect 10. Attractive Price . ULTIMA Pressurized SWHS
  45. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com45 .. Unique Safety SystemsSafety Systems BurstingBursting PressurePressure 40 kg40 kg / P & T ValveP & T Valve Temp : 80 degTemp : 80 deg Press: 5 kgPress: 5 kg /cm2/cm2 AIRAIR && VACUUMVACUUM
  46. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com46 • Introduction to the Tata Group and Tata Power Solar  Business Overview  Modules  Standard Products  Large Projects  Industrial Solutions  Thermal  Contact us
  47. Confidential © Copyright 2012 www.tatapowersolar.com47 To know more about our product offerings, please contact: Mr. _____________________ ___________________ Tata Power Solar 78, Electronics City Phase 1, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560100, INDIA. Phone: +91-80-6777 2200 Mobile: +91-______________ Email: Contact us Thank You

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